High 5 Moment: High 5 Casino’s Month In Review for November 2018!

High-5ers were stuffed with fun with the HIGH 5 MOMENTS from November

High 5 Casino gobbled through the month with FIVE new games! As of November, H5C released 282 slot games, introducing Golden Light/Silver Night, RedRoo, Banking On Luck, The Golden Vault of the Pharaoh’s, and the new Thanksgiving seasonal game Turkey Revolt!

Each new game was followed by a weekend-long XP event. Featuring an XP boost in selected theme games, you took advantage in leveling up faster while playing during the Lunar Jackpots XP, XP From Down Under, Animal Anarchy XP, Dollarmania XP, and Pyramid Riches XP. Let’s not forget all the gobbling and wobbling up the Game Level bar you did on Thanksgiving day for the Turkey Time XP! You enjoyed a plate full of 5XP in Gobblers Gone Wild, Triple Turducken, and Turkey Revolt!

In honor of Thanksgiving, High 5 Casino held a 24-hour fundraiser to raise money for City Harvest, to an organization that focuses on putting an end to hunger in New York City! All net proceeds from the “Take a Bite Out of Hunger” $2 coin package offered through an in-app pop-up will be donated. H5C raised a total of $5,678.17! The money raised allowed the organization to deliver over 22,700 pounds of food!

Towards the end of the month, you welcomed in a holiday classic with open arms! The cheerfully exciting and seasonal fun game A Visit From St. Nick made its returns to your casino lobby on Friday, November 30th. Be sure to arise the Game Level with such a clatter, High 5-ers will turn around to see what is the matter!

Check out some other worthy November High 5 Moment:
Total spins for the month of November: 1,619,920,741
Number of spins per day: 55,859,335
Total money won: 499,377,875,915,064
Total money bet: 520,602,889,777,017
Cumulative hours spent playing: 2,807,406

Top 5 most played games for November:
Golden Light/Silver Night
Turkey Revolt
Banking On Luck
The Golden Vault of the Pharaohs

Which game gave you your High 5 Moment in November? What did you enjoy most about High 5 Casino last month? Comment in the conversation bubble located on the top right corner of your screen and let us know!

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