High 5 Moment: High 5 Casino’s Month In Review for May 2019!

MAY the WINNINGS be with YOU!

High 5 Casino released FIVE new games! As of May, H5C has 308 slot games, now including Goddesses of Riches, Barbarian Bucks, Lightning Box Games’ Stellar Jackpot with Dolphin Gold, Unicorn Fantasy, and Legend of the Pyramids.

With each new game, there was an exciting weekend-long XP event to follow! Featuring an XP boost in selected theme games, you took advantage in leveling up faster while playing during the Immortal Power XP, Barbarically Rich XP, Astronomical Riches XP, Believe in Magic XP, and XP on the Nile!

Players were also invited to celebrate some noteworthy May Holidays with a 5XP event in High 5 Casino! Celebrations in May included 5XP in La Torera Roja for Cinco de Mayo and Parfum Adore for Mother’s Day. There were also special H5C events held for National Loyalty Day and National Be a Millionaire Day! Did you take part in all these events?

High 5 Casino Stats for the month of May!
Total spins for the month of May: 1,426,172,775
Number of spins per day: 47,539,092
Total money won: 3,804,529,819,201,070
Total money bet: 3,996,889,098,696,190
Cumulative hours spent playing: 2,537,978

Top 5 most played games for May:
Goddesses of Riches
Barbarian Bucks
Stellar Jackpots with Dolphin Gold
Unicorn Fantasy
Pele’s Paradise

Which game gave you your High 5 Moment in May? Visit High 5 Casino’s Facebook Fan Page and let us know: https://www.facebook.com/High5Casino

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