Game Preview: Tree’s Company

Come and knock on our trunk,
we’ve been waiting for you!
Visit the owls, raccoons, and bears, Tree’s Company, too!

Come and dance in the woods,
when you visit our park!
It’s a reel-y wild space, Tree’s Company, too!

With Locking Wilds and Lasting Loot, wins are calling for you!

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2 thoughts on “Game Preview: Tree’s Company

  1. Hi Robert, Tree’s Company is our new ELITE game! With this new feature, game level ups are more challenging but with your level up, you get 25x HIGHER REWARDS! We hope this helps.

  2. Your game is not paying 2X the experience points as it says. I won 40 million and it only raised my game level by 3 clicks. Then I started paying attention to this and sure enough, at a low level (135) I should have jumped up at least 6 levels if not more. I do spend money on your site, please fix this glitch. It took over 5 million to jump 1 level.

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