High 5 Moment: High 5 Casino’s Month In Review for September 2019!

Here were your High 5 Moments in September!

High 5 Casino released FOUR new games! As of September, H5C has 333 slot games, now including Fortune Dominion, Money on the Side, Cast Your Bets, and PURRates of the CATibbean!

Alongside the new games, there were also exciting weekend-long XP events! Featuring an XP boost in selected themed games, you took advantage in leveling up faster while playing during the XP of the Galaxy, Strike It Rich XP, and Spin to Win XP!

September also included a very EXCITING event! High 5 Casino turned 7 and kicked off its Seven-sational Anniversary celebration early! On Tuesday, September 3rd, you were invited to level up with 2XP in seven of H5C’s classic games for seven days! On Tuesday, September 10th, you then enjoyed the anniversary celebration with a brand new game Money on the Side, a Surprise Gift coin package offer, and a Seven-sational Spectacular Coin Deal!

High 5 Casino ended the month with the release of its worldwide anticipated game, PURRates of the CATibbean! On September 26th, the game launched on High 5 Casino with a PURRates takeover! You were able to take part in the PURRfect Coin Sale, PURRates of the CATibbean Mini Quest, and 2XP in PURRates of the CATibbean, the new game featuring a brand new feature, Lasting Loot with Activating Wilds!

Check out these stats from September!
Total spins for the month of September: 1,050,907,665
Number of spins per day: 36,238,195
Total money won: 1,707,690,741,139,724
Total money bet: 1,811,198,586,409,601
Cumulative hours spent playing: 1,973,893

Top 5 most played games for September:
Money on the Side
PURRates of the CATibbean
Fortune Dominion
Who’s My Candy Prince?
Tree’s Company

Which game gave you your High 5 Moment in September? Visit High 5 Casino’s Facebook Fan Page and let us know: https://www.facebook.com/High5Casino

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