H5C’s 350th Game Celebration Contest Winners!

Golden Rat celebrated a High 5 Casino milestone by inviting players to celebrate the Chinese New Year and enter H5C’s 350th Game Celebration Contest!

Started on January 23rd, High 5-ers shared what their Chinese zodiac is and what the New Year means to them for a chance to win 350K coins!

Celebrating H5C’s 350th game, High 5-ers gathered form all around the world to ring in the Year of the Rat and we are pleased to announce the winners!

Meet some of the lucky High 5-ers:

Janet F. – NM
My Chinese zodiac is Rabbit and to me, the New Year means New & faithful beginnings! Fresh starts! But for me… this is a daily struggle. I have a fairly rare condition called Adhesive Arachnoiditis (AA for short) Of course not to interfere with the support group aka Alcoholics Anonymous. I find that I escape into playing High 5, so thank u for a nice place to escape to! I love my home away from home…except I’m not away!! Thanks for being my sanctuary…

Erminia J.- Canada
My Chinese zodiac is Dog and to me, the New Year means that woofderful things will happen for me and my loved ones. You can bark on it !

Antonio P- Colombia
My Chinese Zodiac is DRAGON and to me , the New Year means lucky to High 5 Casino

Iris V.- Canada
My Chinese zodiac is the snake and to me, the New Year means hurdling many obstacles and challenges and striving hard to get to the top of my World; but when I arrive there it will be the most wonderful and fulfilling life I will have ever known!!!!

David P.- IN
My Chinese zodiac is “Pig” and to me, the New year means new beginnings; forgetting failures in the past and another year for opportunities to succeed !

The winners are listed below! All winners have received 350K coins for High 5 Casino! To redeem, visit your casino lobby!

Angie, I – TX
Anthony, S – WA
Antonio, P – Colombia
Audrey, S – OK
Brenda, W – OH
Brittany, A – AL
Catherine, S – Canada
Celia, R – Mexico
Cheryl, D – Canada
Cheryl, O – PA
Christine, H – IN
Darla, L – WA
Darlene, H – AZ
Darlene, C – NC
David , P – IN
Dawn, M – UT
Debee, R – WA
Diana, M – KS
Diane, O – WA
Dianne, G – PA
Donetta, S – OK
Eileen, K – PA
Emily, D – PA
Erminia, J – Canada
Eva, R – NC
Francisco Javier , D – México
Gaye, S – PA
Gigi, M – FL
Glenda, J – IN
Gregory, W – MI
Griselda, V – México.
Han, P – Malaysia
Harley, F – TX
Iris, V – Canada
Isobel, C – Canada
Jackie, G – NY
James, S – IL
Jane, W – SC
Janet, F – NM
Janice, M – FL
Janice, W – MO
Janice, L – OR
Jeanie, W – Canada
Jennifer, T – CA
Jerry, L – AZ
Joanna , B – PA
Jon, T – Canada
Judy, M – MN
Judy, P – OK
Kevin, C – TX
Ky, N – Canada
Laura, L – CA
Lawrence, L – FL
Lexia, D – Tasmania
Libba, M – TX
Lisa, F – MO
Lona, B – WA
Lydia, W – TX
Lynette, C – Australia
Lynne, W – KS
Makhosazana, S – South Africa
Malvina, M – Venzuela
Mare, V – NJ
María Fernanda, D – Argentina
Marian, S – AZ
Martha, F – FL
Mary, D – MN
Maureen, A – UK
Medina, M – TN
Miriam, K – Buenos Aires
Nancy, Z – MO
Norma, C – NY
Pam, G – WA
Pattie, C – MN
Patty, H – OR
Peggy, A – NY
Polina, Y – CA
Rene, A – OK
Richard, R – CA
Roberta, B – AZ
Robyn, W – Queensland
Robyne, S – Australia
Ruth, F – Canada
Ruth, M – Canada
Sandra Velez, V – FL
Sandy, O – Mexico
Savaleenh, T – Vientiane
Sharon, L – Australia
Shirley, R – F;
Spud, L – TX
Stayceaa , G – CA
Steve, R – CA
Sue, S – IN
Susan, R – MI
Sylvia, G – NB
Thelma, T – IL
Tina, D – IN
Tom, D – Belgium
Virginia, W – NV
Zonda, R – OK

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