Your High 5 Moments in March!

High 5 Casino released FOUR new games last month! As of March, H5C has 359 slot games, introducing Founding Fortunes: Hail to the Chief, Enchanted Evening, Marco Pollo, and Fortune Forever into your casino lobby!

This month, High 5 Casino celebrated March with fun events, giving you tons of BIG WINS while staying at home! Here is what you took advantage of:
National Pig Day with When Pigs Fly
Super Tuesday with The Newsman
Daylight Savings with Empress of Time
Friday the 13th with Caught in the Widow’s Web, Prince of the Night, Zombie Zone and the Haunted Horseman
St. Patrick’s Day with Pluck of the Irish, Lucky Lassie, Leprechaun King, and Celtic Courage
First Day of Spring with To and Fro, Tumble Together, and Magic Orchid
A STACKED WILDS Wednesday event
Eiffel Tower Day with City of Lights

You also joined us for an Enchanted Evening! Enjoying a fairy tale classic, you became magically transformed into a winner with Super Stacks and Block Bucks!

Total spins for the month of March: 1,144,939,555
Number of spins per day: 38,164,651
Total money won: 1,174,252,089,561,897
Total money bet: 1,231,447,286,099,495
Cumulative hours spent playing: 1,965,690

Top 5 most played games for March:
Enchanted Evening
Marco Pollo
Founding Fortunes: Hail to the Chief
Pluck O’ the Irish
Mayan Empire

Which game gave you your High 5 Moment in March? Visit High 5 Casino’s Facebook Fan Page and let us know:

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