Your High 5 Moments in August!

High 5 Casino released FOUR new games last month! As of August, H5C has 386 slot games, introducing Valley of Fortunes, Valkyrie Goddess, Genie’s Palace, and Matryoshka Money into your casino lobby!

During August, High 5 Casino celebrated fun events, giving you tons of chances to LEVEL UP and WIN BIG! Here is what you took advantage of:
Tumbling Tuesday with Lost Kingdom, Crystal Kingdom, Temple of the Golden Monkey, and Lady of Hope
International Cat Day with Purrfect, Meow Millions, Fluffy Fortunes, and Majestic Cats
H5C’s Beach Party with Ride the Tide, Tiki Idol, Pele’s Paradise, and White Falls
Celebrate the King of Rock and Roll with Live From Vegas
Rocking Monday with Racking Up Riches in Silver Enchantress, Pele’s Paradise, Roman Reverly, and Money on the Side

Let’s not forget when you uncover hidden treasures and limitless wealth in the Valley of Fortunes with Racking Up Riches!

Total spins for the month of August: 1,090,380,250
Number of spins per day: 36,346,008
Total money won: 1,503,416,050,310,903
Total money bet: 1,573,597,943,673,777
Cumulative hours spent playing: 1,806,025

Top 5 most played games for August:
Valley of Fortunes
Valkyrie Goddess
Majestic Roar
Genie’s Palace
Matryoshka Money

Which game gave you your High 5 Moment in August? Visit High 5 Casino’s Facebook Fan Page and let us know:

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