Celebr-EIGHT H5C’s Anniversary Contest: Congratulations Winners!

Did you know High 5 Casino became available to play for fun in September 2012! That’s EIGHT-astic years of fun!

To kick off our celebr-EIGHT-ion, we invited players to share with us their favorite animal from the Galapagos Island. 100 winners were picked and have been awarded 200k H5C Coins!

Congratul-EIGHT-ions Winners!

We enjoyed sorting through the thousands of entries and reading about your favorite Galapagos Island animals and why! Although we can’t share everyone’s with you, you can see what some of your fellow High 5-ers had to say below:

Stayceea G.- CA
I like turtles. They can live on land or in water. They come in various colors, and they move slowly so I can enjoy their beauty, and get a good look at their interesting shell. They are my favorite because I would never choose a lizard. Lizards move too fast, they scare me, and I could never run away. Turtles are more my speed. 🙂

Pamela M.- CA
Darwin Finches because they played a crucial role in Charles Darwin’s theory of natural selection.

Doris E- VA
Crested Puffin. I love their colors, their social ability with their peers and how they catch a bunch of fish at a time! The red bill is an excellent container for fish to feed their young.

James O.- CA
I like the Iguana because they have long tongues.

Brian R. TX
The turtle! In Hawaii we call them Honu and it’s a symbol of good luck

Harley M. – TX
The Blue-Footed Booby (Sula nebouxii) The blue-footed are the most popular thanks to their bright and colorful turqoise feet. Their very selective diet gives them this distinctive hue Over 70% of the worldÕs population of blue-footed boobies lives in Galapagos, while the rest can be found in around Southern California and even into Colorado.

John W.- NY
I love the blue-footed booby. When I first saw one I couldn’t believe there was an animal in nature whose feet were naturally that color. It’s such a bright and happy shade you can’t help but feel calmer and happier just looking at it. Every day should have skies that color.

Gine P. -MN
The large tortoises, They remind me of what it was like when dinosaurs ruled the earth .

Congratulations to the winners and thank you all for celebr-eight-ing our 8th anniversary with us!

Leticia M. – Mexico
Alain N. – France
Godfrey M. – Canada
Joyce k. – CT
Brian R. – TX
Harley F. – TX
Janice L. – OR
Melinda M. – IL
Stayceaa G. – CA
Mike B. – MD
Irene T. – Canada
Gerry G. – CO
Nora Alejandra A. – Chile
Patricia L. – PA
Terry W. – KS
Pamela M. – CA
Ruth F. – Canada
Jerry L. – AX
Houcine N. – France
Magnolia D. – LA
Anna S. – OR
Arlene W. – Canada
James O. – CA
Kathey B. – SC
Sarah L. – FL
Ken B. – CA
Karen O. – MI
Doris E. – VA
Kristeen M. – RI
Peggy G. – WA
James S. – IL
Anne Marie R. – PA
Dennis M. – WI
Maria Cristina C. – Chile
Stephanie O. – OH
louis G. – MS
Manuel F. – FL
Judy M. – FL
Gerardo Rodrigo C. – Mexico
Sandra C. – IN
Maureen B. – MN
Judy P. – OK
Helen P. – TX
Peggy A. – IN
Sandra W. – TX
Angela D. – AK
Dave M. – SC
Harriet H. – AZ
Raul C. – MO
Sue S. – WA
Robert R. – ID
Jeanne L. – FL
Joe P. – AR
Brian D. – NJ
Iris V. – Canada
John W. – NY
Rosalind S. – WV
Cheryl T. – TX
Lynn M. – VA
Amy K. – WA
Schneider C. – France
Miye K. – HI
Osvaldo Luis G. – Argentina
Maria G. – Guanajuato
Fabiana Z. – Italy
Donna C. – IL
Linda p. – CO
Lori M. – WA
Sue P. – WI
Art J. – IN
Robert M. – TX
Martha M. – MO
Lee W. – AZ
Tina D. – OR
Isabel C. – Canada
Sylvia G. – Canada
Dee B. – AZ
Darlene T. – LA
Kathleen P. – MN
Gine P. – MN
Susan S. – CA
Marie B. – MI
Grace T. – Canada
Murray M. – OK
Julie R. – CA
Brian S. – Canada
Lynette D. – Canada
Lawrence JR C. – Canada
Janice W. – MO
Gloria G. – Urugay
Margo J. – AR
Deb S. – MI
Nancy C. – PA
Candi R. – CA
Eduardo D. – NY
Thomas R. – CA
Carmen B. – OH
Freda R. – IA
Janett F. – FL
Stephanie L. – WA

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