High 5 Moment: High 5 Casino’s Month In Review for January 2021!

High 5 Casino released four new games last month! As of January, H5C has 410 slot games, introducing Edge of the World, Gypsy 3: Triple Tarot, The Green Machine Deluxe: Racking Up Riches, and Sword of Power into your casino lobby!

During January, High 5 Casino celebrated fun events, giving you tons of chances to LEVEL UP and WIN BIG! Here is what you took advantage of:
Happy New Year with Bling in the New Year!
National Birds Day with Classic Hits 3XP, featruing Birds of Wonder, To and Fro, Mayan Macaw, and Soaring Wings!
Medieval Monday with Fort of Fortune, Golden Knight, The Legends of Robin and Marian, and The Empress Josephine!
Rocking Monday with Racking Up Riches in CANDYBLASTED, Valley of Fortune, Roman Revelry, and Marco Pollo!
Classic Hits with Pawesome, Majestic Cats, Dogs, and Cat Gangster!

You let the aura of good fortune rain down upon you in Gypsy 3: Triple Tarot. Your tarot cards read BIG WINS with Triple Symbols!

Check out these stats from January!
Total spins for the month of January: 1,021,776,995
Number of spins per day: 34,059,233
Total money won: 1,574,169,622,055,067
Total money bet: 1,649,407,492,138,243
Cumulative hours spent playing: 1,717,342

Top 5 most played games for January:
🎰 Gypsy 3: Triple Tarot
🎰 Edge of the World
🎰 Martian Martini
🎰 Bling in the New Year
🎰 The Green Machine Deluxe: Racking Up Riches

Which game gave you your High 5 Moment in January? Visit High 5 Casino’s Facebook Fan Page and let us know: https://www.facebook.com/High5Casino

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