H5C’s Celebrate Mom Contest: Congratulations Winners!

High 5 Casino's Celebrate Mom Contest

In celebration of Mother’s Day, we here at High 5 Casino wanted to do something special to honor all the amazing moms out there. On Friday, April 30th, we invited you to tell us about your favorite memory with mom. Whatever it may be, we wanted you to celebrate mom by sharing for a chance to win 200K H5C coins!

100 winners were picked and have been awarded! Make sure to check if you are one of the lucky winners today in the list below! All winners can collect their winnings in their casino lobby!

Congratulations Winners!

Nicolas A, France
Aurelia C, CA
Pat R, Oh
Jim F, Indiana
Harley F, TX
Peter F, NY
Mary L, TX
JESSIE W, Illinois
Debby P, Florida
Carol W, New York
Mike E, Georgia
Vicki Jo C, MD
Lillet W, Michigan
Cheryl O, PA
Rhonda G, Missouri
Mary K, NV
Lamduan G, NV
Nancy P, Michigan
Teresa C, Delaware
Jim O, CA
Gail S, Oregon
Mary T, Michigan
Linda T, WA
Daniel B, Qu̩bec Canada
Chris Z, Utah
Mary M, Missouri
Pamela J, Mississippi
Gokul B, NJ
Ashley L, Utah
Erma T, NY
Maricruz F, California
Judy M, FL
Jessica M, OK
Diane M, OH
Shadel R, NY
Loraine M, WA
Cheryl J, Wyoming
Maurelia K, Cape Town
Patti H, Oklahoma
Marta de Cassia O, Rio de Janeiro
Libba M, TX
Susan F, MI
Ruth P, Florida
Mary A, Michigan
Elizandra G, PA
lus V, ct
Jocelyne R, Canada
Florence B, Oklahoma
Nathalie D, Canada
Cheryl M, WI
Wendy B, OH
Lea Z, Florida
Deborah H, Wyoming
Connie J, Iowa
Ester B, FL
Joseph G, NC
Donna C, IL
win T, Pennsylvania
Andr̩e B, Qu̩bec
jonica S, OR
Sharon L, KS
Kim R, NV
Tami B, California
Christopher M, WA
Joycce H, WV
Matthew B, Wyoming
Juanita M, CO
Joyce A, OR
Melissa G, MN
Soledad V, Chile
Rosie M, TX
Esther H, France
Melis B, Arizona
Diane W, Pennsylvania
Jo B, Ohio
Marilyn H, NEW JERSEY.
Claudia Alejandra C, Argentina
Michael W, Oklahoma
Rene S, AB-Alberta
Joyce B, Florida
Wendy H, IA
Shantille W, Ca
Carolyn R, Arkansas
Gina Maria D, Portgual
Star S, MN
Katherine R, CO
Antoine S, New York
Lula P, AL
Lena H, Oklahoma
Rangi P, Queensland
Evelyn C, MS
tabitha P, OR
Stacie P, Pennsylvania
Neil Y, Oklahoma
Nathalie A, Canada
Claudia M, Sonora
Sean S, CA
Jessalyn B, OK

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