H5C’s Father’s Day Contest 2021: Congratulations Winners!

Father's day contest - high 5 casino - h5c winners

In celebration of Father’s Day, we here at High 5 Casino wanted to do something special to honor all the awesome dads out there. On Friday, June 11th, we invited you to share with us the perfect meal you would make for your dad for a chance to win 200K H5C coins!

100 winners were picked and have been awarded! Make sure to check if you are one of the lucky winners today in the list below! All winners can collect their winnings in their casino lobby!

Congratulations Winners!

Godfrey M, Ontario, CA
Harley F, TX
Marilyn M, CO
Vicki Jo C, MD
Patti P, VA
Sylvie T, Quebec, CA
Melinda M, IL
jean T, Quebec, CA
Lena-Marie L, MA
Janet W, NM
Joyce M, Quebec, CA
Jessica P, WA
Gail H, MN
Diane A, FL
Tracy W, NY
Darlene C, OH
Rhonda G, MO
Lugene P, WA
Steve J, NY
Ashley L, UT
Howard C, NJ
Chris Z, UT
Helen R, TX
Roy/Diane R, Alberta, CA
pamela C, WA
Rick L, WA
Zoe K, WA
michel M, Ontario, CA
Maureen B, MN
Sandra C, IN
nahn V, CA
Della E, IL
Raymond F, CA
Lynn R, WI
Glenda J, IN
Laura B, OR
Barry N, Ontario, CA
Rene A, OK
isabel B, Chile
Pamela J, MI
Crystal H, CA
Graham B, New Brunswick, CA
Ana B,
Maria B, CA
Cheryl C, NY
Douglas B, CA
janeece M, MO
Anand B, NJ
Jacqui R, AZ
Ester B, FL
Elena W, KY
Jeff C, WV
Susan J, CA
Joyce M, OR
Minnie W, OH
Donna C, IL
Deb T, CA
Donna G, IL
itamar silva I, são paulo BRASIL
Jeremy S, CA
Melis B, AZ
Jessica P, WA
Marie G, CO
Karen H, MI
Diana T, CA
Melissa A, PA
Tammie B, OH
Christine D, British Columbia.
veronika V, Ceska Republika
Soledad V, Chile
rob E, TX
Robson M, São Paulo
Reginald A, MI
win T, PA
Henry P, GA
Mauricio J, Colima Manzanillo
rose C, New Brunswick, CA
John G, NY
Jasmin M, NV
Sandy T, NJ
Linda R, IL
Kim P, WA
Gary C, WV
Michaela M, Česká republika
Sean K, WA
Crystal P, TX
Nancy R, MA
Amanda M, NJ
Carolyn F, CA
Angel F, FL
Tina Q, CA
Laquita W, CA
Bobby N, WA
dennis S, OR
Irvin J, NV
Gustavo R,
Ursula C, Ontario, CA

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