What’s New At High 5 Casino? – May 2022

What's New? - High 5 Casino

High 5 Casino has made some adjustments and updates that will be beneficial for everyone, including new players. The High 5 Team put together a spotlight of the most anticipated feature updates and app changes that you can start enjoying right away!

Let’s spin into it!

Unlock ALL 500+ Games!
We are very excited to announce that H5C’s wide range of slot games is now unlockable to all players, FOR FREE! To unlock all 500+ games, you must reach Player Level 500. Visit the Reserved Room for more information and find out what games unlock at which Player Level achievement.

The Daily Wheel
A new SUPER BIG PRIZE is now available on your Daily Wheel! Give the wheel a spin once a day, every day, for a chance to land that large coin amount! Additionally, the Return Bonus has been extended from 5 Days to 30 DAYS, giving your even MORE chances to collect a BIGGER reward!

The Lobby Slot
Another exciting update is the changes to your Lobby Slot. You can now earn up to 9,999 spins on your Lobby Slot! That’s a lot of spins! Don’t worry though. You will be able to spin your Lobby Slot using the new button, now available: Super Spin!

The Super Spin button allows you to spin ALL your Lobby Slot spins at once and collect rewards in one simple click.

Hot Games Room
Feel the heat with the newest Slot Room, Hot Games Room! Here you will find sequel games based on classic hits you know and love very much. The reels are hot with game features that are BIGGER and BETTER than EVER!

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