Game Preview: Platinum Goddess Power Bet

Prepare to be dazzled by a goddess of beauty!

Platinum Goddess Power Bet - High 5 Casino - High 5 Games

The story of an immortal goddess who traveled to the mortal world, met a noble warrior, and captivated him with her beauty is back with brand-new features and a powerful boost! Prepare to be dazzled by a goddess of beauty and become immersed in the two Power Bet options.

Each Power Bet activates a unique feature: Wild Stack or Split Reels.
For the “Add Wild Stack” Power Bet, a stack of “Platinum Goddess” symbols may appear on any number of the reels, paying out as WILDS!
For the “Add Split Reels” Power Bet, when landing symbols in the highlighted reel area, the symbols become split!
Power Bets also carry into the Free Games Bonus!
Only ONE Power Bet can be active at a time

Our goddess will spin her way into your heart as you see wins bloom in Platinum Goddess Power Bet!

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