Game Preview: Lucky Pug

Celebrate the Year of the Dog! High 5 Casino’s 240th game, Lucky Pug arrives soon!

Dogs are more than just a man’s best friend! Ring in the Chinese New Year as we celebrate the year of the dog with the most valued companion around, the pug! Befriend this playful Chinese token of luck and he will give you affection, devotion, and love with adorable big wins! His happy wrinkly face will be your good luck charm during the New Year. Rack up a fortune with Clusterbucks and Free Games in Lucky Pug!

Check the YouTube video below and get ready for exciting wins that will make you wag your tail!

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Vegas Fun Facts


Slot machines are the most popular games in Vegas casinos! This undeniable love is what brings slot enthusiasts from all over to play at High 5 Casino! Today, at High 5, we want to share a few facts about Vegas and slots with you.


Slot machines use random number generators. Early slot machines were mechanical, however, they still used a random number generator. This method is similar to the random number generators of a pair of dice, a deck of cards, or a roulette wheel. Modern slot machines use a computer to generate random numbers, determining the outcome of the games.


Anyone who hasn’t played slot machine in a few years, will be stunned to see the changes that are taking place in the game design industry. If you play a game like “Kiss of the Rose”, you will find that you are doing more than just spinning the reels. You are prompted to make choices and interact with the game in many ways.


The world’s biggest slot machine was the “Super Big Bertha” measuring in at 2 meters wide and 2.5 meters high.


When viewing Earth from outer space, the Las Vegas strip is the brightest place on the surface.


For every eight Las Vegas resident, there is one operating slot machine.


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Game Preview: Olympian Epic

Ascend to a higher power! High 5 Casino’s 235th game, Olympian Epic arrives soon!

Presiding over every aspect of living mortals are the twelve Olympians residing atop the grand Mount Olympus. Join Zeus’ four youngest children in this exciting slot game as they try to ascend to a higher power. As Hermes, Aphrodite, Dionysus, and Artemis gain their supremacy, the deities will reward you with almighty riches and lively desires. Experience the beauty of love, festivity, travels, and nature in Olympian Epic!

Check the YouTube video below and get ready to discover almighty wins!

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Game Preview: Triple Turducken

Everyone wins with pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving Day! High 5 Casino’s 227th game, Triple Turducken, arrives soon!

Come and celebrate the most mouthwatering day with your favorite feathery friends! Gather at the dining table with the turkey, duck, and chicken, better known as the Turducken. The triple birds have been cooking all day, whipping up a delightful Pumpkin Pie Pick Bonus just for you! Pick your two favorite slices for a chance of deliciously big wins or enjoy Free Games! Triple Turducken. 3 by 5 reels. 50 paylines. Super Stacks, Bonus Select, and a Pumpkin Pie Pick Bonus.

Check the YouTube video below and get ready endulge in the Pumpkin Pie Pick Bonus!

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Slot Game Battle: Banana Splits vs. Sweet Memories

As a lover of ice cream, you are delighted to try out any local shop that dishes out your favorite treat. However, as of so far, you have not found a spot that satisfies your sweet tooth. Therefore, when you discover that two new parlors have opened up in your town, exclusively serving your favorite treat, you know you have to check them out. Which one should you try out first? Lucky for you, High 5 Casino can help you figure out which place will satisfy your sweet craving!

Head on over to Sweet Memories, for classic music and the richest frozen treats. Here, the desert comes with rock n’ roll courtesy of the grand jukebox that stands proudly in the corner of the parlor. Every waiter is dressed to impress in their 50s best, giving this place a truly unique dining experience. With its nostalgic atmosphere, they hope you will enjoy their signature treat: the milkshake. Choose from classic flavors like vanilla, chocolate or mint, or opt-in to combine them all together for a delightfully filling shake. Nothing can beat this parlor if you want a dessert and a show.

If you want your ice cream served with a variety of toppings, Banana Splits is the ice cream parlor for you. This parlor will serve you any ice cream treat you want – all you have to do is ask! Do you want ice cream in a cone, in a sandwich, or as a sundae? They have it all and more! You can pair those treats with classic flavors, or, if you are more adventurous, with their flavors unique to this shop only. Try their titular banana spilt, with hot fudge, star sprinkles, whipped cream, and a cherry on top. You will never be disappointed with the selection here.

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Game Preview: Time and Again

H5C_NewGame_TimeAgain_Blog.pngPrepare to time travel through ancient times. Time and Again, High 5 Casino’s 219th game, arrives soon!

Embark on a grand journey throughout all time and relive the rich history of long-forgotten civilizations. Visit renowned historical worlds like that of ancient Egypt, classical Rome, the Middle Ages, and much more. It’s time to experience the elegance and romance of these periods as you discover big wins with Split Symbols, Super Stacks, and the Treasure Tier Bonus! Time and Again. 3 by 5 reels. 40 paylines. Split Symbols, Super Stacks, and the Treasure Tier Bonus.

Check the YouTube video below and get ready to visit renowned historical periods on the reels!

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Game Preview: Teddy Bucks

Let the cutest bears in the world capture your heart in Teddy Bucks, High 5 Casino’s 217th game arrives soon!

Cozy cuddles, irresistible brown eyes, huggable, and adorable. Get all the cuteness in the world and more from Teddy Bucks and his friends. These precious teddies bring tons of love, luck, and bucks! Let them capture your heart with their gift of friendship while winning big with Wild Multipliers and a Pick Bonus. It’s playtime in Teddy Bucks! 4 by 5 reels. 178 paylines. Wild Multipliers and a Pick Bonus.

Check the YouTube video below and get ready for cuteness to take over the reels!

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Slot Game Battle: City of Lights vs. Ciao, Roma!

With summer almost over and kids getting ready to go back to school, the time calls for one last summer vacation. Luck’s been on your side lately so you enter a raffle to win a dream vacation to visit either Paris, France or Rome, Italy. Just as you’re playing at High 5 Casino, you get a phone call and… you WON the vacation! All amenities paid too! You’re given instructions on what comes next and how to claim your vacation. The person on the phone says all you have to do is choose Paris or Rome within 24 hours. You hang up the phone and you’re left in shock. How do you choose between the city of lights and the city of love? High 5 Casino is here to help you choose between Paris and Rome!

Is your dream to sip tea and eat crumpets in Paris and visit the Eiffel Tower? High 5 Casino’s slot City of Lights transports you to Paris where you can bask in the Parisian moonlight because when the sun sets, Paris comes to life! Strolling through the City of Lights, you can take in the dazzling sights, the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe. Visit the Musee du Louvre and see Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, the Luxembourg Gardens and of course the Versailles Palace! Take a stroll over the Pont des Arts bridge and take in the feeling of love and romance that fills the atmosphere. You’ll lose track of time in the glow of the shimmering lights when you embark on this trip of a lifetime.

Maybe Paris isn’t your cup of tea or shall we say cappuccino. You want to see the art and architecture Rome has to offer. You LOVE High 5 Casino’s slot Ciao, Roma! and want to see Rome in person. Stand in the Colosseum where gladiators fought to their death, toss a coin into the Trevi Fountain while standing backward for good luck. Stroll the streets of Rome taking in the beautiful art and architecture as you make your way to the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel. Next head to Campo de’ Fiori once during the day for its bustling market, and again at night to experience the nightlife! Grab a gelato or pizza and eat in one of Romes well known public squares, Piazza Navona. You’ll instantly fall in love with this ancient city and all it has to offer.

It’s time to pack your bags, where are you going to go? Are you going to climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower and take in the views or are you going to stand in the Colosseum where gladiators battled courageously? Comment in the conversation bubble located on the top right corner of your screen and let us know!

Game Preview: Double Dinosaur Deluxe

Get ready to travel back in time to one of the most fascinating eras of history! High 5 Casino’s 200th game Double Dinosaur Deluxe arrives soon!

Continue the thrilling experience as brave archaeologists try to escape the terror of dangerous dinosaurs. Surviving this unforgiving time in history has been a terrifying and an indescribable journey. While there are moments of desperation where all hope seems to be lost, the valiant team remains optimistic. Their will to live to tell the tale keeps their hope alive in Double Dinosaur Deluxe!

Double Dinosaur Deluxe. Will they live to tell the tale? 4 by 5 reels. 50 paylines. Special Features: Stacked Wilds and Split Symbols.

Check the YouTube video below and get ready to travel back in time on your High 5 Casino Reels!

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H5C’s I Love my Valentine Contest Winners

h5c_contest_lovemyvalentine_winners_blogpostRoses are red. Violets are blue. Valentines day is all about who loves you!

On February 6th, we invited High 5 Casino players to submit a contest entry telling us about their valentine and why they love them so much. We received thousands of submissions that warmed our hearts and made us smile! High 5-ers you have some wonderful and special people in your lives and we loved reading about them! While we can’t share them all with you here, enjoy a few great ones below:

Carmen B.- Dayton, OH
My Husband Robert: He is my valentine because he is a true definition of a loving husband. He always puts my needs and wants before his. I met him online and we enjoy so many of the same things it makes our marriage fun. We even compete on High 5 Casino games to see who will get to a certain level first. He is a great provider and a loving grandfather. He is and will always be my Valentine!

Patty H.- Hillsboro, OR
My little doxi Dora: I am a 64 yr old single woman with absolutely no plans for a man in my future. So…my little dog Dora is my special Valentine. She loves me, comforts me when I am feeling down. She is the best companion there is and my best friend.

Frank Alonzo- Pine Hill, NM
Jody: She is all I needed to live for…always caring for me and my children. Seeing to all our needs for nearly 34 years now…in love very much thru thick and thin.

Ed Benner Jr. – Clearlake, CA
Linda- Since we met, Linda has been a loving friend, a wonderful lover, and a complete soul mate. She has stood by me through thick and thin, including 2 heart attacks, bypass surgery, several strokes, and spending a year in the hospital. Linda has been, and will always be my true love. I am so glad I met her. As always, Linda continues to be by my side, and I love her so very much.

Make sure to check if you are one of the 100 lucky winners today in the list below! All winners will receive 200k Free High 5 Casino Coins! Congratulations to you all!

Margie J. – DeRidder, LA
Annemarie H. – Weymouth, MA
Phyllis D. – Little Egg Harbor , NJ
Roseann L. – Providence, RI
Ruthie S. – Woodway, TX
Phyllis H. – Marion, OH
Linda M. – Baxter, TN
Cherie T. – Portland, OR
Larry G. – Massena, NY
Julie M. – Lemars, IA
Rosario Z. – Yuma, AZ
Debbie D. – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Simon M. – Bemboka, Australia
Gail G. – Manchester, IL
Fran N. – Lake Havasu , AZ
Garynarline H. – Spring Hill, FL
Cheryl L. – Keosauqua, IA
Arlene G. – Belchertown, MA
Pat D. – East Moline, IA
Lois T. – Owego, NY
Kenneth H. – Charlestown, NH
Colleen S. – Cassville, MO
Shadrick B. – Ackerman , MS
Francis C. – Poet Saint Lucie, FL
Heidi A. – Whitefish, MT
Dayanna w. – Suamico, WI
Angie P. – Glendale, NY
Kathleen S. – Menomonee Falls, WI
Betty I. – Batavia, IL
Pat E. – Toledo, OH
Alicia G. – Maud, OK
Terrye P. – Jefferson, TX
Kurt B. – Las Vegas, NV
Patti H. – Cache, OK
Jeff S. – Oakville, Ontario
Amelia O. – Valparaiso, Valparaiso
Maria D. – Germiston, South Africa
Brian H. – La Quinta, CA
Rose S. – Poolville, TX
Cynthia H. – Bakersfield, CA
Terri M. – Mission Hills, CA
Precious C. – Tondawanda, NY
Frances J. – Chester, PA
Chris B. – Syracuse, NY
Janet W. – Cape Coral, FL
Kara K. – Overland Park, KS
Mary D. – Bigfork, MT
Kirstie L. – Fulton, NY
David M. – Sacaton, AZ
Elena N. – Mexico City, D.F.
Lakhmatie L. – Bronx, NY
Edie P. – Porterville , CA
Lori C. – Eyota, MN
Ronald H. – Zephyr Hill, FL
Linda G. – Oak Harbor, WA
Diego F. – Lanus, Buenos Aires
Calee L. – Bullhead City, AZ
Jennifer M. – Reno, NV
Patricia D. – Lanham, MD
LaTosha W. – Fort Wayne, IN
Erminia J. – Ottawa , Ontario
Rutherford B. – Kirtland, NM
Angelia I. – York, PA
Lillian B. – Mobile, Al
Alice H. – Holiday, FL
Evelyn M. – Lawton, OK
Denise W. – Lupton, MI
Lisa T. – Albany, OR
Marie B. – St Clair Shores, MI
Ed B. – Clear Lake, CA
George R. – Mountain Air, NM
Cynthia J. – Montesano, WA
Patti R. – Lebanon, VA
Mark J. – Red Oak, IA
Lindsey M. – Selah, WA

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