High 5 Fight Club: Halloween Edition

Today I’ll be offering my thoughts on two showdowns between four different High 5 Games slots. Take the polls below and let us know what you think!

The Lovely Outlaws vs. Daughters of the Regiment

Who would make better zombie hunters: The Lovely Outlaws or the Daughters of the Regiment?

In the spirit of Halloween, which is only a week away, we’ll go through some zombie-related questions today. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m sure either one of these groups of ladies would make excellent zombie hunters. After all, the Daughters of the Regiment fought for America during the country’s infancy, and The Lovely Outlaws were some of the most dangerous criminals in the Wild West. Either group would do in a pinch if you woke up one day, looked outside your window, and realized the end of the world had begun. But if I had the luxury of choice, I’d go with The Lovely Outlaws, who seem meaner, and have better weapons. It’s a lot easier to take down a zombie from range than it is from up close, I’d imagine.

EDGE: The Lovely Outlaws

Bollywood Bride vs. Who’s My Candy Prince?

Who would make more dangerous zombies: the characters from Bollywood Bride or those from Who’s My Candy Prince?

I can’t imagine the characters from Who’s My Candy Prince? ever getting that mad or being that dangerous, even if they were zombies. The undead versions of these happy, dessert-loving folks would probably not find human flesh that appealing compared to sweets, so they’d end up harmlessly shuffling around candy stores. On the other hand, imagine how upset the Bollywood Bride and her mother would be if they were dragged into the zombie apocalypse on what was supposed to be a day of celebration. The two of them would go all-out on the hunt for brains after that, making them way more dangerous.

EDGE: Bollywood Bride

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Eye-Popping May Statistics from High 5 Casino

Today’s post comes from High 5 Blog correspondent Ali.

The average person takes 23,040 breaths per day. The average number of spins per day at High 5 Casino in May was roughly 7,278 times that amount. That means you’d have to spin more than 7,000 times per breath to reach that number of spins on your own in a day. Any takers? We’re just kidding – please don’t try that, but please do take a look at May’s High 5 Casino stats:

Total spins for the month: 5,198,473,274
Number of spins per day: 167,692,686
Total money won: 5,922,979,950,484
Top 5 most-played games: Sultan of Mars, Daughters of the Regiment, Secrets of the Forest, The Amulet and the Charm, and Wellspring
Cumulative hours spent playing: 8,871,381

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High 5 Fight Club

We often ask our players over on the High 5 Casino fan page to comment on different game vs. game matchups. Today I’ll be offering my thoughts on two fascinating showdowns; take the polls below and let us know what you think!

Ravishing Beauties vs. Daughters of the Regiment

Who would win in a fight between the Ravishing Beauties and the Daughters of the Regiment?

The Daughters of the Regiment may not look intimidating, but their beauty masks some serious fighting skills. They were willing to risk life and limb to fight in America’s Revolutionary War, so they would probably be down to battle the Ravishing Beauties, an all-star team of monsters that includes a vampiress, a mummy, a werewolf, and a frankenwoman. I think the Daughters of the Regiment would put up a good fight, but ultimately the Ravishing Beauties would take them down. A musket with a bayonet attached just isn’t enough firepower to defeat supernatural evil. The Daughters’ guns would probably malfunction at the wrong time, and even if they did manage to get a few shots off the 17 minutes it would take to reload would be ample time for the Ravishing Beauties to attack.

EDGE: Ravishing Beauties

Figaro vs. Pasión y Fuego

Would you rather star in a theater production of Figaro or in a telenovela like Pasión y Fuego?

As someone who is physically incapable of keeping a straight face or memorizing more than 12 words at a time, I’m really not cut out for the stage or the small screen. However, if I had to pick I would definitely rather star in a telenovela like Pasión y Fuego. It would be really, really hard to be in a theater production; think about performing the same role six or seven times a week in public for months or even years. Television, on the other hand, has a less demanding production schedule. Plus, it would be far less embarrassing to be a terrible actor on TV than it would to be a terrible actor in front of a live audience night after night.

EDGE: Pasión y Fuego

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Game Spotlight: Daughters of the Regiment

They were America’s first dangerous beauties. Meet the Daughters of the Regiment, the unsung heroes of America’s Revolutionary War. They may not look intimidating, but their loveliness masks a fierce desire to fight for freedom. As the war reaches a fevered pitch, they stand and fight, willing to risk life and limb to defend the principles of a country in its infancy.

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Daughters of the Regiment makes 90 games at High 5 Casino! You won’t find that many premium, authentic slots anywhere else on Facebook. At this point, High 5 Casino has nearly 20 more games than Slotomania, and nearly 40 more games than DoubleDown! When High 5 Casino leads Facebook in both quality and quantity of games, why would you play anywhere else? Aside from Shake the Sky, of course.

What do you think of Daughters of the Regiment? What type of games would you like to see us make in the future?

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