Game Preview: Cocktail Cash!

Let our bartender pour you a delicious drink in Cocktail Cash! High 5 Casino’s 192nd game arrives soon!

Looking for a tropical vacation? The perfect game to unwind with is here! Instead of traveling, have a staycation with our friendly staff at Cocktail Cash! Take a seat at the bar and let our skilled bartenders pour you a drink that is so delicious, you’ll be asking for more. Whether you’re having a classic martini, a refreshing mojito, or a tasty mimosa, a good time is guaranteed. Is it cocktail hour yet? It is in Cocktail Cash!

Let our bartender pour you a delicious drink in Cocktail Cash! With 243 ways to win and Bonus Select, good times are here to stay!

Check the YouTube video below and get ready to have a good time on your High 5 Casino Reels!

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ENTER H5C’s my Favorite Slot Contest!

Hey High 5-ers fill in the blank:
My favorite High 5 Casino slot game is ___________ because ___________.

You always have fun, you enjoy the bonus, you love the art and you can’t get enough of it! Which High 5 Casino slot game is your favorite and why? Contest ends Monday, March 27th at 11:59 EDT. Submit an entry for the chance to win 200K coins! One hundred winners will be announced on Tuesday, March 28th!

Enter Now:

Check below to see which High 5 Casino games our employees love and why! Samantha- My favorite High 5 Casino slot game is Pawesome because this mobile only game has the cutest dogs in it. The charmed choice icon in the base game is a YORKIE and Yorkie’s are my favorite dog.

Marie- My favorite High 5 Casino slot game is Valkyrie Queen because tumbling reels games are by far my favorite.Also  I always get my biggest wins playing this game!

Joseph- My Favorite High 5 Casino slot game is Triple Hoot because Hooty and the Hoot Line never disappoint! Nothing is better than landing on the Hoot Line and winning big!

Jerry- My Favorite High 5 Casino slot game is The Leprechaun King because being able to click on falling leprechauns and win MASSIVE Coin bonus is AWESOME! The coin cascade leaves me on the edge of my seat hoping I win big!

Enter the contest now and let us know why you love your favorite High 5 Casino Slot! Comment in the conversation bubble below and let us know what type of contest you would like to see in the future.

St. Patricks’ Day Factoids!

Everyone is Irish on Saint Patrick’s Day! So throw on some Kelly green, and take advantage of H5C’s Lucky Doublin’ XP event until March 23rd 4am EDT. Increase your Game Level two times faster while playing Celtic Courage, Green Machine Global, All that Cash, Lucky Horse, Lucky Rooster with more to be announced soon!

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, High 5 Casino released their 191st Game, The Leprechaun King! In this game, every spin is blessed with the luck of the Irish. Get ready to open a world of possibilities with his good luck charms, mischievous friends, and magic. Pots o’ coins await with The Leprechaun King’s rainbow of riches featuring Stacked Wilds, a Coin Cascade feature, a Catch the Leprechaun Pick Bonus, and Free Spins! Come along and spin now with The Leprechaun King! 3 by 5 reels. 60 paylines. Stacked Wilds, Coin Cascade, Catch the Leprechaun Pick Bonus, and Free Spins. Are you loving it as much as we are?

In addition to H5C’s newest release and Lucky Doublin’ XP events here are some fun facts about Saint Patrick’s Day on this lucky day!

1) New York City was the host of the first ever St. Patrick’s Day Parade in the 1760’s! The NYC Parade is one of the worlds largest and does not allow floats, cars or modern trappings.

2) In Chicago each year, the Plumbers Local 110 Union dyes the Chicago River “Kelly” green in honor of this lucky day. It takes around 40 tons of dye to achieve the festive shade! The dye lasts for about 5 hours and does not harm any of the wild life!

3) A 2012 estimate pegged that $245 million dollars are spent on beer alone for St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations.

4) According to the Census in 2015, 32.7 million Americans listed their heritage as either primarily or partially Irish. This number is SEVEN, yes seven times larger than the population of Ireland!

5) On St. Patrick’s Day many people chow down on Corned Beef and Cabbage, Irish Soda Bread and Shepard’s Pie!

So High 5-ers, it’s time to throw on some Kelly green, log in to High 5 Casino and spin your luck in H5C’s Lucky Doublin’ XP event and play The Leprechaun King!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day All!

Feel the luck of the Irish with High 5 Games!

Hey High 5-ers!  Feel the luck of the Irish this month with High 5 Games. Grab your good luck charms and indulge in some fun St. Patrick’s Day trivia.The magical question of the month is:

‘What color is generally associated with St. Patrick’s Day?

Comment your response in the conversation bubble on the top right of the blog post and snag your free pot o’ coins after sharing your response!

Collect your free High 5 Casino coins below! >>>
Play Real:

(Only ONE coin link redeemable per H5C account. Offer valid until March 17, 11:59pm EDT)

Game Preview: The Swordsman!

Draw your swords and stand your ground in The Swordsman, High 5 Casino’s 190th Game arriving soon!

It wasn’t always this way. He didn’t pick up his weapon until outsiders touched down on his planet and tried to impose their oppressive will. Join the battle in The Swordsman and help keep his fellow people free. Super Stacks will help you win big as you stand your ground against the enemies. The Swordsman. Draw your swords and stand your ground! 4 by 6 reels. 50 paylines. Special Features: Super Stacks.

Check the YouTube video below and get ready to be rewarded for your bravery on High 5 Casino Reels!

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February High 5 Moments at H5C!

Hey High 5-ers! February was a busy month for High 5 Casino! We launched four new games, Warrior Maiden, Happy Two-Gether, The Vagabond Heart and Underwater Kingdom. Offered 24 hours of Mega Jackpots, where players had the chance to win 5x more than the base value for their minor, major and grand Jackpot wins. Players were invited to enter H5C’s I Love my Valentine Contest and 100 lucky players won 200K coins! We also updated our new Tournament lobby with new games that offer bigger prizes and debuted CHICAGO The Musical as a Free Tournament!

With February being the shortest month of the year High 5-ers took advantage of all the new games and features by spinning our reels 77,551,453 times a day! Yes, 77,551,453 times each day! How awesome is that?

While we’re looking forward to showing you guys what March has in-store, check out how awesome you guys made our February with more High 5 Moments below!
Total spins for the month of February: 2,326,543,601
Number of spins per day: 77,551,453
Total money won: 28,320,316,398,976
Cumulative hours spent playing: 4,048,467
Top 5 most played games for February: The Vagabond Heart, Happy Two-gether, Warrior Maiden, Underwater Kingdom and Empress Of Time VIP!

What was your favorite game this February? Which game gave you your High 5 Moment? Comment in the conversation bubble located on the top right corner of your screen and let us know!

Game Preview: Secrets of the Pixies!

h5c_secrets-of-the-pixies_blogpostBe welcomed with mystical pixie dust in Secrets of the Pixies, High 5 Casino’s 189th Game arriving soon!

Make your way to an enchanted forest where big wins are celebrated with the soothing vocals of pixies and fairylike gold acorns. You’ll be welcomed with a magical glitter-like powder from the pixies bringing you all the luck you need to spin the wins you desire. Follow the sounds of nature and mystical pixie dust wandering the reels for unimaginable wins in Secrets of the Pixies! 3 by 5 reels. 243 ways to win. Special Features: Tumbling Reels, Scatter Bucks, and Stacked Wilds.

Check the YouTube video below and get ready to be enchanted by the pixies on your High 5 Casino Reels!

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Game Preview: Underwater Kingdom!

Dive into mystical underwater riches in Underwater Kingdom, High 5 Casino‘s 188th Game arriving soon!

Explore the mystical deep blue sea and you’re bound to find hidden treasures. Magical clams and exotic fish surround you as you swim into big wins. This underwater adventure leaves you treading for more. Dive and discover magical riches in the Underwater Kingdom! 4 by 5 reels. 40 paylines. Split Symbols, Super Stacks, and Free Games.

Check the YouTube video below and get ready to explore the deep blue sea in Underwater Kingdom on your High 5 Casino Reels!

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Player Spotlight- Paige J.

Get to know one of your amazing High 5 Casino friends in today’s Player Spotlight –Paige J. from Long Beach, California!

If Paige could go to lunch with a High 5 Casino game character, she would choose the girls from Thunder Road! Which High 5 Casino character would you like to have lunch with? Check below and see if you and Paige J. share the same answers!

1. How did you hear about High 5 Casino?
Friends played it

2. What is your favorite High 5 Casino Game of all time?
Secrets of the Forest

3. If you could teleport yourself into a High 5 Casino Game, which would it be and why?
Great Balloon Adventure, because I’ve always wanted to go on a hot air balloon ride!

4. You’re in trouble, which High 5 Casino Character would you call to your rescue and why?
The Valkyrie Queen, because she’s hot!

5. If you could spend a week’s vacation in one of our games, which game would you choose? Why?
Temple of the Golden Monkey

6. If you could pick any High 5 Casino character, that happens to be an animal, as your pet, which character would you choose?
A baby Snow Monkey!

7. If you could be a High 5 Casino character, who would you choose to be? Why?
Maggie from Maggie and the Martians, because she’s a cartoon and has a ray gun.

8. Which 5 High Casino game has the best graphics? Why?
Retropolis – I like the stylization.

9. Which High 5 Casino Jackpot game is your favorite?
Valkyrie Queen

10. In your opinion which High 5 Casino game has the best bonus feature? Why?
Dream Beauty’s enduring bonuses, because they can go on and on, it’s awesome!

So… do you and Paige shares some common answers to these questions? Comment in the conversation bubble located on the top right of the blog post and let us know!

H5C’s I Love my Valentine Contest Winners

h5c_contest_lovemyvalentine_winners_blogpostRoses are red. Violets are blue. Valentines day is all about who loves you!

On February 6th, we invited High 5 Casino players to submit a contest entry telling us about their valentine and why they love them so much. We received thousands of submissions that warmed our hearts and made us smile! High 5-ers you have some wonderful and special people in your lives and we loved reading about them! While we can’t share them all with you here, enjoy a few great ones below:

Carmen B.- Dayton, OH
My Husband Robert: He is my valentine because he is a true definition of a loving husband. He always puts my needs and wants before his. I met him online and we enjoy so many of the same things it makes our marriage fun. We even compete on High 5 Casino games to see who will get to a certain level first. He is a great provider and a loving grandfather. He is and will always be my Valentine!

Patty H.- Hillsboro, OR
My little doxi Dora: I am a 64 yr old single woman with absolutely no plans for a man in my future. So…my little dog Dora is my special Valentine. She loves me, comforts me when I am feeling down. She is the best companion there is and my best friend.

Frank Alonzo- Pine Hill, NM
Jody: She is all I needed to live for…always caring for me and my children. Seeing to all our needs for nearly 34 years now…in love very much thru thick and thin.

Ed Benner Jr. – Clearlake, CA
Linda- Since we met, Linda has been a loving friend, a wonderful lover, and a complete soul mate. She has stood by me through thick and thin, including 2 heart attacks, bypass surgery, several strokes, and spending a year in the hospital. Linda has been, and will always be my true love. I am so glad I met her. As always, Linda continues to be by my side, and I love her so very much.

Make sure to check if you are one of the 100 lucky winners today in the list below! All winners will receive 200k Free High 5 Casino Coins! Congratulations to you all!

Margie J. – DeRidder, LA
Annemarie H. – Weymouth, MA
Phyllis D. – Little Egg Harbor , NJ
Roseann L. – Providence, RI
Ruthie S. – Woodway, TX
Phyllis H. – Marion, OH
Linda M. – Baxter, TN
Cherie T. – Portland, OR
Larry G. – Massena, NY
Julie M. – Lemars, IA
Rosario Z. – Yuma, AZ
Debbie D. – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Simon M. – Bemboka, Australia
Gail G. – Manchester, IL
Fran N. – Lake Havasu , AZ
Garynarline H. – Spring Hill, FL
Cheryl L. – Keosauqua, IA
Arlene G. – Belchertown, MA
Pat D. – East Moline, IA
Lois T. – Owego, NY
Kenneth H. – Charlestown, NH
Colleen S. – Cassville, MO
Shadrick B. – Ackerman , MS
Francis C. – Poet Saint Lucie, FL
Heidi A. – Whitefish, MT
Dayanna w. – Suamico, WI
Angie P. – Glendale, NY
Kathleen S. – Menomonee Falls, WI
Betty I. – Batavia, IL
Pat E. – Toledo, OH
Alicia G. – Maud, OK
Terrye P. – Jefferson, TX
Kurt B. – Las Vegas, NV
Patti H. – Cache, OK
Jeff S. – Oakville, Ontario
Amelia O. – Valparaiso, Valparaiso
Maria D. – Germiston, South Africa
Brian H. – La Quinta, CA
Rose S. – Poolville, TX
Cynthia H. – Bakersfield, CA
Terri M. – Mission Hills, CA
Precious C. – Tondawanda, NY
Frances J. – Chester, PA
Chris B. – Syracuse, NY
Janet W. – Cape Coral, FL
Kara K. – Overland Park, KS
Mary D. – Bigfork, MT
Kirstie L. – Fulton, NY
David M. – Sacaton, AZ
Elena N. – Mexico City, D.F.
Lakhmatie L. – Bronx, NY
Edie P. – Porterville , CA
Lori C. – Eyota, MN
Ronald H. – Zephyr Hill, FL
Linda G. – Oak Harbor, WA
Diego F. – Lanus, Buenos Aires
Calee L. – Bullhead City, AZ
Jennifer M. – Reno, NV
Patricia D. – Lanham, MD
LaTosha W. – Fort Wayne, IN
Erminia J. – Ottawa , Ontario
Rutherford B. – Kirtland, NM
Angelia I. – York, PA
Lillian B. – Mobile, Al
Alice H. – Holiday, FL
Evelyn M. – Lawton, OK
Denise W. – Lupton, MI
Lisa T. – Albany, OR
Marie B. – St Clair Shores, MI
Ed B. – Clear Lake, CA
George R. – Mountain Air, NM
Cynthia J. – Montesano, WA
Patti R. – Lebanon, VA
Mark J. – Red Oak, IA
Lindsey M. – Selah, WA

What kind contest would you like to see at High 5 Casino? Comment in the conversation bubble located on the top right of the blog post to let us know!