Game Preview: Moonlight Rainbow

Get ready to discover cosmic gems in every color of the rainbow! High 5 Casino’s 205th game Moonlight Rainbow arrives soon!

Do you ever daydream about sparkling diamonds? Live out your dream in this entrancing slot game featuring cosmic eye candy! A rare celestial phenomenon, this is your doorway to the dazzling dimension of your dreams. Illuminated by special moonlight, discover flawless gems in every color of the rainbow. Travel at the speed of light into interstellar wins in Moonlight Rainbow!

Moonlight Rainbow, all that glitters are diamonds! 4 by 5 reels. 50 paylines. Special Features: Tumble Triggers.

Check the YouTube video below and get ready to travel at the speed of light on your High 5 Casino Reels!

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H5C’s Memories with Dad Contest Congratulations Winners!

Father’s Day is this weekend and here at High 5 Casino we wanted to do something special to honor all the great Dads out there! On Wednesday, June 7th we invited players to tell us about their favorite memory with dad. Did he teach you how to fish, a cool magic trick or maybe he taught you how to ride a bike? Whatever it may be, we wanted to hear about it! 100 winners were picked and have been awarded with 200k H5C Coins! Congratulations Winners!

We enjoyed sorting through the thousands of entries and reading all about your amazing dads! You had some great memories that put a smile on our face. Although we can’t share everyones favorite memory with you, you can see what some of your fellow High 5-ers had to say below:

Louis G.- Metairie, LA 
My Dad Was Awesome- My dad was a great provider and a family man. He didn’t say much but had a keen way of getting his point across. We use to say he could chastise you and you didn’t even know it. Love my dad. Rest in Heaven!

Patricia T .- Somerset, MA
My favorite memory with Dad was 1958- I was 12 years old at the time & he would leave on Sunday to work out of town in Connecticut. It was 1958 and he had just bought a blue & white Chevrolet Bel-Air. It was the first brand new car that he had ever bought. My father was a lumber jack which they now call tree surgeons. That Sunday in July was the last day that my Dad was healthy. The following day which was Monday he went to work & was injured at construction sight. He was 42 at the time & my Mom took care of him till he passed at 82

James M. – Springdale, AZ
Back home from Desert Storm War 1991 – My brother and I were 3 yrs old and 1 year old. Dad got called away to Iraq in 1990 just after my little brother was born. Mom and me and Chris were left behind to hold it all together while our Dad who was in the Army went to do his job. He made us all so proud! I have a picture of the day he marched into the airport hanger with his unit and they were dismissed and he grabbed my brother and me up and held us both so tight. He always helps others and has a heart of gold! Best Dad ever!

Make sure to check if you are one of the 100 lucky winners today in the list below! All winners have received 200k Free High 5 Casino Coins in their casino lobby! Congratulations to you all!

Lois G. – Metairie, LA
Philomena D. – Little Egg Harbor, NJ
Susan W. – Indianapolis, IN
Margaret G. – Yucca Valley, CA
Rosalie M. – Prattville, AL
Patricia T. – Somerset, MA
Tami F. – Kent, WA
Diane J. – Rochester, MN
Sherrey R. – Idaho Falls, ID
Justa R. – Miami Gardens, FL
Johnna D. – Yuma, AZ
Carole D. – Pomona, CA
Wendy W. – Beacon, NY
Colleen A. – Rohnert Park , CA
Carmen P. – Orlando, FL
Angelo S. – Sparks, NV
Michele F. – Pensacola, FL
Libba M. – North Richland Hills, TX
Denise W. – Lupton, MI
Mary W. – Sergeant Bluff, IO
Melinda M. – Port Arthur, TX
Mary M. – Albuquerque, NM
Katie H. – Pelican Rapids, MN
Patsy C. – Dennison, OH
Veronica S. – Plymouth, MI
Clorinda D. – Hobbs, NM
Pat R. – Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada
Shaun S. – Forney , TX
Barb B. – Shrewsbury , Ontario, Canada
Debora B. – Nort Charlston, SC
Diane A. – Bradenton, FL
Kathy J. – Florence, KY
Nikki B. – San Diego, CA
Ann C. – Dunsford, Ontario, Canada
Terri G. – Arlington, TX
Pattie W. – Vacaville, CA
Nancy D. – Bay Shore, NY
Shelia M. – Humble, TX
JoJo F. – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Cheryl W. – Huntington, WV
Christina L. – Lansing, MI
Victoria G. – Staten Island, NY
Charissee P. – Fresno, CA
Sharon S. – Hornell, NY
Harriet H. – Peoria, AZ
Deborah D. – Sutherlin, OR
Desiree O. – Camas Valley, OR
Lisa W. – Denver, CO
Dewayne D. – Gillette, WY
Debra L. – River Ridge, LA
Luis G. – Yukon, OK
Deanna H. – Hudsonville, MI
Lakhmatie L. – Bronx, NY
Chris Y. – Keizer, OR
James M. – Springdale, AR
Sandra S. – Tonopah, AZ
Jean C. – San Pablo, CA
Moe G. – Escondido, CA
Diana P. – Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico
Dagmar Ellen H. – Richmond, British Columbia, Canada
Loralee L. – Bidwell, OH
Randy B. – Phillips, WI
Ian M. – Williams lake , BC, Canada
Dawn A. – Tifton, GA
Ursula C. – Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
Linda M. – Monee, IL
Raymond G. – Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Wanda M. – Oakland, Ontario, Canada
Terri B. – Lake Tapps , WA
Cheryl C. – North Port, FL
Heather M. – Neenah, WI
Lyne M. – laval, Quebec, Canada
Stacey C. – Sheboygan, WI
Lisa Z. – Duncan, OK
Jerry U. – Coffeyville, KS
Annette A. – Bayonne, NJ
Jean S. – Beckley, WV
Milton T. – San Antonio , TX
Simon M. – Bemboka, NSW, Australia
Diego F. – Lanus, Buenos Aires, Argentina
John M. – Fargo, ND
Connie K. – Hebron, OH
Erika D. – Houston, TX
Debbie M. – Lacey, WA
Mark E. – Montgomery , AL
Robert W. – Fresno, CA
Scott M. – Concord, CA
Marie J. – Magalia, CA
Monserrate P. – New York, NY
Byron G. – Houston, TX
Randy H. – Dundee, OR
Tara T. – Reno, NV
Donna P. – Monrovia, CA
Patricia S. – Lake Oswego, OR
Golda S. – Mesa, AZ
Heather W. – Roseville, CA
Judith G. – Weiner, AR
Beth A. – Spencer, WI
Sandy P. – Duluth, GA
Nancy W. – Kenner, LA
Nancy S. – Lake Worth, FL

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Game Preview: Jaguar Princess 2

Revisit the deep, dark, and dangerous jungle in Jaguar Princess 2! High 5 Casino’s 204th game arrives soon!

Surrounded by fierce animals, exotic plants and mystery, this thrilling sequel welcomes you once again to the Jaguar Princess’ wild kingdom. Rediscover the deep, dark, and dangerous jungle where deadly creatures lurk and astounding rewards await. Dare to go deeper in the Jaguar Princess’ secluded jungle and you may find unimaginable hidden treasures! Stay brave, be fearless, and seize your second chance at greatness in Jaguar Princess!

Jaguar Princess 2. The Jaguar Princess continues her reign! 3 by 5 reels. 50 paylines. Special Features: Second Chance Super Stacks and Free Games.

Check the YouTube video below and get ready to prowl for ferocious wins on your High 5 Casino Reels!

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Game Preview: Center of My Universe

Separated only by space, be part of the stellar love story in Center of My Universe! High 5 Casino’s 203rd game arrives soon!

The time has come for a young prince to find his princess. Legend says to find true love, he must travel through space and seek the wisdom of a grand master. Motivated by the idea of finding love, he embarks on a quest to discover the truth behind the legend. Travel to different realms with our brave prince and enjoy galactic wins through the journey.

Center of My Universe. Be part of a stellar love story! 4 by 5 reels. 10 and 40 paylines. Special Features: Super Stacks, the Treasure Tier Bonus and Free Games.

Check the YouTube video below and get ready to travel to different realms on your High 5 Casino Reels!

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Slot Game Battle: Cave King vs. Leprechaun King

High 5 Casino’s Slot Game Battles are back and this week we bring you the battles of the Kings.

You just found out that you are the heir to the throne, next in line to rule the kingdom. This kingdom has been lacking a strong ruler with innovative ideas to boost the economy. The past few years have been hard for the kingdom and they are looking for you to help turn things around. Shocked and stressed thinking you have no idea how to rule a kingdom you get an idea, High 5 Casino has two great kings maybe one of them will agree to be a mentor.

Thousands of years ago in the era of dinosaurs Cave King ruled the land. All the other cave men and women followed his lead searching and hunting for food, water, and shelter and of course those beautiful jewels. All of this while avoiding the hot lava and hungry dinosaurs. Cave King was able to lead his people to safety and provide for them. He would stand up to the hungry dinosaurs and make sure that no one from his village was harmed. Cave King’s hobby of rummaging through caves to find the hidden gems allowed for his village to rise to success and become wealthy and healthy. Cave King came up with the idea of trading jewels for goods inside the village and between outside villages as well.

In a land far far away, the Leprechaun King has a different way of ruling the land. Born into the mystical royal family, the Leprechaun King is able to spread joy throughout the land with a rainbow of course. While the people tend to their farms of animals, grain and land the Leprechaun King waits back in the shadows to brighten up the next rainy day. After it rains the Leprechaun King creates a beautiful rainbow. At the end of that rainbow there is always a beautiful surprise to show the ‘commoners’ how much they are appreciated. What’s the surprise you ask? Well a POT OF GOLD of course! Men and women, boys and girls across the land put everything on hold once they see that rainbow and start hunting, for the one who finds the end of the rainbow gets to meet the Leprechaun King!

While Cave King and Leprechaun King have two very different styles of leading a kingdom, their ways work. Would you rather have Cave King who worked his way up to being the ruler of his village or Leprechaun King who was born into the mystical royal family as your mentor?
Comment in the conversation bubble located on the top right corner of your screen and let us know!

Serengeti Nights

Score wild wins among the wildlife! High 5 Casino‘s 202nd game Serengeti Nights!

Head to the endless plains of the Serengeti, where you’ll encounter a wonderful diversity of wildlife. The latest slot from High 5 Games takes you on a journey around the beautiful African wilderness filled with wildebeests, zebras, elephants, and lions. You’ll never want to leave thanks to wild jackpots from 576 ways to win and Bonus Select!

Serengeti Nights. Wild wins and wildlife! 3-4-4-4-3 reel matrix. 576 ways to win. Special Features: Bonus Select.

Check the YouTube video below and head to  High 5 Casino to experience the African wilderness!

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Game Preview: All That Cash Easy Money!

What you see is what you win in All That Cash: Easy Money! High 5 Casino’s 201st game arrives soon!

Quick and easy as 1-2-3, get your hands on All That Cash: Easy Money! All reels are active during play and you can bet on different colors with various payouts. Any symbol appearing on the reels of a color you bet on is a winning symbol. And just like that, win cash in a flash! It’s time to make easy money in this classic slot game. What you see is what you win in All That Cash: Easy Money!

All That Cash: Easy Money. What you see is what you win! 3 by 5 reels. Special Features: Scatter Pay and Customized Payouts.

Check the YouTube video below and get ready to make easy money on your High 5 Casino Reels!

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Slot Game Battle: Warrior Maiden vs. Valkyrie Queen

You hear cries from afar that the enemy is heading your way. You know that there are only a few days and nights before the invasion and you need back up stat. In a dream a thought comes to you, call on your favorite  High 5 Casino character. After searching high and low you come across Warrior Maiden and Valkyrie Queen. Warrior Maiden and Valkyrie Queen are enticed by your determination and are willing to help you out however you can only choose one!

When no one else was willing to stand tall Warrior Maiden rose to the occasion and defended her village. With her whole world at stake she fought to reclaim her family’s honor. Battling many men, Warrior Maiden never lost hope. Her determination to protect her family was the driving force. Working harder than any warrior, Warrior Maiden outsmarted the enemy. The enemy so enchanted by her beauty was fooled as the strong and fearless Warrior Maiden defeated the evil.

Valkyrie Queen has watched over countless battlefields, determining who lives on to reap the rewards of victory, and who shall not see the light of another day. Battle is in her second nature, she is powerful and inscrutable. Winning is in her blood and no matter how big or how little the fight she is always prepared to ride heroically in to battle.

With two strong women who are willing to help save your village, who do you choose? Watch the game trailers below before you make your decision.


Comment in the conversation bubble located on the top right corner of your screen and let us know which High 5 Casino character  you would choose to help save your village!

Game Preview: Pride & Prejudice

Witness the loving story of the literary classic Pride & Prejudice. High 5 Casino’s 199th game arrives soon!

Imagine living in a time where life revolves around social status, property, and money. Such is the time period in Pride & Prejudice. Relive the love stories of the Bennet sisters in this slot game. Would you rather be the witty young Elizabeth or the beautiful enchanting Jane? Don’t forget the gallant gentlemen Mr. Darcy and Mr. Bingley! Enjoy classical piano as you spin big wins and enjoy remembering our entertaining protagonist who would rather be an old maid than unhappily wedded. Follow the Bennet sisters’ journey in this literary classic! Pride & Prejudice. Will true love prevail? 4 by 6 reels. 40 paylines. Special Features: Super Symbols and Free Games with Right to Left Pays.

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April High 5 Moments at H5C!

May is here and the flowers are blooming thanks to all those April showers. Western Champions, Multiply Like Bunnies, Tribute of the Gods and Rum City Rum Runners were released on High 5 Casino this April. We also offered 5X Game Level up Rewards every 10 Levels in a Night of Mystery, Retropolis and She-Wolf. Each time a player reached a game level ending in 0 (10, 20, 30 etc…) their game level up rewards were multiplied by 5x!
Magnificent Jewels a High 5 Casino favorite was released on High 5 Vegas! Players who visited High 5 Vegas and played Magnificent Jewels earned a special coin reward in their High 5 Casino account! April also brought H5C’s Favorite Spring Flower contest where players entered to win 200k H5C Coins by telling us their favorite spring flower! 100 winners were awarded these coins in their H5C lobby on May 2nd! Lastly, April brought the release of our newest casino Electri5 Casino on Facebook Desktop! If you haven’t played it yet, click here! 

While High 5-ers spun a total of 82,840,600 spins per day in April, they walked away with $50,536,637,096,494 in total wins! What would you do if you won 50 trillion dollars? Check out some other spectacular April Stats Below!

Total spins for the month of April: 2,485,218,027
Cumulative hours spent playing: 4,090,531
Top 5 most played games for April: Western Champions, Multiply Like Bunnies, Tribute of the Gods, Jenson Matlock and the Gold Peacock and Cocktail Cash!

Which game gave you your High 5 Moment in April? How big did you win playing the Top 5 Games? Comment in the conversation bubble located on the top right corner of your screen and let us know!