High 5 Moment: September 2017 Statistics!

Hey, High 5-ers! October is here and the fall weather is upon us. We prepared for the season with a busy September month at High 5 Casino! We kicked off September by celebrating our Five-TASTIC anniversary! The celebration began with players being asked to vote for their favorite slot game from a selection of 10 by playing it! The 5 most played games were selected for a 5XP event or 5X Game level rewards! Games that were featured for our Five-Tastic Anniversary included Secrets of The Forest, Lucky Horse, Gypsy, Golden Knight and Kiss of the Rose!

September also brought a number of new games to our casino library: Teddy Bucks, Black Sail Beauties, Time and Again and Tiny Treasures! High 5-ers took advantage of our weekly XP events where they were able to level up 2X to 5X FASTER in select slots!

You gave us some suggestions, and we listened! This month, Raffles are now offered more than once to give players an extra opportunity to earn more FREE COINS! To enter, players are invited to play the designated game for four hours and are required to bet a minimum amount in accordance with their VIP tier. Only one winner is selected from each VIP tier for a total of seven winners! Raffles this month included the Kings of Gibraltar Raffle, the La Torera Roja Raffle and the Empress of Josephine Raffle!

September sure did not disappoint! With new games, our 5-year anniversary, XP events and Raffles, High 5-ers walked away with over 56 TRILLION coins spinning over 3 THOUSAND hours! This month, we want to give a special shout-out to the High 5-ers who had major High 5 Moments with the TOP 5 BIGGEST WINS!

Congratulations to:
1. Lauren R.- 106.7 Billion coins, Goddess of Valhalla
2. Lynn S.- 3.5 Billion coins, Majestic Cats
3. Gabriela A.- 20 Billion coins, Golden Knight
4. Luca G.- 9 Billion coins, Retropolis
5. Fernanda A. -8.2 Billion coins, Black Sail Beauties

Check out some other High 5 Moment worthy September stats below:
Total spins for the month of September: 2,255,362,438
Number of spins per day: 77,771,118
Total money won: 56,697,635,014,055
Cumulative hours spent playing: 3,623,515
Most-played tournament: Three Graces Prize Party!
Top 5 most played games for September: Black Sail Beauties, Teddy Bucks, Banana Splits, Empress of Time, Secrets of The Forest!

Which game gave you your High 5 Moment in September? Did you enjoy our new game raffles? Comment in the conversation bubble located on the top right corner of your screen and let us know!

Introducing Shake the Sky for iOS

We’re happy to pass along the news that Shake the Sky Casino for iOS premiered at the App Store late last week! Twenty-three of your favorite authentic Asian-themed slots, including Night Jasmine, Golden Horse, Tall, Rich & Handsome, and Dragon Showdown, are now available for on-the-go gaming. If you haven’t already, go download Shake the Sky Mobile! We know this is a moment you’ve been waiting for, so we’ll wait…

Back? Congratulations – you now have the two best slot apps around on your iOS device (we’re assuming you’ve already downloaded High 5 Casino for iOS). As long as you have your iPhone or iPad on you, you never have to be bored again. Killing time at the dentist? Bus stuck in traffic? Waiting to pick up your grandkids? Bored with your significant other’s rambling monologue? Taken hostage by aliens with WiFi? Whatever the situation, Shake the Sky for iOS will hook you up with some much-needed entertainment.

Slot players love STS for iOS because:

• It’s FREE to play, every day
• Exciting new games are constantly being added
• The art design, features, and gameplay are identical to slots in real casinos
• There are plenty of special promotions and opportunities to win coins, spins, and more
• They can log-in using their Facebook account, a PlayReal account, or as a guest
• It’s always available – anytime, anywhere

Let fortune reign wherever you go with Shake the Sky for iOS!

Slot Fundamentals: Enduring Bonuses

Slot Fundamentals is a column we’ll be running occasionally to help our players better understand how our games work. This edition deals with Enduring Bonuses, which are types of bonus rounds found in some of our games.

The allure of a high-paying bonus round is one of the biggest reasons slots are so much fun. Slot players never know if their next spin is going to be the one that leads to a bunch of free chances to hit a huge jackpot. High 5 Games is dedicated to creating the most innovative titles on the market, which is why the company created Enduring Bonuses, which are twists on the traditional bonus round. But how exactly do Enduring Bonuses work?

There are two types of Enduring Bonuses, and they can both be best understood by defining them in contrast to typical bonus rounds. In a typical bonus round, players are awarded a certain number of free spins, after which the round ends. By contrast, Enduring Bonuses end when some other condition is met. In the Enduring Bonus in Dream Beauty, bonus rounds don’t end until players have scored a certain number of wins. When players land a win with the main character, their win counter goes up, not down (i.e. from 2 to 3 instead of 2 to 1). In Pasión y Fuego’s Enduring Bonus, the free games last until either three or four wilds lock into place in the middle reels, depending on how the bonus round was triggered. Enduring Bonuses tend to lead to higher-paying, longer-lasting bonus rounds, and they guarantee that players receive at least a few wins. Look for Enduring Bonuses in High 5 Casino games Dream Beauty and Pasión y Fuego and Shake the Sky games Golden Horse and Enchanted Beauty, which is coming later this week!

We hope you found that helpful! Which slot fundamental would you like to see us explain in the future?

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Slot Fundamentals: Clusterbucks

Slot Fundamentals is a column we’ll be running occasionally to help our players better understand how our games work. This edition deals with Clusterbucks, which are an alternative to paylines and ways that determine wins in some of our games.

If you’re reading High 5 Blog, you’re probably familiar with paylines and ways, but you might not have heard of Clusterbucks, one of the latest gameplay innovations from High 5 Games. In a Clusterbucks slot, groups of matching symbols lead to big wins, even if they don’t start on the left-most reel. But how exactly do Clusterbucks work?

A Clusterbucks win occurs whenever four or more like symbols are found adjacent to one another on the 4 x 4 grid – even if they don’t begin on the leftmost row – with larger clusters of symbols naturally corresponding to larger wins. Some players find Clusterbucks to be a more aesthetically pleasing and intuitive way to reveal the outcome of each spin, because they can immediately look for and identify symbol groupings, rather than searching through numerous paylines or the scattered consecutive symbols that constitute wins in ways games. Look for Clusterbucks in High 5 Casino game Pasión y Fuego and Shake the Sky game Golden Horse!

We hope you found that helpful! Which slot fundamental would you like to see us explain in the future?

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Crazy February Statistics from Shake the Sky Casino

Shake the Sky Casino has just been getting more and more popular since it launched late last year. Word has spread that this is the only casino on Facebook where you’ll find a growing library of premier Asian-themed slots. According to our analytics team, more player are spinning than ever! Check out some wild stats from February:

– Total spins for the month: 382,016,730
– Number of spins per day: 12,755,286
– Total STS cash won: $103,937,994,919
– Top 5 most played games: Golden Horse, Golden Knight, Night Jasmine, Red Cliffs, and Tall, Rich & Handsome
– Cumulative hours spent playing: 687,043

That’s over 100 billion total STS cash won at Shake the Sky in February! What was your biggest jackpot last month?

The numbers don’t lie. Play Shake the Sky.

High 5 Fight Club: H5C vs. STS Edition

We often ask our players over on the High 5 Casino fan page to comment on different game vs. game matchups. Today we’ll be taking a look at two different H5C vs. STS questions we came up with, and determining which side we prefer. Take our polls and let us know what you think!

Wild Rodeo vs. Cirque Chinois

Would you rather attend the Wild Rodeo or witness the spectacle of Cirque Chinois?

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m sure it’s plenty tough to ride an angry bull. I can barely ride a bike, so I can’t even imagine trying to stay on the back of a massive animal. And those insane clowns that dance around and distract the bull are very brave. I’m sure I’d have fun at a rodeo, if only for eight seconds at a time. But I’d still rather see the spectacle of Cirque Chinois. The performers in Cirque Chinois are unlike any you’ve ever seen before. They dangle high above the ground, pleasing the earthbound crowd that peers up at them with their death-defying acrobatic grace. They fly through the air with nothing beneath to cushion their fall, breathtakingly precise and agile in their movements. Plus, they have sweet costumes.

EDGE: Cirque Chinois

Lucky Horse vs. Golden Horse

Would you rather run free like the stallions in Golden Horse or race for victory like those in Lucky Horse?

This is a tough one. It would probably be a lot of fun to be a wild horse. I’d enjoy just running around, munching oats and doing whatever horses do in their free time. But I think I’d get bored after a while. I’d probably prefer the life of a racehorse, what with all the competition and the glory. It would be weird to have a dude on my back, but I think I could put up with it if we were winning races, and I’d toss him if he tried to whip me. Until I broke a leg and got sent to the glue factory, it would be a great time.

EDGE: Lucky Horse

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Ringing In the Year of the Horse

Happy Chinese New Year! Ever wonder why each Chinese year is named after a different animal? According to legend, the Buddha once asked every animal to meet him on New Year’s Day. Only 12 came – the rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog, and pig – so he named a year after each one in attendance. Each year is said to take on traits of its animal, as are people born during that year. For example, individuals born during the Year of the Horse are considered cheerful, energetic, witty, and talented. Because apparently horses are witty.

At Shake the Sky Casino we’re celebrating the Year of the Horse by unlocking the never-before-seen slot Golden Horse for all STS players! This visually stunning game was created in the style of the celebrated Chinese artist Xu Beihong, and features majestic horses practically leaping off the screen thanks to its immersive 3D animations. Clusterbucks and an Enduring Bonus will help you ring in the Chinese New Year by winning big!

But that’s not all – we’re also giving all STS players $888 in free STS cash! Chinese culture considers eight to be one of the luckiest numbers, so you’re sure to land some serious jackpots!

Try out Golden Horse at Shake the Sky Casino.