H5C’s Vault of Fire Contest: Congratulations Winners!

On December 3rd High 5 Casino released our 400th Game Vault of Fire. To kick off this milestone, on Monday, November 30th we invited you to share with us what you found inside the Vault of Fire and why for a chance to win 200K High 5 Casino coins!

Congratulations Winners!

We enjoyed sorting through the thousands of entries and reading all about what you found in the Vault of Fire. Although we can’t share everyone’s with you, you can see what some of your fellow High 5-ers had to say below:

Harley F. – TX
Inside the Vault is Prosperity, Health, and Happiness the three great goals of life. It was placed there by the great Wizards of H5C to encourage players to enjoy and to acheive. The three attributes are represented by Flaming Torches….

Linda D.- FL
Upon entering the Vault of fire, I found 5 precious stones. A brilliant red ruby for courage, a deep blue sapphire for knowledge, an emerald for honesty, an aquamarine for compassion and a diamond for faith. These were all of the things I valued most so I had at last found my treasure.

Robert M. – TX
On entering the Vault of Fire, I find a sealed, wooden box. When I open the box there is a metal box and a key. I unlock the metal box with the key and find magic wand with instructions on how to create good deeds using the magic wand.

Deborah T.- Canada
I can’t believe that me entire Family are there! From coast to coast! My sisters and brother, my children and grandchildren! All of us in one place. Enjoying each other’s company! you can feel the love!

Make sure to check if you are one of the 100 lucky winners today in the list below! All winners have received 200k Free High 5 Casino Coins in their casino lobby!

Congratulations to you all!

Alain N.- Alpes-Maritimes
Lynne P.- FL
Gwendolyn M.- AR
Stayceaa G.- CA
Diane A.- FL
Vickie W.- OK
Janice L.- OR
Carol S.- FL
Gwenda H.- TX
Polina Y.- CA
Susie W.- AL
Doris E.- VA
Diane H.- MD
Heidi R.- PA
Mary T.- MI
Gail H.- MN
Harley F.- TX
Ruth K.- OH
Veronica S.- MI
Debby M.- FL
Anna S.- OR
Martha M.- MO
Beverly C.- MI
Peggy A.- IN
Deb R.- NM
Matthew C.- NJ
Tracy W.- NY
Delores C.- GA
Rick L.- WA
Raul C.- MO
Mary W.- WI
Helena D.- Canada
Judith G.- ID
Cara C.- KS
Tracy H.- WY
Deirdre H.- NY
Robert M.- TX
Rick H.- UT
Jacquelyn H.- TX
Linda C.- WA
Terese S.- South Africa
Barbara H.- SC
Herman M.- LA
Judy M.- AZ
Carol A.- Canada
Gigi P.- CA
Wendy B.- OH
Wonda B.- AL
Christopher M.- WA
Ester B.- FL
Tracy W.- MI
Anthony F.- WA
Edna B.- CA
Gregory S.- ID
Sandra C.- IN
Virginia H.- AK
Cynthia B.- AZ
Judy P.- OK
Zena P.- Canada
Peggy C.- NM
Libba M.- TX
Charlene C.- WV
Martha A.- MD
Betty B.- GA
Pattie C.- MN
Shelly F.- CO
Norman L.- AZ
Melanie S.- AR
Ashley C.- IL
Linda D.- FL
Dennis D.- TN
Chandra N.- WA
Kim M.- Canada
Mary K.- NV
Judy F.- WV
Sue P.- CA
Janice L.- AZ
Debbie P.- AR
Cheryl S.- WV
Stephanie C.- MO
Crystal S.- MI
Jason A.- CA
Sharron F.- MI
Deborah T.- Canada
Mark M.- WA
Linda F.- AK
Esther M. M.- Puerto Rico
Mary A.- WA
Amanda O.- AR
Brenda C.- Canada
David H.- ID
Lori W.- MI
Charlotte G.- WA
Bill R.- TX
Joseph T.- NV
Steve N.- Canada
Sean S.- CA
Sarah W.- LA
Jackie M.- OR

Congratulations to H5C’s Spring Flower Contest Winners!

Spring is in full swing and April showers made way for beautiful May flowers. There’s a wide array of flowers, all with varied features and lovely in their own unique way. On April 24th we invited High 5 Casino players to tell us what their favorite flower is and why. 100 winners were picked and have been awarded with 200k H5C Coins! Congratulations Winners!

We really enjoyed sorting through the thousands of entries and reading all about your favorite Spring Flower and the many reasons why! Although we can’t share everyone’s favorite flower with you, you can see what some of your fellow High 5-ers had to say below:

Patricia L.- Boyd, WI
Lilac- We have two large Lilac trees in our front yard and when they are blooming, I open up the front door of the house and let the fragrance fill the house.

Susan P.- Vancouver, Canada
Cherry Blossom- The trees lining the streets of Vancouver with cherry blossoms are a sure sign of spring and beautiful!

James H.-Wellsbridge, NY
Sunflower- I love to grow Sunflowers and watch them grow to be a strong beautiful flower. After the flower has gone by then I enjoy watching the birds eat the seeds.

Theresa F. – Bellingham, WA
Gerber Daisy- I love that they are large and come in many bright colors …like a spring fiesta .

Make sure to check if you are one of the 100 lucky winners today in the list below! All winners have received 200k Free High 5 Casino Coins in their casino lobby! Congratulations to you all!

Pat W. – Saskatoon, Canada
Suzanne H. – Ontario, CA
Barbara D. – Austin, TX
Carol M. – Baltimore, MD
Debbie C. – Moundsville, WV
Janet H. – Van Buren, AR
Jim S. – Brethren, MI
Debra R. – Lupton, MI
Patricia L. – Boyd, WI
Lucille F. – Greensboro, NC
Marisa G. – Mexico, Mexico
Susan P. – Vancouver, Canada
Ken V. – Springville, TN
Lora M. – Mount Gambier, Australia
Debbie M. – Lacey, WA
Deborah K. – Berlin, CT
Linda R. – Fortville, IN
Sara T. – Seatac, WA
Becky G. – Shoreline , WA
Gabriel B. – Querétaro, Mexico
Carolyn B. – Portland, OR
Colin D. – Brisbane,  Australia
Joanne L. – Cromwell, CT
Linda R. – Lewiston, ID
Theresa F. – Bellingham, WA
Diane P. – South Bend, IN
Carrie C. – Ocean Springs, MI
Helene F. – Auburn, CA
Valerie E. – Remington, VA
Sharen B. – Astoria, OR
Cheri K. – Gordonville, TX
Sandra S. – Tonopah, AZ
Ruth K. – Defiance, OH
Brenda H. – Pontiac , MI
Teresa P. – Newburgh, NY
Beth E. – Ponca City, OK
Betty V. – Tulsa, OK
Wayne L. – Dolores, CO
Penny J. – Colorado Springs, CO
Angela M. – Glen Burnie , MD
Laqaixit T. – Warm Springs, OR
Nancy N. – San Antonio, TX
Kathy S. – London , KY
Cyndie W. – Imperial, PA
Claudia K. – Holland, MI
Valerie J. – Edson, Canada
Gabriella R. – North Las Vegas, NV
James H. – Wells Bridge, NY
Melissa F. – Slidell, LA
Robin M. – Overland Park, KS
Richard H. – Paradise Valley, AZ
Kimberly L. – Falls Church, VA
Jennifer M. – Melbourne, Australia
Heather M. – Neenah, WI
Joann M. – Norristown, PA
Becky D. – Quinlan, TX
Christopher H. – Chicago, IL
Jacquie R. – Simi Valley, CA
Wendy W. – Beacon, NY
Jane B. – Shalimar, FL
Virginia D. – West Hills, CA
Janice S. – Creston, IA
Elena N. – Mexico City, Mexico
Tiarre L. – Burgettstown, PA
Julie E. – Colbert, WA
Stepheni Z. – Wheatfield, IN
Sue E. – Des Moines, IA
Pam M. – Albany, GA
Ester P. – Barcelona, Spain
Ramirez R. – Clifton, TX
Pat B. – Eldorado , KS
Barbara C. – Natchitoches, LA
Carlton C. – Dixfield, ME
Shirley B. – Wichita Falls, TX
Patti P. – Suffolk, VA
Maryann R. – Oxnard, CA
Stephanie H. – Eden Prairie, MN
Donna T. – Laporte, IN
Michel B. – Argeles Sur Mer, France
Susan G. – Dunsmuir, CA
Peggy W. – Alberta, Canada
Tim C. – Crown Point, IN
Lucy P. – Lebanon, OR
Katherine R. – Ontario, Canada
Raymond L. – Québec, Canada
Cheryl C. – North Port, FL
Sue S. – Belfair, WA
Denise-Jean D. – Las Vegas, NV
Lee W. – Detroit, MI
Lisa S. – Toronto, Canada
Barbara A. – Denver, CO
Alice D. – Ontario, Canada
Nora V. – Bakersfield, CA
Lelalee R. – Manila, Philippines
Emogene W. – Westminster, CO
Veronica S. – Monongahela, PA
Maxine F. – Stevinson, CA
Lois D. – Warkworth, New Zealand
Janetta L S. – Idabel, OK
Wanda D. – Cincinnati, OH

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Congratulations H5C’s A Wish for St. Nick Contest Winners!


“If you could wish for one thing this holiday season, what would it be and why?”

‘Tis the season to make wishes and that’s why we had H5C’s A Wish for St. Nick Contest held between December 7th and December 15th for our players! This was one of the easiest contest ever run at High 5 Casino. To enter, our players just needed to make a wish then would have a chance to win 200K and an exclusive 2016 H5C calendar! We’ve received many great entries and we felt honored to get to know your special wishes. Thank you all for sharing and we hope all your wishes come true this holiday! Now make sure to check out the winner list below and see if you are one of the 200 lucky winners!

And the winners are…
Adele C. – Grants Pass, OR
Alex R. – Codroipo, Udine, Italy
Alice B. – Maricopa, AZ
Allyson K. – North Lauderdale, FL
Almeta M. – Milwaukee, WI
Angela R. – Cleveland, OH
Anthony S. – Everett, WA
Arlene W. – Cottage Groce, OR
Art P. – Omaha, NE
Barbara B. – Reno, NV
Bertha M. – Fort Worth, TX
Betsy H. – Troy, NY
Beverly V. – Richmond, VA
Bill W. – Clovis, CA
Bonnie M. – Kingman, AZ
Brandi Miller R. – Las Vegas, NV
Brenda C. – Miami, OK
Brenda M. – Jacksonville, FL
Brenda S. – Coldwater, MI
Brenda W. – Cincinnati, OH
Brian H. – Cantonment, FL
Bryon B. – Angola, IN
Carl G. – Lawton, OK
Carla T. – lambertville, MI
Carlene M. – Marysville, KS
Carlo F. – Catoosa, OK
Carol V. – Ridge, NY
Carolyn M. – Apache Junction, AZ
Cathy O. – Richland, WA
Cathy S. – New Philadelphia, OH
Cherie M. – Sonoma, CA
Cheryl G. – Stewartville, MN
Cheryl M. – Reedsburg, WI
Chrystal G. – Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada
Cindy P. – Hot Springs, SD
Cindy W. – Saint Charles, MO
Cleibis P. – Brooklyn, NY
Clifford H. – Rolla, ND
Connie R. – Hudson, FL
Courtnye H. – Evergreen Park, IL
Daniel L. – Corinth, NY
Darlene H. – Morrisville, PA
David G. – Barstow, CA
Deanna S. – Malone , NY
Debbie C. – Erie, PA
Debbie H. – Stanwood, WA
Deborah M. – Henderson, NV
Diane F. – Morenci, MI
Diane M. – Auburn Hills, MI
Diane M. – Caringbah, New South Wales, Australia
Donna B. – Shelbyville, IN
Donna D. – Washington, D.C.
Doug E. – Marysville, CA
Erik N. – Fremont, NE
Esmeralda L. – Templeton, CA
Evelyn M. – Lawton, OK
Evylena W. – denton, TX
Gail R. – Bedford, OH
Gary H. – Marblehead, OH
Greta O. – Reno, NV
Gwynne H. – Orlando , FL
Harry H. – Scottsdale, AZ
Heather K S. – Vegreville, AB, Canada
Helene F. – Auburn, CA
Irene S. – Murray, UT
Jan H. – Oneonta, NY
Janice D. – Milton Freewater, OR
Jean C. – San Pablo, CA
Jean D. – Whitby, ON, Canada
Jean P. – Buffalo, NY
Jeanne P. – Ashland City, TN
Jeanne R. – Moreno Valley, CA
Jennifer W. – Lipan, TX
Jerry M. – Syracuse, UT
Joanne S. – Dolgeville, NY
John C. – Federal way, WA
Josephine B. – Berkley, MI
Judith M. – Danville, IL
Judy B. – Royal Oak, MI
Julia L. – Salt Lake City, UT
Karla H. – Las vegas, NV
Kat W. – Moores Hill, IN
Kate B. – Sacramento, CA
Kathy G. – Aurora, MN
Kay D. – Orlando, FL
Keiko P. – Abbotsford, BC, Canada
Kelly K. – Guelph, Ontario, Canada
Kenneth H. – Newton, KS
Kim M. – Zanesville, OH
Kimberly W. – lander, WY
Larry P. – Chouteau, OK
Laura M. – Ponca City, OK
Leanne S. – Port Angeles, WA
LeeDon Kahea W. – Anahola, HI
Leora E. – Blaine, MN
Linda B. – San Diego, CA
Linda D. – College Park, GA
Linda E. – Paris, TX
Linda L. – Humble, TX
Linda M. – Long Beach, CA
Lisa H. – Noblesville, IN
Loralyn M. – Wesley Chapel, FL
Lori F. – Plantation, FL
Lucretia H. – Clinton, NY
Maggie D. – Vadnais Heights , MN
Manuel N. – Georgetown, TX
Marcel C. – Repentigny, Quebec, Canada
Marilyn S. – Rapid City, SD
Mark R. – Bismarck , ND
Marleen B. – Troy, NY
Marrianne M. – Springfield , MO
Marsha M. – Roff, OK
Marti P. – Salt Lake City, UT
Mary D. – Palatine Bridge, NY
Mary F. – Greenville, TX
Mary H. – Poncha Springs, CO
Mary M. – Albuquerque, NM
Mary R. – Tucson, AZ
Mary Rose W. – Okmulgee, OK
Mary T. – Coleman, MI
Matthew F. – Clarksburg, WV
Melissa B. – Bellevue, NE
Michael J. – Detroit, MI
Michael W. – hayward, CA
Michael W. – San Angelo, TX
Mickey B. – Bailey, CO
Nancy K. – Matteson, IL
Pam S. – Seminole, OK
Pamela J. – Robinsonville, MS
Pamela S. – Elmira, NY
Patricia A. – White Bear Lake, MN
Patricia K. – Houston, TX
Patricia U. – Coffeyville, KS
Patti D. – Frederic, WI
Patty M. – Portage , MI
Paul D. – Blaine, WA
Peggy P. – Pittsburg, KS
Peggy S. – Gillett, PA
Phillip G. – Albuquerque, NM
Rachel P. – Cache, OK
Raymond E. – Milton, FL
Renie H. – Fonthill, Ontario, Canada
Richard N. – Lake Villa, IL
Rita C. – San Francisco, CA
Rita M. – St. Charles, MO
Rochelle G. – Henderson, NV
Rosalinda R. – San Antonio, TX
Rosemary S. – Margate City, NJ
Rosie S. – Bismarck, ND
Ruben M. – Thornton, CO
Sabrina G. – Bronx , NY
Sandra K. – Hamburg, PA
Sandra S. – Tonopah, AZ
Sedric P. – Paris, TN
Shane G. – Halstead, PA
Sharon P. – Crane, TX
Shawn H. – byron, GA
Sheila G. – Jackson , MS
Shellie B. – Airway Heights, WA
Shelly W. – Sparks , NV
Sherry H. – Attapulgus, GA
Sherry S. – Martinez, CA
Sheryl H. – Northglenn, CO
Shirlee S. – Minnesota Lake, MN
Shirley Les H. – Beach Park, IL
Star O. – Kelso, WA
Stefanie K. – Maricopa, AZ
Stephanie C. – Lebanon, TN
Stephen B. – Waterford, MI
Sue G. – new germany, MN
Sue T. – Worcester, MA
Susan G. – Anaheim Hills, CA
Susan K. – Oxnard, CA
Susan R. – Twin Lake, MI
Susan S. – Marlton, NJ
Suzette D. – Hatfield, PA
Sylvia B. – Aumsville, OR
Tammy H. – Osage, IA
Tana B. – Otis Orchards, WA
Teri J. – Tulsa, OK
Terisa J. – Alford, FL
Terri J. – Battle Creek, MI
Terry B. – merrritt island, FL
Terry R. – Greenwood, IN
Theresa H. – Owens Cross Roads , Al
Timothy K. – Edmonton , Alberta, Canada
Tina S. – Independence, KS
Todd S. – Franklin, WI
Tom L. – Newmanstown, PA
Tom S. – Boswell, OK
Tony K. – Cincinnati, OH
Undean T. – Raleigh, MS
Vergie P. – Hemet, CA
Veronica G. – Laredo, TX
Vi B. – Spokane, WA
Vicki D. – Concord, MI
Vivian B. – Old Forge, PA
Weldon H. – Milford, TX
Wilma M. – Easton, PA

Congratulations to all winners! May all your wishes come true!

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Congratulations H5C’s Thanksgiving Contest Winners!


“This year, I am most grateful for…”

With so much to be thankful for this season, how would you complete this sentence? In H5C’s Thanksgiving Contest, we asked our players to finish the sentence above for a chance to win 200,000 free coins. We received many great responses but only 100 made it to the winner list. Check out five winning entries and see what our High 5-ers are thankful for this year. Don’t forget to check out the winner list and see if you are one of the 100 lucky winners!

Jeanette H. – Lindsay, OK
My Life
I am blessed with the love of my life for 33 years, two beautiful daughters, their husbands, and two wonderful grandsons. I am the luckiest woman I know – and the best things in the life are the simplest ones.

Barry W. – Las Vegas, NV
My Wife
Because my wife is teaching me hope, love, compassion, and what it is to go for my dreams. To my soul mate, partner, companion, wife and love of my life. I am also thankful for my health, still being able to walk, the new friends and family that has been added to my life. I am thankful for my sisters and brother and what they taught me while growing up. Most of all I am thankful for all the blessings that I have gotten throughout my life.

Gina E. – Milaca, MN
My House and Kids
I know there are a lot of people out there that do not have their own place to live and I know I am very lucky to have one especially a nice size place for my kids to be able to play and run around it. I am also very thankful for my kids because I know there are quite a few women out that that are not able to have such a precious gift. And some women do not realize how lucky they are to have kids. They can be a pain in the butt at times, lol but they are still a precious gift.

Gary H. – Marblehead, Ohio
Because volunteers help in so many ways. I am grateful for the firemen who voluntarily risk their lives to save others. I am grateful for the EMS personnel who respond at all hours to respond to save lives. I am grateful for all the military men and women who volunteer to go into harms way to protect our great nation. I am grateful for the police who respond to all sorts of emergencies never knowing what dangers they may face. I am grateful for the supporting families of all volunteers.

Debbie B. – Olympia, Washington
Our Growing Family
I was told the news that I will be a new grandma next summer! We waited 10 years for this! So blessed!

And the winners are…

Debbie B. – Olympia, WA
Carol D. – Manchester, CT
Darlene H. – Morrisville, PA
Lucille A. – Saint-Aime-Des-Lacs, Quebec
Michael H. – Toowoomba, Queensland
Edge H. – Tucson, AZ
Cheryl W. – Huntington, WV
Patricia M. – Goldem, CO
Carolyn W. – Peoria, AZ
Ronald H. – Zephyrhill, FL
Virginia H. – Greenwood, AR
Nancy T. – Clarksville, TN
Arlene P. – Oak Creek, WI
Jan K. – Austin, TX
John G. – Ballston Lake, NY
Gary H. – Marblehead, OH
Mark S. – St. Clair, MO
Vickie C. – Jones, AL
Orvetta S. – Clinton, IN
Josephine H. – Oswego, IL
Mary M. – Albuquerque, NM
Bonnie G. – Sparks, NV
Paula W. – Sun City Center, FL
Ken W. – Jenison, MI
Susan K. – Woodhaven, MI
Brenda W. – Cincinnati, OH
Lee W. – Detroit, MI
Stan G. – Lacey, WA
Beverly V. – Blytheville, AR
Karen D. – Liverpool, NY
Anita B. – Fordland , MO
Marcia S. – São Paulo, São Paulo
Colleen M. – Hamilton , MI
Patty H. – Hillsboro, OR
Winnie B. – Freeport, FL
Brenda M. – Lindale, TX
Gina E. – Milaca, MN
Sharon A. – Belfair, WA
Mike O. – Leawood, KS
Kathy G. – high point, NC
Barbara Y. – Council Bluffs, IA
Jean W. – Windsor, Ontario
Barry W. – Las Vegas, NV
Cindy B. – Chicago, IL
Lacey S. – Washington Twp, NJ
Virginia H. – Hastings, MN
Sandra O. – Stockton, CA
Tina S. – Independence, KS
Arleen M. – Catskill, NY
Sandra S. – Prescott, AZ
Laura Lina S. – Temperley, Buenos Aires
Karen B. – Lyons, IL
Tasheena D. – Beckley, WV
Bonny B. – Fruitland Park, FL
Michelle S. – Reading, PA
Angela-Michelle R. – Riverside, CA
Priscilla R. – Amarillo, TX
Carol O. – Cadillac, MI
Dorothy M. – Hauser, ID
Kathy G. – Twin Falls, ID
Ashley L. – Jennings, LA
Bev P. – West Kelowna, BC
Pamela P. – yelm, WA
Mary D. – Westminster, CO
Jack M. – North Queensland , Queensland
Robyn P. – Baltimore, MD
Rosanne T. – Monroeville, PA
Carol J. – Saginaw, MI
Sandra P. – Dallas, TX
Rella J. – Midwest City, OK
Kathy M. – Nauwigewauk, New Brunswick
Ella S. – Peoria, AZ
Rosemary H. – Surrey, British Columbia
Donna B. – Valparaiso, FL
Alma W. – Bedford, OH
Susan B. – Port Alberni, BC
Chris M. – Brantford, Ontario
Angelia I. – York, PA
Travis M. – West Des Moines, IA
Lisa D. – Norman, OK
Judith M. – Moody, AL
James M. – Sudbury, Ontario
Jeanette H. – Lindsay, OK
Sandrine T. – Bar Le Duc, Meuse
Donna W. – Delaware, Ontario
Jeannette G. – Trucksville, PA
Ken J. – Bellevue, OH
Neal G. – Port Orchard, WA
Gail D H. – Pelican Rapids, MN
Martha P. – Colima, Colima
Noel B. – Malvern, AR
Trena S. – Parkersburg, WV
Melis B. – Tucson, AZ
Kerry H. – Waikerie, South Australia
Clydie P. – Saginaw, MI
Piru C. – Misiones, El Dorado
Loraine M. – Tacoma, WA
Ardis B. – Ketchikan, AK
Victoria B. – Tacoma, WA
Yvonne M. – Voorschoten, Zuid-Holland

Congratulations to all the winners! Thank you for sharing your love with us this Thanksgiving!

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Congratulations Spooky Story Contest Winners!


“I looked out the window and realized I wasn’t alone. I knew I had to escape the hordes of zombies headed my way. I decided to____”

Imagine yourself in this situation, what would you see; what would you do; and where would you go? We asked our fans to tell us and finish our spooky zombie story for a chance to win 200,000 free coins! We received thousands of scary story entries but only 100 made it our alive. Check out nine of the winning stories from H5C’ Spooky Story Contest winners – we really wish we can share them all with you:

Jane A. – Queens, NY
“… I decided to blend in with the crowd, so I grabbed a white bed sheet, wrapped it around me and with my black eyebrow pencil and red lipstick made some markings. I had to think quickly before they got me and I had to blend in so that they thought I was one of them. As they approached I played dead by lying still in a corner. They came and stood in front of me, I held my breath and they thought I was dead, touched me and finally they all gave the thumbs up sign. They passed on and it was over. Phew!!!”

John B. – Green Bay, WI
“… I decided to climb out of the upstairs window onto the roof of the garage. Once on the roof I was able to jump into my neighbor’s yard. Dang it! I twisted my ankle, now what was I going to do. I saw the neighbor’s dog house and moved as quietly and quickly as I could toward it. Constantly checking over my shoulder to make sure that I wasn’t being seen, I finally made it to the dog house and climbed in. I could hear them moving closer. They were almost on top of me; I was afraid to move or even breathe.

Ruth S. – Dagsboro, DE
“… I decided to jump in my car and head to High 5 Casino where I had friends to help overcome the Zombies. When I reached High 5 all the Zombie fighter friends were waiting for me. They all came back to my home and together we fought the Zombies and made my home safe for a while. I was now able to relax and play at High 5 Casino once again.”

Bobbie M. – Penticton, British Columbia – Canada
“… I decided to convince them I am one of them, that was the only way. I smeared the blood from the hamburger on my face, shredded my clothes, rubbed dirt from my potted plant all over my face and clothes. I looked awful in the mirror but will it convince THEM? I practiced the stumble walk that appears they all do. Would it work, would it work? I blanked my expression and stumbled in their midst…”

Donna W. – Waterford, MI
“… I decided to start my GLORIOUS GETAWAY. I NEED A HERO to ESCAPE, RESET and RECHARGE out of this ZOMBIE ZONE. Logging onto H5C, I called out for TALL, RICH & HANDSOME heroes: ROCKET MAN, CYRANO, PRINCE OF LIGHTNING, FIGARO and ROYAL LION for LOVE and VALOR. The BIG CHASE began, we had to REV IT UP to get this NIGHT OF MYSTERY to end. A very loud BAH HUMBUG and THE VANISHING ACT began. The hordes of zombies were leaving!!! How totally PURRFECT. Once again I am a PRINCESS OF PARADISE, LOVE U my H5C Heroes.”

Mary M. – Las Vegas, NV
“… I decided to cash out my machine and leave the casino, I realized everyone around me were zombies! I was surrounded, I managed to slip through and make it out the front door. I couldn’t believe I made it. I was so terrified I stopped for a minute to catch my breath, when I looked up the last thing I saw was a wall of zombies with the casino wall at my back. I had nowhere to go. I WAS DOOMED!”

James K. – Moline, IL
“… I decided to do what all zombie hunters do. I remained calm and killed zombies. I killed them all and went back to play H5C. As I was playing I felt a cold hand on my shoulder. When I turned around I was bitten by a zombie that I had not seen. I passed out and when I awoke I realized I was just dreaming. I realized I had fallen asleep playing Zombie Zone at H5C. It all seemed so real, but I felt relieved and I went into the kitchen for a soda. When I turned on the light I saw muddy footprints. My God! Was it real? AAGGHHHH”

Ken A. – Edomontor, Alberta – Canada
“… I decided to take a minute to think about my predicament. I realized that zombies always look hungry. Maybe they are, and maybe they only eat people because we’re so easy to catch. I ran to the pantry to see what else I could use. I found a huge bag of those giant marshmallows, and wondered if the zombies would like them. I ran to the back door with the bag, ripped it open and started pitching those marshmallows like this was the 7th game in the World Series. I was right! The zombies loved them! I was free!”

Kim L. – Hamlet IN
“… I decided to run till my legs could not run any longer, figuring it was the end for me. Then out of nowhere I see a figure flying above in the distance. Bad enough I am about to be devoured by the zombies, but also be attacked from this unknown creature. Cowering as I was about to die, I felt strong warm arms around my waist. As afraid as I was to look, my eyes looked into my hero and the love of my life…ROCKET MAN”

 And the Spooky Story Contest Winners are….

Claudia P. – Reno, NV
Sherri E. – Westville, IN
Kim L. – Hamlet, IN
Donna B. – Byhalia, MS
Lynn L. – Queensbury, NY
Jane A. – Queens, NY
Mona D. – Marshall, MN
John B. – Green Bay, WI
Steven M. – Ottawa, Ontario – Canada
Dacee S. – Pilgrim, KY
Olivier V. – Lyon, France
James M. – Sudbury, Ontario – Canada
Barb M. – Calgary, Alberta – Canada
Ruth S. – Dagsboro, DE
Nancy A. – Navajo Dam, NM
Angelo S. – Sparks, NV
Monica N. – Saginaw, MI
Nancy B. – Gary, IN
Harold B. – Cushing, OK
Sandra B. – Irons, MI
Jean C. – San Pablo, CA
Laqaixit T. – Warm Springs, OR
Silver R. – Springville, CA
Irene L. – McCook, NE
Maby B. – Corrientes , Argentina
Richard Poppy M. – St. Charles, MO
Charo C. – Lima, Peru
Kenny H. – Riverside , CA
Karen R. – Puyallup, WA
Kim M. – Zanesville, OH
Deborah L. – Saginaw, MI
Laurie J. – Mount Pleasant, MI
Trudy G. – Brenham, TX
Michael B. – Quakers Hill, NSW – Australia
Audrey E. – Milwaukee, WI
Robin Y. – Singapore,
Elke B. – Mount Morgan, Queensland – Australia
Evelyn M. – Lawton, OK
JoAnn Y. – Swoyersville , PA
Donna K. – Springfield, MA
Donna M. – Stillwater, Ok
Edward C. – Chilliwack, British Columbia – Canada
John Julie T. – Longview, WA
Bobbie M. – Penticton, British Columbia – Canada
John L. – Baltic, CT
Cynthia L. – Redding   , CA
Donna W. – Waterford, MI
Lynn M. – Bradley, IL
Teresa H. – Florence, AZ
Mary Ann M. – Las Vegas, NV
Kay K. – Bella Vista, AR
James K. – Moline, IL
Gina S. – Attleboro, MA
Jeanne J. – Spokane Valley, WA
Linda V. – Union, WA
Lois T. – Owego, NY
Lynn K. – Mahanoy City, PA
Bobby M. – Pickton , TX
Debbie T. – Louisville, KY
Carl G. – Lawton, OK
Rosemary Z. – Sagamore Hills, OH
Pattie B. – Oxford, MS
Pat H. – San Francisco, CA
Lee M. – Reedley, CA
Jillian M. – Junee, NSW – Australia
Cliff M. – Parkersburg, WV
Joanne K. – Cleves, OH
Lyle G. – Mt. Iron, MN
Sandy H. – Clarinda, IA
John H. – Fort Saint John , British Columbia – Canada
Lynn B. – Logan, NM
Paula W. – Sun City Center, FL
Alesha M. – Glenolden, PA
Rosemary T. – Fort Worth, TX
Clyde H. – Milwaukee, WI
Douglas M. – Alamogordo, NM
Mary Rose W. – Okmulgee, OK
Terry B. – Richland Hills, TX
Shin L. – San Diego, CA
John K. – Stanthorpe, Queensland – Australia
Ken W A. – Edmonton, Alberta – Canada
Susan R. – Everett, WA
Rich G. – Orange City, FL
Jaime M. – Woodstock, Ontario – Canada
Charles L. – Lagrande, OR
Pam B. – Greenbrier, AR
Diane F. – Morenci, MI
Al C. – West Helena, AR
Freebird B. – Waterloo, IA
Jimmy K. – Gig Harbor, WA
Glenda L. – Centralia, IL
Joy C. – Catasauqua, PA
Sally S. – Strongsville, OH
Ed W. – Endicott, NY
Jase L. – Las Vegas, NV
Steve K. – Pitt Meadows, British Columbia – Canada
Lisa Z. – Marlow, OK
John L. – Montesano, WA
Crystal S. – Lacey, WA
Day R. – San Francisco, Cordoba – Argentina

Congratulations to all the winners! We really enjoy reading all your stories and we hope you like them as much as we do!

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