Congratulations to H5C’s Be a Millionaire Day Winners!

On Sunday, May 20th, High 5 Casino celebrated “Be A Millionaire Day”! High 5-ers were encouraged to spin any H5C game as often as they would like. For every one-millionth spin on the reels of any H5C slot game, the one-millionth spinner would be selected to win a million coins or more! Once someone won, the counter would reset, giving more players the chance to win!

Make sure to check if you are one of theĀ  45 lucky winners today in the list below! All winners have received a million or more FREE High 5 Casino Coins, which can be redeemed in their casino lobby! Congratulations to all the winners!

Failippe B. – France
Jorge P. – Argentina
Eileen K. – FL, United States
Illenia P. – Italy
Krista W. – Washington, United States
Mobile Guest User
Lucia D. – Netherlands
Delores T. – OK, United States
Sandra F. – Australia
Paul S. – RI, United States
Kat M. – United Kingdom
Colette B. – Canada
Anna M. – Canada
Dene C. – CA, United States
Karlene W. – NY, United States
Lorie S. – MN, United States
Jeanette F. – IO, United States
Gayle R. – NY, United States
Carmelo L. – United Kingdom
Miguel B. – Argentina
Terese A. – France
Mary K. – AL, United States
Michael G. – MA, United States
Rick P. – WA, United States
Mobile Guest User
Giusi F. – Italy
Alan V. – TX, United States
Rafael R. – Venezuela
Jada L.
Arlyx H. – Mexico
Hayat B. – Germany
Lorena G. – CA, United States
Nancy S. – Canada
Chris C. – Canada
Kristina M. – OR, United States
Cheryl M. – VA, United States
Kim J. – IO, United States
Payton D.
Nilda C. – Argentina
Linda L. – MI, United States
Carolina Z. – Mexico
Luis J. – Mexico
Diego C.
Diana L. – Spain
Enrique O. – Panama