H5C’s Vault of Fire Contest: Congratulations Winners!

On December 3rd High 5 Casino released our 400th Game Vault of Fire. To kick off this milestone, on Monday, November 30th we invited you to share with us what you found inside the Vault of Fire and why for a chance to win 200K High 5 Casino coins!

Congratulations Winners!

We enjoyed sorting through the thousands of entries and reading all about what you found in the Vault of Fire. Although we can’t share everyone’s with you, you can see what some of your fellow High 5-ers had to say below:

Harley F. – TX
Inside the Vault is Prosperity, Health, and Happiness the three great goals of life. It was placed there by the great Wizards of H5C to encourage players to enjoy and to acheive. The three attributes are represented by Flaming Torches….

Linda D.- FL
Upon entering the Vault of fire, I found 5 precious stones. A brilliant red ruby for courage, a deep blue sapphire for knowledge, an emerald for honesty, an aquamarine for compassion and a diamond for faith. These were all of the things I valued most so I had at last found my treasure.

Robert M. – TX
On entering the Vault of Fire, I find a sealed, wooden box. When I open the box there is a metal box and a key. I unlock the metal box with the key and find magic wand with instructions on how to create good deeds using the magic wand.

Deborah T.- Canada
I can’t believe that me entire Family are there! From coast to coast! My sisters and brother, my children and grandchildren! All of us in one place. Enjoying each other’s company! you can feel the love!

Make sure to check if you are one of the 100 lucky winners today in the list below! All winners have received 200k Free High 5 Casino Coins in their casino lobby!

Congratulations to you all!

Alain N.- Alpes-Maritimes
Lynne P.- FL
Gwendolyn M.- AR
Stayceaa G.- CA
Diane A.- FL
Vickie W.- OK
Janice L.- OR
Carol S.- FL
Gwenda H.- TX
Polina Y.- CA
Susie W.- AL
Doris E.- VA
Diane H.- MD
Heidi R.- PA
Mary T.- MI
Gail H.- MN
Harley F.- TX
Ruth K.- OH
Veronica S.- MI
Debby M.- FL
Anna S.- OR
Martha M.- MO
Beverly C.- MI
Peggy A.- IN
Deb R.- NM
Matthew C.- NJ
Tracy W.- NY
Delores C.- GA
Rick L.- WA
Raul C.- MO
Mary W.- WI
Helena D.- Canada
Judith G.- ID
Cara C.- KS
Tracy H.- WY
Deirdre H.- NY
Robert M.- TX
Rick H.- UT
Jacquelyn H.- TX
Linda C.- WA
Terese S.- South Africa
Barbara H.- SC
Herman M.- LA
Judy M.- AZ
Carol A.- Canada
Gigi P.- CA
Wendy B.- OH
Wonda B.- AL
Christopher M.- WA
Ester B.- FL
Tracy W.- MI
Anthony F.- WA
Edna B.- CA
Gregory S.- ID
Sandra C.- IN
Virginia H.- AK
Cynthia B.- AZ
Judy P.- OK
Zena P.- Canada
Peggy C.- NM
Libba M.- TX
Charlene C.- WV
Martha A.- MD
Betty B.- GA
Pattie C.- MN
Shelly F.- CO
Norman L.- AZ
Melanie S.- AR
Ashley C.- IL
Linda D.- FL
Dennis D.- TN
Chandra N.- WA
Kim M.- Canada
Mary K.- NV
Judy F.- WV
Sue P.- CA
Janice L.- AZ
Debbie P.- AR
Cheryl S.- WV
Stephanie C.- MO
Crystal S.- MI
Jason A.- CA
Sharron F.- MI
Deborah T.- Canada
Mark M.- WA
Linda F.- AK
Esther M. M.- Puerto Rico
Mary A.- WA
Amanda O.- AR
Brenda C.- Canada
David H.- ID
Lori W.- MI
Charlotte G.- WA
Bill R.- TX
Joseph T.- NV
Steve N.- Canada
Sean S.- CA
Sarah W.- LA
Jackie M.- OR

Game Preview: Dollar Llama 

Find your Zen with the Dollar Llama! High 5 Casino’s 233rd game, Dollar Llama arrives soon!

Discover a kingdom like no other! Deep in the heart of South America, amongst some of the highest mountains, hides a legendary land. Governed by peace and love, its territory is closely guarded to ensure outsiders do not find its hidden treasures. Those who are able to discover the fortress are seen as worthy and are rewarded ancient fortunes. Find your Zen with Stacked Wilds and Scatter Bucks in Dollar Llama!

Check the YouTube video below and get ready to discover ancient riches in the llama kingdom!

Are you ready to find out if you are worthy to find this legendary land? Comment in the conversation bubble located on the top right corner of your screen and let us know what you think!

Game Preview: Russian Wolf

 Capture the firebird! High 5 Casino’s 226th game, Russian Wolf, arrives soon!

Follow Ivan and the gray wolf while they search for the Firebird who keeps stealing golden apples from the kingdom’s magnificent orchard. Along the journey, become infatuated by Princess Elena. Catch the bonus Firebird’s golden feather tail three times or more to become the heir of the Thrice Tenth Kingdom in Russian Wolf! 3-4-5-4-3 reel matrix. 720 Ways to Win. Jackpots.

Check the YouTube video below and get ready to take a journey with the prince and the gray wolf!

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Double Dinosaur Deluxe Mission: Congratulations Winners!

Last week, we released our 200th game Double Dinosaurs Deluxe on High 5 Casino. Because 200 games is kind of a BIG DEAL it came with lots of perks for High 5-ers!

In addition to 2x Quest Rewards, High-5ers could participate in the Double Dinosaur Deluxe Mission! While traveling back in time on their High 5 Casino Reels, players were encouraged to reach game level 200 by May 23rd at 11:59 PM EDT for a chance to be one of the 200 winners to be awarded with 2 Million free H5C coins!

The results are in and 200 winners have been randomly chosen! Make sure to check if you are one of the 200 lucky winners today in the list below! All winners have received 2 Million Free High 5 Casino Coins in their casino lobby! Congratulations to you all!

Tami H. – Blacksburg, VA
Larry M. – Boise, ID
Herb S. – Norwich, NY
Pam S. – Shelby, OH
Joshua M. – Phoenix, AZ
S n M. – Marrero, LA
Coco S. – Biarritz, France
Belinda L. – Portland, OR
Clara P. – Yukon, OK
Adriana B. – Quezon City, Philippines
Karem R. – Buenos Aires, Argentina
Ethan S. – Oakland, CA
Steve N. – Bemidji, MN
Nancy K. – Ontario, Canada
Helen T. – Orlando, FL
Diane M. – Lanus, Argentina
Jean-luc L. – Toulon, France
Bj W. – Vancouver, WA
Larry R. – Kent, WA
Antonio C. – Albufeira, Portugal
Perca I. – Rome, Italy
Liliana E. – Buenos Aires, Argentina
Johan v. – Alphen aan den Rijn, Netherlands
Larry L. – Alberta, Canada
Dane P. – Spokane, WA
Fernanda F. – Buenos Aires, Argentina
Johanne M. – Quebec, Canada
Karen C. – Los Angeles, CA
Connie R. – Hartland, MI
Shanel L. – Seattle, WA
Susyq K. – Bullhead City, AZ
Serap K. – Bedburg, Germany
John R. – Ontario, Canada
Misty B. – Fremont, NE
Diane M. – Grand Rapids, MI
Sandy L. – West Point, NE
Lionel M. – Bay City, MI
Danny L. – Enfield, CT
Claudio N. – Porto Alegre, Brazil
Idalmiz B. – Neuruppin, Germany
Theresa P. – Parsippany, NJ
Angelica B. – Chico, CA
Remigio B. – Santiago, Chile
Norma S. – Rochester, NY
Paul K. – Dracut, MA
Michael H. – Mena, AR
Linda L. – Hawthorne, CA
Erica H. – New Baltimore, MI
Monica M. – Buenos Aires, Argentina
Alice B. – New Baltimore, MI
Francoise C. – Quebec, Canada
Ken A. – Dayton, OH
Lia P. – Montebelluna, Italy
Natalie R. – SanFrancisco, CA
Mary T. – Longview, TX
Ken M. – Great Falls, MT
Linda P. – Fall River, MA
Ronald L. – Canonsburg, PA
Alberta F. – Marotta, Italy
Tony H. – OK City, OK
Maggie M. – Irwin, PA
Donna J. – Troy, MI
Rita F. – Remer, MN
Mark B. – San Francisco, CA
Hugo T. – Rosario, Argentina
Bill L. – Kenosha, WI
Audrey M. – Ontario, Canada
Alicia D. – Alberta, Canada
Nestor O. – Buenos Aires, Argentina
John I. – Portland, OR
Linda W. – Miami, FL
S n G. – Leslie, MI
Jorge M. – Burzaco, Argentina
Jun Y. – Claymont, DE
Roy M. – Rockford, IL
Scout K. – Columbus, OH
Norman D. – Scottsdale, AZ
Marika M. – Turin, Italy
Theresa H. – Rockford, MI
Kathy C. – Las Vegas, NV
Tina S. – Joplin, MO
Glen S. – Lugoff, SC
Loli D. – Valencia, Spain
Richard A. – Vendemian, France
Tuker B. – Prince Edward Island, Canada
Gustavo B. – Quilmes, Argentina
Alice T. – British Columbia, Canada
Zulma P. – Ucacha, Argentina
Judith A. – Buffalo, NY
Elisabeth A. – Guaymas, Mexico
S n M. – St Louis, MO
Beate K. – Cologne, Germany
Helga A. – Münster, Germany
Judy F. – Fairchild, WI
Barbara B. – Tallahassee, FL
Bob J. – Stahlstown, PA
Gail H. – Grifton, NC
Randy W. – Dayton, OH
Ricardo M. – Buenos Aires, Argentina
Lisa Z. – Tuscaloosa, AL
Troy C. – Alberta, Canada
Laura V. – Milan, Italy
Bella S. – Peabody, MA
Yolanda J. – Bayamón, Puerto Rico
Amy M. – Apopka, FL
June P. – Ontario, Canada
Dan F. – Motley, MN
Beatriz B. – Tijuana, Mexico
Judy H. – Ripon, WI
Linda B. – Jarreau, LA
Rodney O. – Roseau, MN
Silvia M. – Tijuana, Mexico
Julie S. – Mesa, AZ
Marigold D. – Alpena, MI
Marcia P. – Buenos Aires, Argentina
Elisa N. – São José dos Campos, Brazil
Terri M. – Liverpool, NY
Raul W. – Mexico City, Mexico
Sandee B. – Martinsburg, WV
Simba L. – Ontario, Canada
Todd B. – Rochester, NY
Joleen I. – Athens, MI
Pamela B. – Sand Springs, OK
Dawn B. – Palatine, IL
Peggy B. – Essex, MT
Rob S. – Middletown, NY
Diane V. – Meridian, ID
Beth S. – Hanover, PA
Terry C. – Mesa, AZ
Elisavet T. – Thessaloniki, Greece
Dave B. – Lakeville, MN
Russell B. – Pekin, IL
Terry S. – Topeka, KS
Alicia M. – Buenos Aires, Argentina
Mabel L. – La Plata, Argentina
Maria D. – Buenos Aires, Argentina
Sue T. – Ontario, Canada
Tilemaxos T. – Athens, Greece
Jef P. – Hoogstraten, Belgium
Celeste H. – Wilde, Argentina
Inccubus G. – Thiais, France
Patricia S. – Elk Grove, CA
Nancy S. – Binghamton, NY
Josef L. – Unterpremstatten, Austria
Leyda S. – Berwyn, IL
Randy S. – Clearfield, UT
Mary E. – New Iberia, LA
Tom H. – Gonzales, LA
Mary F. – Metairie, LA
Gustavo C. – Buenos Aires, Argentina
Maryalice W. – Cathedral City, CA
Judy L. – San Francisco, CA
Mary A. – Plattsburgh, NY
Linda U. – Tacoma, WA
Chic M. – Carnegie, PA
Yin S. – Taman Sri Ampang, Malaysia
Anoussa A. – Montbéliard, France
Halil I. – Sakarya, Turkey
Zora S. – Chatsworth, GA
Carla S. – Ontario, Canada
Sherryl T. – Locust Grove, OK
James M. – Tecumseh, MI
David R. – Hartford, CT
Steve L. – Ontario, Canada
Marvin H. – Waldorf, MD
Nestor Z. – Lomas de Zamora, Argentina
Salvador L. – Buenos Aires, Argentina
Bonnie F. – San Francisco, CA
Ginny R. – Davenport, FL
S n Q. – Orlando, FL
Denny D. – Panama City Beach, FL
Garyray W. – Eugene, OR
Carol P. – Montgomery Center, VT
Rose V. – Ionia, MI
Nancie K. – Renton, WA
Charles P. – Dixons Mills, AL
Sandra V. – Tampa, FL
Sally K. – Sandusky, OH
Blanca A. – Anelo, Argentina
Paul B. – Titusville, FL
Cveti I. – Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria
Darla J. – York, PA
Miriam J. – Ontario, Canada
Carla W. – Ashland, OH
Kim J. – Gulfport, MS
Theodore G. – Santa Clarita, CA
Richard L. – North Las Vegas, NV
Ruth F. – Buenos Aires, Argentina
Cleopatra F. – Buenos Aires, Argentina
Barbara P. – Conroe, TX
James B. – Apache Junction, AZ
Lashell D. – Spring Grove, IL
Rodrigo F. – Santiago, Chile
Rosalind C. – Birmingham, AL
Kathy T. – Milltown, WI
Sara S. – Hazen, ND
Mirna V. – Chicago, IL
Rosa M. – Munro, Argentina
Tommy V. – Ontario, Canada
Sabrina W. – Fountain, FL

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H5C’s Celebrate Mom Contest Congratulations Winners

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and here at H5C we wanted to do something special to honor all the amazing moms out there. On Wednesday, May 3rd, we invited players to tell us about their favorite memory with mom. Whether it was her famous home made cookies, the way she tucked you into bed at night or simply the way she hugged you each day, we wanted to hear about it! 100 winners were picked and have been awarded with 200k H5C Coins! Congratulations Winners!

We really enjoyed sorting through the thousands of entries and reading all about your moms! You had some great memories that put a smile on our face. Although we can’t share everyone’s favorite memory with you, you can see what some of your fellow High 5-ers had to say below:

Aart N.- Gelderland, Netherlands
Watching TV with Mom- When my dad was away and we were in bed , came my mom to get me downstairs and watch tv with here , so i ve seen series like : starsky and hutch , dr pepper etc etc. Lovely time , specialy after my parents died in 2001.

Wendy W.- Beacon, NY
Family Dinners- My Mom ,Dad and 5 Children would eat every meal together and talk about each others day..All home cooked meals made by my Mother and she made sure we said Grace.I am so blessed to grow up with 2 Great parents that I miss today.

Patty H.-Hillsboro, OR.
The night my son was born- When my son was born on December 31, 1970 his father was in Viet Nam fighting a war. My Mother was with me in the hospital for the 14 hours of labor and birth of my son. She was the first to hold him and I will never forget that picture in my mind of her holding my son and grinning from ear to ear. We lost her in 1987 and I miss her everyday.

Diego F. – Buenos
Mi novia eterna- Ella es,desde el dia que naci,mi gran amor,pues lo dio y lo da todo por mi;antes ella cuidaba de mi al tiempo que fui creciendo,hoy soy yo quien lo hace con ella,y somos muy unidos,soy unico hijo y le he dado 3 nietos,los cuales le volvieron a dar vida….por ello y por todo es que le deseo un feliz dia hoy y todos los dias…

George G.- Alberta, Canada
Our epic trip to Africa for 3 weeks- It happened back in 94 when she was a travel agent. We went on this epic trip together. Spend lots of time together, saw many sights that I’ll never see again. I’m glad that I went on this trip with her because sadly she passed away in 2008. Far too young of an age (68), there’s not a day that I don’t think of either of my parents..wishing that I had one extra day with them.

Make sure to check if you are one of the 100 lucky winners today in the list below! All winners have received 200k Free High 5 Casino Coins in their casino lobby! Congratulations to you all!

Wendy W. – Beacon, NY
Patty P. – Hillsboro, OR
Aart A. – Gelderland, Netherlands
Lydia L. – Lebanon, IN
Victoria V. – Brighton , MI
Gerry G. – Calhan, CO
Nellie N. – Atlant, GA
Debbie D. – Erie, PA
Charlotte C. – Las Vegas, NV
Manuela M. – Apache Junction, AZ
Barbara B. – Carnegie, PA
Irene I. – King City, CA
Cheryl C. – North Port, FL
Thomas T. – Margate, FL
Nancy N. – Cherry Hill, NJ
Cindy C. – Mineola, TX
José J. – São Paulo, Brazil
Robert R. – Hamden, CT
Beth B. – Spencer, WI
Grorgette G. – Mouvaux, Haute De France
Bernadette B. – Pittsburgh, PA
Mari M. – Devine, TX
Suzie S. – Sun Valley, NV
Raymond R. – Columbus, OH
Diego D. – Lanus, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Cyndie C. – Imperial, PA
Joe J. – Ontario, Canada
Norma N. – Greer, SC
Jani J. – Ceston, IA
Deirdre D. – Wells Bridge, NY
Anne-Marie A. – Rhone-Alpes, France
Bobbie B. – British Columbia, Canada
Patricia P. – Somerset, MA
Lau L. – Buenos Aires, Argentina
Phyllis P. – Milaca, MN
Caroline C. – Rome, NY
Carol C. – Aumsville, OR
Christopher C. – Chicago, IL
Joann J. – Norristown, PA
Ruth R. – Defiance, OH
Mae M. – Petal, MS
Julia Ana J. – Miami , FL
Mary M. – Riversxide, CA
Kyong K. – San diego, CA
Diane D. – Queensland, Australia
Danny D. – Council Bluffs, IA
Suzanne S. – Cowley, WY
Karolyn K. – Denton, TX
Gerard G. – Meise, Belgium
Susan S. – Worcester, MA
Michel M. – Argelès-sur-Mer, France
Chana C. – Wilmington, DE
Becky B. – St. Johnsville, NY
Tona T. – Alessandria, Italy
Carmen C. – Indianapolis, IN
Joyce J. – Apopka, FL
Margarita M. – San Antonio, TX
Sharon S. – Saskatchewan, Canada
Evangelina E. – Monterrey, Nuevo Léón
Natalee N. – Bolingbroke, GA
Debby D. – Cincinnati, Oh
Debra D. – Idaho Falls, ID
Sandra S. – Tonopah, AZ
Pam P. – Huntingburg, IN
John J. – Fargo, ND
Candi C. – Harrison, AK
Aline A. – British Columbia, Canada
Brenda B. – Willow Spring, NC
Mary Ann M. – Hayward, CA
Alicia A. – Kansas City, KS
Angela A. – Canton, OH
Donna D. – Union, NJ
Jack J. – Oregon, MO
Debbie D. – Espanola, NM
Davida D. – Ft Walton Beach, Fl
Ivic I. – Quezon City, Philippines
Udawna U. – Spokane, WA
Gord G. – Sudbury, Ontario
Josephine J. – Elmwood Park, NJ
Linda L. L. – Chehalis, WA
George G. – Morinville, Canada
Nanette N. – Mooresville, IN
Joe J. – Fairborn, OH
Roxanne R. – Wilson, MI
Jessica J. – Converse, TX
Peggy P. – Bethesda , OH
Sherry S. – Farmington Hills, MI
Sherri S. – Collinsville, OK
Mike M. – Dallas, GA
Darlene D. – Morrisville, PA
Patricia P. – BOYD, WI
Robert R. – Alpharetta, GA
Pamela P. – Astoria, OR
Lee L. – Peoria, AZ
Judi J. – Jerome, ID
Juan J. – Concepcion, Argentina
Maureen M. – Redmond, WA
Michael M. – Albuquerque, NM
Kimberly K. – Stanfield, OR
Shonda S. – Florence, KY

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