Never Miss Out on a Coin Sale or Promotion Again

We know that you want to hear about High 5 Casino news, promotions, and updates as much as we want to tell you. To achieve this common goal, here’s what you need to know: Facebook has recently introduced two new features – Get Notifications and Interest Lists – that will ensure you never miss out on the posts and communication that High 5 Casino has to offer.

Sounds pretty good, right? We think so too, so we’re going to show you how you can maximize your updates from High 5 Casino in a few easy steps.

1. If you haven’t already, make sure you Like the High 5 Casino Facebook fan page.

2. Click on the Liked button and a dropdown list will appear. Select Get Notifications from the list and you’ll instantly be signed up to receive notifications whenever High 5 Casino posts an update.
3. You’re already halfway there! Next, click the Liked button again, but this time select Add to Interest Lists.
4. Facebook will automatically walk you through the following steps. When prompted, select New List… then click Next.

5. In the List Name field, enter whatever name you would like to give your list. We used the name Favorite Casino, but maybe we’re slightly biased. Click Done and you will have successfully subscribed to High 5 Casino’s feed.
6. That’s it! Return to your Facebook homepage, scroll down to Interests on the left-hand side and beneath it you will see Favorite Casino (or whatever name you gave your list). Click on your list and you will see all posts from High 5 Casino in an organized and easy to navigate format.
You’re now setup to receive all the High 5 Casino news and updates, but we do suggest going through the same steps with our other casino app, Shake the Sky Casino. Now you’ll always be fully informed on what’s going at High 5 Casino and Shake the Sky Casino. It’s a good thing too because we’ve got some fun posts and promotions on deck that you do not want to miss!