Game Preview: Islands of Galapagos

Warm climate. Cool animals. Hot wins!

Journey to the Islands of Galapagos to see the amazing variety of life that compelled Charles Darwin to study there for many, many years. Visit the land found just west of South America in the Pacific Ocean and get ready to analyze the winning wildlife of Super Symbols and Split Symbols! Become enraptured by the stunning island and beautiful climate that drew Darwin to this little corner of paradise.

Super Symbols and Split Symbols lead to huge wins down in the Islands of Galapagos!

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The Most Monumental May Statistics from Shake the Sky


Big Dragon Lounge was the most popular Shake the Sky game in May! You guys must really love our new STS releases, because you played for 845,607 hours last month, which is the equivalent of playing for 35,233 days … or 96.5 years! WOW.

Check out May’s Shake the Sky Casino stats:

Total spins for the month: 500,691,423
Number of spins per day: 16,151,336
Top 5 most-played games: Big Dragon Lounge, Islands of Galapagos, Prince Nezha, Enchanted Beauty, and Dragon’s Blessing.
Cumulative hours spent playing: 845,607

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Game Preview: Islands of Galapagos

Islands of Galapagos_Milestone
The Islands of Galapagos lie down by the Equator, in the Pacific Ocean to the west of South America. Journey to these famous islands to see the amazing variety of life that compelled Charles Darwin to study there. You won’t believe your eyes as you relax with cool animals in a warm climate!

Islands of Galapagos debuts at Shake the Sky Casino later this week! This is a perfect game to play as the weather begins to get warmer and summer approaches. Animal lovers will especially love this slot, as it features turtles, birds, lizards, and marine life. Islands of Galapagos has great gameplay to back up its awesome art design; Super Symbols and Split Symbols let you win big while taking in the wildlife!

What do you think of Islands of Galapagos? What type of games would you like to see us make in the future?

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