High 5 Fight Club

Today I’ll be offering my thoughts on two showdowns between four different High 5 Games slots. Take the polls below and let us know what you think!

Hoot Loot vs. Liger Loot

Who has more loot: the owl from Hoot Loot or the liger from Liger Loot?

Let’s be clear: both of these dudes are loaded. The owl from Hoot Loot was probably born with a silver spoon in his mouth. You can tell he’s been well off for a while by the way he dresses and his nonchalant air. He doesn’t even seem to be worried that his nest eggs are out in the open, where anyone can grab them – he’s got more dough somewhere or another. But he can’t compete with the liger from Liger Loot. Look at the maniacal hunger in his eyes. Amigo has cash, jewels, and gold literally overflowing from his cave. He probably overcame a rough background (single mother, learning disability, too much of a tiger for the lions and too much of a lion for the tigers) to found a tech startup, and is now worth billions.

EDGE: Liger Loot

The Big Show vs. Jazz

Would you rather attend The Big Show or go to the club in Jazz?

There’s no question I’d rather head to the Jazz club than sit in the audience for a taping of The Big Show. There’s going to be a bunch of commercial breaks during The Big Show where you’ve got nothing better to do than twiddle your thumbs or perhaps talk to the people near you – gross! It would probably be a lot of hassle for not that much music. You get way more bang for your buck in a jazz club. Plus, it’s dark, you can drink, and you can look super cool on dates when you say you frequent jazz clubs. Just hope a follow-up question regarding jazz isn’t asked.

EDGE: Jazz

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Thanksgiving at High 5 Casino

Ladies and gentlemen, we are fast approaching the greatest holiday that the United States has to offer: Thanksgiving. Turkey Day appeals to the lazy glutton in everyone. Three days from now we’ll all be eating and drinking too much and maybe remembering to give thanks as football drones on in the background. Hopefully you’re all seated next to the cool cousin this year, not the creepy uncle with painfully bad jokes that you laugh at anyway because you sort of have to. The only day that’s better than Thanksgiving is the day after Thanksgiving – sandwiches piled high with leftover turkey and whatever else makes it through the night somehow taste even better than the meal proper. With Thanksgiving right around the corner, we got to thinking about which High 5 Casino characters you would, and would not, want to celebrate with:

Inviting the futuristic family from Retropolis is a no-brainer. Be sure to extend an invite to the family robot, who’ll take care of all the post-meal cleaning for you. And try to sit next to Mom or Dad during the meal itself; you may be able to pick up some very valuable stock tips.

The explorer who discovered the Fountain of Youth definitely has some great stories. More importantly, he’s got that magical elixir, so when he asks what to bring tell him to share the good stuff. Slip some of that youth juice in Grandma’s wine glass and prepare to be amazed!


Because beautiful background music makes everything better. Imagine how impressed your in-laws will be!

I’d steer clear from inviting this doc over for Thanksgiving. He’d probably complain about how unhealthy everything is, while totally ignoring the fact that everything is also delicious. Plus, he seems like the type of dude who would hit on your wife, or try to convince your mother she needs plastic surgery.

The Lovely Outlaws

Sure, they’re beautiful, but don’t forget that they’re also very dangerous! They’d probably be great company until they had too much to drink, at which point they’d repay your hospitality by robbing you and burning your saloon house to the ground.

We hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving! Let us know which High 5 Casino characters you would and would not want to have over in the comments below.

Game Spotlight: The Big Show

This is the moment you’ve been waiting for. You’ve worked hard – assembling a top-notch band, writing beautiful music, practicing and performing constantly – and now you’ve made it onto The Big Show, a television program where new musical stars are discovered. You stand on stage as the lights dim and the curtains part; now you’ll get to see if you’re ready for the spotlight.

The Big Show is now available to unlock at High 5 Casino! The music in this game is excellent, and the graphics and animations will make you feel like you’re right on set. Fans of The Voice or – going back a little further – The Ed Sullivan Show will definitely enjoy H5C’s 109th slot. It’s actually even better than The Voice, because The Big Show’s host looks like Vanilla Ice in a wig, plus you don’t have to listen to the dude from the Pizza Hut commercials talk. Triple Symbols and Free Games with a Multiplier Collection Feature let you score major jackpots even if it turns out you have no stage presence or the world isn’t ready for your musical style. Between The Big Show, The Palladium, Club Caliente, and Jazz, High 5 Casino has plenty of awesome slots for music lovers!

What do you think of The Big Show? What type of slots would you like to see High 5 Games make in the future?

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We here at High 5 Games hope that all of our players had a wonderful 4th of July weekend! Sorry for the lack of a post yesterday; I spent Monday in a haze brought on by an excess of beer and burgers that has only recently lifted. All of the grilling and schmoozing and fireworks over the weekend got me thinking which High 5 Casino characters would be fun to have at a barbecue. Here’s what I came up with:

Golden Knight

The Golden Knight definitely knows his way around a grill. He could probably even go out and track down some more food if need be. Plus, you know with that sword of his he’ll totally be in charge of carving and serving food. Anyone who tries to pick from his plate should expect a nasty punishment, though…


We all know that good music is a big part of any successful shindig. What could be better than the musicians from Jazz providing the tunes for your backyard barbecue?

This is sort of selfish reasoning, but if you invite The Empress Josephine you know you’re getting some absurd present from her. She’ll bring you a goblet made of rubies or something while everyone else is drinking out of plastic cups. You could pawn that goblet and then throw a barbecue every weekend for the rest of your life!

Bad parties seem like they never end, while good parties always end way too soon. If you invite the Empress of Time to your barbecue, you know you can either run it back if you’re having a good time or fast forward to the end if you’re bored and your creepy uncle won’t stop talking to you.

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Lucky Horse, City of Lights, Soaring Wings, and Jazz Debut at H5C Mobile

Four premium H5G slots made their way to High 5 Casino for iOS last week: Lucky Horse, City of Lights, Soaring Wings, and Jazz. Two of these titles – Lucky Horse and City of Lights – are unlocked for all players right off the bat! There are now 44 amazing games to play on the go at High 5 Casino Mobile!

Lucky Horse is a slot worth betting on, especially while we’re in the midst of Triple Crown season. Win big with Stacked Wilds, Connected Lines, and Horizontal Expanding Wilds as you cheer your horse on in the race of a lifetime. City of Lights lets you stroll through Paris, taking in the dazzling sights while snagging serious jackpots with Split Symbols and Scatter Awards. In Soaring Wings, you can spend time with epic birds of prey and score some sky-high payouts with Split Symbols. Finally, Jazz’s combination of smooth graphics, great music, and exciting features like Wild Connections and Connected Lines will have you grooving in no time.

Gypsy was also graduated to a High Limit game in the latest version of High 5 Casino Mobile. This is great news for any player who didn’t have Gypsy unlocked yet, because in addition to not having player level-based maximum bet limits, High Limit games come unlocked for all players. Between Gypsy, Lucky Horse, and City of Lights, there are now three more unlocked games available to play right now at High 5 Casino for iOS!

Make sure to head to the App Store today and download the latest version of our app; while you’re there, please leave us some feedback so we know what you love about High 5 Casino Mobile and what you’d like to see us change in the future.

Behind the Music: H5G’s Sound Department

Sound Department
Sound plays a subtle yet vital role in the overall aesthetic of slots. High 5 Games’ sound department must be able to rapidly switch between different genres of music in order to properly capture the spirit of a game. “Sounds really affect our emotions, and they can be very helpful in establishing the themes of a game and what universe it resides in,” said Aldo Perez, H5G’s creative sound director. When the sound department does its job properly, the music and sounds in a game join with the visuals to create a unified whole. “Foxy Dynamite, for example, just plays really well, to the point that the player may not even recognize the sounds are separate from the visuals,” said Matt, who as H5G’s resident audio wizard probably has the coolest job title in the company. “It takes a lot of work to make it all seem effortless and coherent.”

It typically takes three to four weeks for a game’s sound design to be completed. “I look at all the projects that are coming in, and I do a sort of pre-production evaluation on them so composers aren’t groping,” said Aldo. “I have an initial back-and-forth with art and math to understand how the game functions and what’s special about it. We think of every game like a film, and try to tell stories through sound. Once you figure out the setting of a game, what world it lives in, you can begin to zoom in on the story.”

The games then move onto the sound designers and composers. “Typically the first step is to write the underscore, which is the continuous soundtrack that plays in the bonus round,” explained Matt. “The underscore captures the theme of the game, and then it becomes your palette for the rest of the slot. From the underscore we create little bits of sound for animations and what not.” The sound department, which makes music using an even split of real instruments and computer programs, tries to compose the underscore using musical styles and instruments that fit organically in the game’s world. This is the most collaborative stage of the process, with everyone pitching in to provide constructive criticism or serving as session musicians translating a composer’s ideas into reality.

Aside from composing and recording the underscores, there’s also the task of creating the incidental sounds that further draw players into H5G’s releases. “Maybe you want one of your animated characters flicking a lighter,” proposed Matt the wizard. “You record a flicking lighter and it doesn’t sound anything like it needs to. You have to make it bigger than life, so people recognize what it is. So you pull out a bike chain and slap it against metal, and then mix that with a scraping sound, and all those things will go into the sound of a lighter. It reminds me of animation, where all this work is put in for a character to move for 10 seconds. You have to be so meticulous to make it look effortless.” Sound design is a thankless but crucial job, in that the better the wizard works his alchemy, the less likely anyone is to notice it.

The final step of the process is post-production. “We make sure that everything sounds the way it is supposed to once it gets in the game,” said Patrick, H5G’s technical sound director. “Once the composer is finished, I load everything into the prototype and go through it to see if any artistic or technical changes need to be made. Does it sound right? Is it mixed correctly? Once that’s sorted out on all platforms for all clients, we master it, which essentially means we make it all sound like it’s of the same package.”

Recently released High 5 Casino game Jazz is one of the titles the sound department is most proud of. In the future, even more High 5 Games slots will have their themes driven by sound. For now, though, the members of the sound department will continue to produce music that sounds great, and effortless, and likely coheres so well with the rest of the game that players barely notice it. And that’s how they’ll know they did their job.

Which H5G slot has your favorite music? What type of music would you like to hear in future H5G games?