Valentine’s Day at High 5 Casino

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, which means different things for different people. If you’ve got a special someone, the only way they’ll know you love them is through consumer goods purchased on a corporate holiday, so be sure to splurge on the $82 dollar quintuple-tiered box of chocolates, four dozen red roses, and an $11 Hallmark card with live doves that fly out when your partner opens it. If you’re flying solo this V-Day, you should still snag that $82 dollar quintuple-tiered box of chocolates, because it’s good to love yourself. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we got to thinking about which High 5 Casino characters should couple up:

A Night of Mystery and Foxy Dynamite

The detective from A Night of Mystery and Foxy D may be operating in different time periods, but they still have a good deal in common. Most importantly, they’re both excellent detectives, so if they met they’d have a lot to chat about. Plus, both sides would have to be faithful, because you can’t get anything by either one of these people.

Wellspring and Valkyrie Queen

It’s probably hard for the Valkyrie Queen to find someone who sticks around, what with her being an immortal goddess and all. Which is why the explorer from Wellspring is perfect for her – he’d just keep refueling at the Fountain of Youth, and the pair could go out until he got so sick of her he chose to die.

When he’s not slicing into rich women who want smaller noses, Dr. Amante likes the finer things in life. The vacationing woman from Aegean Sunset certainly likes the finer things in life, too. They’d probably get together after she comes in for a totally unnecessary consultation.

Jaguar Princess and Shadow of the Panther

These two weirdos deserve each other. I imagine neither one is much of a talker, but if they could get past the awkwardness of the first few dates they’d make a perfect pair.

Royal Lion and Sapphire Tiger

Actually, these two already coupled up: where do you think Liger Loot came from?

Whether you’re single or taken, be sure to spin at High 5 Casino this weekend!

H5C Mobile Recently Updated for iOS and Android

High 5 Casino on Facebook has long had more than 100 premium slots, and after recent updates we can say the same about High 5 Casino for iOS and High 5 Casino for Android! Regardless of the type of mobile device you use, there’s no doubt that H5C Mobile is your best bet for top-notch on-the-go gaming.

Dozens of popular slots from High 5 Games have been added to High 5 Casino for iOS and High 5 Casino for Android. In the mood for something far-out and fantastical? Then spin on Empress of Time or Stella Drive and the Orb of Chance. Or maybe you feel like hanging out with some animals; if that’s the case, try to land some jackpots on Cat Gangster or Sapphire Tiger. If you’re in a lighthearted mood, then give H5G classics like Cave King or Liger Loot a whirl. Those looking for awesome storylines should give The Newsmen or Love and Valor their attention, and anyone who wants a little adventure in their lives should check out Thunder Road or Mystery Train. While the games have diverse themes, they all share a foundation of stellar art design and innovative gameplay that leads to lots of fun and big wins.

Head to the App Store or the Google Play Store today and download the latest versions of High 5 Casino for iOS and High 5 Casino for Android. While you’re there, please leave us some feedback so we know what you like about our mobile apps and what you’d like to see us change in the future.

High 5 Fight Club

Today I’ll be offering my thoughts on two showdowns between four different High 5 Games slots. Take the polls below and let us know what you think!

Hoot Loot vs. Liger Loot

Who has more loot: the owl from Hoot Loot or the liger from Liger Loot?

Let’s be clear: both of these dudes are loaded. The owl from Hoot Loot was probably born with a silver spoon in his mouth. You can tell he’s been well off for a while by the way he dresses and his nonchalant air. He doesn’t even seem to be worried that his nest eggs are out in the open, where anyone can grab them – he’s got more dough somewhere or another. But he can’t compete with the liger from Liger Loot. Look at the maniacal hunger in his eyes. Amigo has cash, jewels, and gold literally overflowing from his cave. He probably overcame a rough background (single mother, learning disability, too much of a tiger for the lions and too much of a lion for the tigers) to found a tech startup, and is now worth billions.

EDGE: Liger Loot

The Big Show vs. Jazz

Would you rather attend The Big Show or go to the club in Jazz?

There’s no question I’d rather head to the Jazz club than sit in the audience for a taping of The Big Show. There’s going to be a bunch of commercial breaks during The Big Show where you’ve got nothing better to do than twiddle your thumbs or perhaps talk to the people near you – gross! It would probably be a lot of hassle for not that much music. You get way more bang for your buck in a jazz club. Plus, it’s dark, you can drink, and you can look super cool on dates when you say you frequent jazz clubs. Just hope a follow-up question regarding jazz isn’t asked.

EDGE: Jazz

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Amazing March Statistics from High 5 Casino

The High 5 Casino statistics that our analytics team provides every month never fail to stagger us. We know our social app is very popular, but it’s always fun to see just how popular it really is. Check out some wild stats from March:

– Total spins for the month: 4,826,072,854
– Number of spins per day: 155,679,769
– Total H5C cash won: 3,416,213,798,961
– Top 5 most-played games: Liger Loot, Secrets of the Forest, Valkyrie Queen, The Amulet and the Charm, and Hoot Loot
– Cumulative hours spent playing: 8,611,020

That means an average of 110,200,445,128 in H5C cash was won daily at High 5 Casino in March! What was your biggest jackpot last month?

Join the masses. Play High 5 Casino.

Incredible February Statistics from High 5 Casino

The game library at High 5 Casino just keeps growing and growing, and so does the app’s player base! Each month our analytics team provides us with wild statistics that prove just how popular High 5 Casino is. Check out some staggering stats from February:

– Total spins for the month: 5,208,766,270
– Number of spins per day: 186,027,367
– Total money won: $3,520,047,164,842
– Top 5 most played games: Golden Knight, Liger Loot, Tall, Rich and Handsome, Secrets of the Forest, and Valkyrie Queen
– Cumulative hours spent playing: 9,297,449

That’s over 3.5 trillion total H5C cash won at High 5 Casino in February! What was your biggest jackpot last month?

The numbers don’t lie. Play High 5 Casino.

High 5 Games Help Desk

Every couple of weeks Elaine, High 5 Blog’s CRM correspondent, will stop by to discuss ways to optimize your High 5 Casino and/or Shake the Sky experience.

What’s up High 5-ers? I hope you’ve had a great couple of weeks! Today, I’m focusing on clarifying some common points of confusion with High 5 Casino on Facebook.

1. Maximize your Four Hour Bonus

As most High 5-ers know, we award H5C cash and spins every four hours to all players who come to High 5 Casino to collect them. You’re given credits for each game you’ve unlocked, and you earn more credits for games at higher game levels. Games at levels:

1-49 receive a maximum of $30
50-99 receive $40
100-200 receive $70
201+ receive $100

So, the best way to earn more free credits is to level up all of your games!

2. Understanding Bonuses on Certain Tumbling Reels Games

On certain Tumbling Reels games – like Secrets of the Forest, Renoir Riches, and Rembrandt Riches – you don’t earn a bonus simply by spinning three bonus triggers. In games like these, the bonus triggers must all be located along the same payline, or else the bonus will not initiate.

3. Understanding the Hoot Line

The elusive Hoot Line – or Liger Line – can generate some confusion. Try to think about it like any other payline. Hoot Symbols can randomly appear in any position on the reels from left to right. The figures marked with the Hoot Symbol appear at the bottom of the screen in the Hoot Line. If those figures with the Hoot Symbol on them form a line win, from left to right – say five paw prints, or three bald eagles – the Hoot Line is multiplied by the Hoot Line multiplier. The Hoot Line multiplier is equal to the total bet when playing less than 20 lines, but equal to 22 times the line bet when playing at 20 lines. So the Hoot Line can pay off big time if you’re playing all 20 paylines!

We hope these tips improve your experience at High 5 Casino! Are there any particular issues you’d like us to tackle next time? In the meantime, good luck and happy spinning!

Game Preview: Liger Loot

Q: What do you get when you cross a male lion and a female tiger? A: The largest of all cats and the true king of the jungle – the liger. I initially thought the liger was made up by High 5 Games for its slot Liger Loot – a land-based favorite that premieres at High 5 Casino later this week – but a cursory Google search revealed that ligers do in fact exist. A little more tooling around the interwebs revealed that the following hybrid animals unfortunately do not (yet) exist in real life: sheagles (shark + eagle), chawks (cheetah + hawk), whaleroachs (orca whale + cockroach), chinos (cat + rhino), or even durtles (dog + turtle). Seriously, who wouldn’t want a durtle for a pet? If you ask me, today’s scientists are spending too much time on smartphones and global warming and not enough time trying to get random animals to successfully mate.

What were we talking about again? Oh right, Liger Loot. The Loot Line and the Liger’s Lair Bonus lead to huge wins as you join the liger and his friends on their search for fun and riches. Anyone who likes Hoot Loot should definitely give Liger Loot a try when it debuts later this week at High 5 Casino. It’s as good a way as any to pass the time until science catches up to my our fantasies…

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