Game Preview: Astro Cat

Commencing countdown for High 5 Casino’s 267th game! Upcoming launch for this interstellar adventure is blasting off tomorrow!

Join this Japanese cat on her intergalactic adventure to a mysterious eastern continent in a faraway galaxy. Become engulfed as you fly on through this cosmic city in search of your lucky Chinese totems. Wins will be bursting out the reels as you set under the temple roof and enjoy the picturesque views of the interstellar night sky and vivid skyline!

Blast off on an adventure of wins in this galactic Asian city with Astro Cat! Check out the new game coming tomorrow in the YouTube video below:

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Locking Wilds Battle


High 5 Blog’s feature battle is on. In today’s’ blog, we are featuring Locking Wilds. With this special feature, the wild symbols lock in place, increasing your chance of landing on huge wins. Vote for your favorite game with the Locking Wilds feature: Daughters of the Regiment, Magic Orchid, and Pasion Y Fuego.

Daughters of the Regiment:
Meet the Daughters of the Regiment, the unsung heroes of America’s Revolutionary War. Stacked Wilds and Free Games with Locking Wilds help you hit the jackpot as you fight for freedom with these America’s first dangerous beauties!

Magic Orchid:
Explore a tropical oasis brimming with luscious greenery, lavish waterfalls, and beautiful inhabitants. In the Orchid Kingdom you can have it all, including eternal beauty and youth. Harness the power of the sacred flower to unleash unfathomable possibilities in Magic Orchid!

Pasion Y Fuego:
Beneath the pristine surface, drama lurks, waiting to bubble to the surface. Years of wicked schemes and treachery threaten to tear one family apart, while two desperate lovers struggle to overcome deception, betrayal and temptation.

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Game Preview: Tango of the Heart


Free your mind and join one of the most vibrant, playful and fascinating of all dances in High 5 Casino’s upcoming release – Tango of the Heart.

The Argentine tango is a sultry, sensual dance of passion. When performed, it transports the dancer to a world where nothing and no one exists beyond their partner. Now it’s your turn to get caught up in the rhythm and be swept off your feet. Prepare to fall in love with this alluring dance in Tango of the Heart – a 3 by 5 reels slot that features Tango Respins and Free Games with Locking Wilds.

Watch the YouTube video below and prepare to win big while dancing your way to a major pay day in Tango of the Heart tomorrow.

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Stay Cool at High 5 Casino

Summer Games
As of last weekend, summer is officially here. We hope all of our players at High 5 Casino have a wonderful few months filled with backyard barbeques, trips to the beach, and [insert other clichéd summer activity here]. Sometimes, though, you need to get out of the sun and enjoy a little indoors time. Here are a few High 5 Casino games that can help you beat the heat:

Pearl Bay

What could be more refreshing than a dip into Pearl Bay? This exotic destination isn’t quite like your local creek. Check out exquisite fish and curious mermaids while winning big with Locking Wilds and the Bonus Mega Multiplier!

The hottest night club in town has to have air conditioning, right? Regardless, as you’re drinking and dancing the night away while surrounded by glamorous characters in an opulent setting, you’ll certainly feel cool. Major jackpots with Super Symbols don’t hurt, either.

Spending an afternoon at a beautiful waterfall that also happens to be the Fountain of Youth sounds like pretty much the ideal summer day. You’ll come for the surroundings, but you’ll stay because of incredible wins with Bonus Select!

Majestic Sea

Deep below the surface, an aquatic wonderland filled with underwater friends awaits you. Take a deep breath, and search for sunken treasure, which you’ll likely find thanks to Split Symbols!

Stay cool at High 5 Casino.

Game Preview: Dragons of Avalon

Today’s post comes from High 5 Blog correspondent Ali.

Dragons of Avalon releases later this week at Shake the Sky Casino!

Players that enjoy fantasy and adventure will love Dragons of Avalon. This game is packed with exotic, flying, fire-breathing creatures!

The Dragons of Avalon were supposed to just be a myth. An old wives’ tale told to frighten little children. Yet when Avalon comes under attack, ancient eggs thought to be dead begin to crack, and enormous wings begin to appear on the horizon. Are the Dragons of Avalon enough to save the land from a deadly invasion?

Dragons of Avalon features Locking Wilds and the Bonus Mega Multiplier. In the free games bonus round, players start out with a 10x multiplier for all their wins. For every ‘+1 Multiplier’ symbol awarded in the bonus round, the multiplier symbol increases accordingly. Combine that with the fact that any wilds lock into place for the duration of the free games, and you’ve got an incredibly rewarding bonus round!

Be sure to check out Dragons of Avalon once it releases at Shake the Sky later this week!