Slot Fundamentals: Triple Symbols

Slot Fundamental_TRIPLE SYMBOLS
Slot Fundamentals is a column we run occasionally to help our players better understand how our games work. This edition deals with Triple Symbols, a popular feature that can be found in some of our newer games.

High 5 Games is always looking for new ways to make slots exciting. We’re never content to just give you the same old features or themes; instead, we’re constantly pushing forward to ensure that our games remain the best around. Are you a fan of Split Symbols? Then you’ll love Triple Symbols, one of the new features from H5G.

In an average three by five reel slot game, there can be no larger than a five-symbol win on the reels at any given time. Games with Triple Symbols give players the chance to get up to 15 symbols on any given line, because any one spot on the reels can contain up to three symbols. That means you can score three times as much on any given spin in a Triple Symbols game! Look for Triple Symbols in High 5 Casino games like The Big Show, Tales of Hercules, Love U, and Triple Raven.

We hope you found that helpful, and that you score some huge wins on Triple Symbols games! Which slot fundamental would you like to see us explain in the future?

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High 5 Fight Club

We often ask our players over on the High 5 Casino fan page to comment on different game vs. game matchups. Today I’ll be offering my thoughts on two showdowns between four different High 5 Casino slots; take the polls below and let us know what you think!

Dr. Amante vs. Love U

Would you rather learn the tricks of the trade from Dr. Amante or study at Love U?

Dr. Amante is the best plastic surgeon in town. People wait for months to see him, and they never leave his office disappointed. But he’s also totally a ladies man; I think I’d grow tired of being around him all day as he ignores me for women and women ignore me for him. I’d much rather attend Love U, where I can get schooled in the wonders of science and become an expert on the opposite sex. With a little knowledge, I could be transformed from a dud to a stud! At least that’s what it says in the pamphlet…

EDGE: Love U

Birds of Wonder vs. Purrfect

Who would win in a fight between the Birds of Wonder and the cats from Purrfect?

Let’s be real: the cats in Purrfect aren’t street cats. They’re not out late at night, mewling and fighting in alleys, or doing whatever street cats do. These cats were born with a silver spoon in their mouths; Fancy Feast probably isn’t fancy enough for them. They’re undoubtedly cute, but cuteness is useless in a fight. Meanwhile, check out the Birds of Wonder. These birds aren’t scruffy pigeons, or little baby birds. They’re glorious, sizable creatures – look at those talons, those beaks. Plus, they’ve got the advantage of flight. I think the Birds of Wonder would take down the cats in Purrfect quite easily.

EDGE: Birds of Wonder

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Game Spotlight: Love U

Ah, college. The glory days. Four years of studying and self-improvement. Or partying and bad decisions. I can’t remember which route I took, which is probably a bad sign. That’s alright, though, because with Love U, the newest game at High 5 Casino, everyone has a chance to head back to school, and collect some huge wins in the process!

At Love U, you’ll get schooled in the science of attraction, and be transformed from a dud to stud! Study up on biology and anatomy to become an expert on the opposite sex. Once you’ve aced Chemistry 101, you’ll be able to nab the hottest guy or gal in school! Mike Rothenberg, the art director of H5G’s Baby Ninja studio, was kind enough to provide a little background on Love U:

“Love U initially started as a request from Tony [H5G’s CEO] for a slot in the same vein as ‘Love Potion No. 9.’ It was originally designed as a single level slot without a bonus, but after reviewing the game Tony felt that it needed something more, so my team brainstormed and came up with a bonus round with test tube reels. Reversing the way the reels spin to make the bubbles roll up was an original idea that made the bonus round that much cooler. It’s a really interesting game, and John [digital illustrator] and Mike [animator] had a lot to do with that.”

Love U is the first slot at High 5 Casino to feature Triple Symbols, an innovative new gameplay feature. Triple Symbols lead to huge wins, because any one spot can contain three symbols, so players can now get up to 15 matching symbols on any given line! The bonus round also has a Multiplier Collection Feature that makes going to school way more interesting than you remembered!

What do you think of Love U? What type of games would you like to see us make in the future?

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