Game Preview: Pick-Nik Park 

It is a perfect day for a delightful lunch at Pick-Nik Park! High 5 Casino’s 254th game is coming soon!

The sprawling landscape filled with wild evergreen trees and jackpot buzzing bees will make for an afternoon of rewarding fun! Just be sure to keep a lookout for the ravenous bear and the hungry raccoon who enjoy snagging picnic baskets from the park’s visitors. The “don’t feed the bears” signs do not stop this friendly duo from getting their hands on a winning tasty treat. Enjoy a delectable bonus when they do not take your picnic basket!

Pack your picnic basket and check out the new game coming tomorrow in the YouTube video below:

Is your appetite ready for a delightfully winning lunch with Stacked Wilds, Nudging Reels with Scatter Bucks, and Pick Bonus? Comment in the conversation bubble located on the top right corner of your screen and let us know what you think!

Game Preview: Glitter Bugs

Grow your dazzling collection in High 5 Casino‘s 253rd game, Glitter Bugs, which is coming tomorrow!

Get your hands on some extraordinary prize possessions you must have in your collection of fine jewels! If you are seeking for an astonishing selection of dazzling pieces covered in diamonds, sapphires, and emeralds, these glittery insects are sure to please your desires. From the butterfly, ladybug, and even a dragonfly, you are bound to find the perfect piece for your collection!

Check out High 5 Casino‘s new game coming tomorrow in the YouTube video below:

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Game Preview: Art of the Steal

Get ready to travel around the world with High 5 Casino’s 213th game, Art of the Steal arrives soon!

Join a shrewd couple in their stealing endeavors as they travel around the world in search of new masterpieces to add to their collection. From Da Vinci to Van Gogh, they have no limits! Some praise them for their perfected art of stealing, others despise them and want to see them behind bars. Master the art of the steal while hitting extraordinary wins! Be stealthy in Art of the Steal. 3 by 5 reels. 20 paylines. Loot Line and Pick Bonus.

Check the YouTube video below and get ready to master the Art of the Steal on the reels!

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St. Patricks’ Day Factoids!

Everyone is Irish on Saint Patrick’s Day! So throw on some Kelly green, and take advantage of H5C’s Lucky Doublin’ XP event until March 23rd 4am EDT. Increase your Game Level two times faster while playing Celtic Courage, Green Machine Global, All that Cash, Lucky Horse, Lucky Rooster with more to be announced soon!

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, High 5 Casino released their 191st Game, The Leprechaun King! In this game, every spin is blessed with the luck of the Irish. Get ready to open a world of possibilities with his good luck charms, mischievous friends, and magic. Pots o’ coins await with The Leprechaun King’s rainbow of riches featuring Stacked Wilds, a Coin Cascade feature, a Catch the Leprechaun Pick Bonus, and Free Spins! Come along and spin now with The Leprechaun King! 3 by 5 reels. 60 paylines. Stacked Wilds, Coin Cascade, Catch the Leprechaun Pick Bonus, and Free Spins. Are you loving it as much as we are?

In addition to H5C’s newest release and Lucky Doublin’ XP events here are some fun facts about Saint Patrick’s Day on this lucky day!

1) New York City was the host of the first ever St. Patrick’s Day Parade in the 1760’s! The NYC Parade is one of the worlds largest and does not allow floats, cars or modern trappings.

2) In Chicago each year, the Plumbers Local 110 Union dyes the Chicago River “Kelly” green in honor of this lucky day. It takes around 40 tons of dye to achieve the festive shade! The dye lasts for about 5 hours and does not harm any of the wild life!

3) A 2012 estimate pegged that $245 million dollars are spent on beer alone for St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations.

4) According to the Census in 2015, 32.7 million Americans listed their heritage as either primarily or partially Irish. This number is SEVEN, yes seven times larger than the population of Ireland!

5) On St. Patrick’s Day many people chow down on Corned Beef and Cabbage, Irish Soda Bread and Shepard’s Pie!

So High 5-ers, it’s time to throw on some Kelly green, log in to High 5 Casino and spin your luck in H5C’s Lucky Doublin’ XP event and play The Leprechaun King!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day All!

Game Preview: Venice Masquerade!

h5c_venicemasquerade_wallpostHigh 5 Casinos next release, our 181st game, is here! It’s time to uncover something extraordinary in Venice Masquerade!

It’s the most exciting time of year – the day of the grand masquerade ball! The night feels magical and you know something extraordinary is about to happen. As you make your grand entrance, face hidden behind a beautiful mask, you lock eyes with a dashing stranger and instantly know its love at first sight.

You were right – anything can happen in Venice Masquerade. 4 by 6 reels. 50 paylines. Super Stacks, Free Games and a Pick Bonus.

Check the YouTube video below and get ready to experience the extraordinary things through your High 5 Casino reels.

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H5C’s 3rd Anniversary


High 5 Casino just turned THREE YEARS OLD today! We are so pleased to have you joining us for this special celebration. High 5 Casino has reached this amazing milestone because of YOU! Thank you all! We hope your past three years at High 5 Casino have been filled with smiles and fun. Cheers to many more!

To celebrate this spectacular day, High 5 Casino premiers Curious Kingdom – a game full of beautiful oddities. Here is how the story begins:

One day, as you walk in the forest, you trip and fall down a rabbit hole. Suddenly, you find yourself in an indescribable wonderland. Everything around you is utterly peculiar, but completely enchanting. Explore the curiosities of this new world, but remain vigilant. Danger lurks all around you, but if you persevere incredible riches can be yours in this Curious Kingdom. This new 4 x 6 reel slot features Super Stacks and The Queen’s Pick Bonus that help you gain magical fortunes.

Check out the video trailer below or on Youtube:

That is not all, so make sure to visit High 5 Casino and stay tuned for more 3rd Anniversary fun on our fan page today. Comment in the conversation bubble located on the top right of the blog post and let us know what you like the most about High 5 Casino!


Game Spotlight: Chang E

Chang E – Reaching the Moon – released this week at Shake the Sky Casino. Chang E is a famous Chinese myth, and the latest game from the Romance Series to launch at STS.

The legend of Chang E goes a little something like this… Once upon a time, ten suns appeared in the sky, scorching everything in their path. Hou Yi quickly grabed his bow and destroyed all but one of the suns, which made him a hero and allowed him to marry the lovely Chang E. All was well until a thief broke into the couple’s home and attempted to steal a magical elixir. To prevent the potion from falling into the wrong hands, Chang E drank the elixir, which magically propeled her up to the moon, forever separating her from her love. On the moon, her lone companion is the rabbit who made the elixir.

Change E features Super Stacks with ReSpins and a Pick Bonus. If you land a ReSpin symbol, you’ll be taken to a special ReSpin screen to use your extra spins. You can continue to earn additional ReSpins while on the ReSpin screen, so the extra spins don’t have to stop!

Play Chang E at Shake the Sky Casino today!