High 5 Moment: High 5 Casino’s June 2018 Statistics

High 5 Casino was sizzling HOT during the month of June! A heat wave rolled into the casino lobby, bringing in FOUR new games, two new tournaments, an exciting variety of themed XP events, and the start of the Back of the Net Tournament!

As of the end of June, H5C players can now find a vast variety of 259 slot games in their casino lobby. Slot games added to the library are Lucky Strip, Silver Enchantress, Dino Dollar, and Mayan Macaw. Each new slot game release was followed by a themed XP event, where players enjoyed leveling up their Game Level in selected slots with either 2XP, 3XP, and even 5XP!

The XP events were not just limited to only new game weekends. On Sunday, June 17th, High 5 Casino celebrated Father’s Day as High 5-ers rocked out with Double XP in Guitar Kings. Later that week, players’ summer adventure began with Double XP; on Thursday, June 21st, players were able to level up their Game Level two times faster in Aegean Sunset! At the end of the month, players were invited to play High 5 Casino for some Super Saturday fun! On June 30th, High 5-ers enjoyed increasing their Player Level two times faster by playing in any of the 259 slot games during the specified timeframe for their VIP Tier.

June also marked the start of High 5 Casino’s Back of the Net Tournament! Correlating with the start of the current sporting event, High 5 Casino had gotten into the spirit of the upcoming soccer matches with an event of its very own! At the beginning of June, the casino kicked off the soccer-theme tournament, encouraging players to visit the casino’s lobby throughout the month to vote in an in-app pop-up to predict the country of the team they think will win the upcoming match. The players that select the winning team will be able to collect a coin reward after the game. The event started on Tuesday, June 12th and will run until Sunday, July 15th!

With all these summer-filled spin-tastic events that June 2018 brought, High 5-ers spent over 2 million hours spinning the H5C reels over 61 MILLION times!

Check out some other worthy High 5 Moment’s June shined with:
Total spins for the month of June: 1,787,011,791
Number of spins per day: 61,621,096
Total money won: 171,310,392,654,969
Total money bet: 179,567,781,429,430
Cumulative hours spent playing: 2,952,217
Top 5 games played in June: Lucky Strip, Dino Dollars, Lost Kingdom, Silver Enchantress, and Mayan Macaw!

Which game gave you your High 5 Moment in June? What did you enjoy most about High 5 Casino last month? How many Back of the Net predictions did you win? Comment in the conversation bubble located on the top right corner of your screen and let us know!


H5C’s Spring is in the Air Contest: Congratulations Winners!  

This year, to say goodbye to the cold winter and hello to beautiful spring weather, we invited High-5ers’ around the world to enter H5C’s Spring is in the Air Contest!

Starting on May 14th, we invited players to share with us their favorite outdoor activity for springtime. Whether it was taking walks in the park or heading down to the beach, we wanted to hear about it!

We enjoyed sorting through the thousands of entries and reading all about your favorite outdoor activity! Although we cannot share each entry, we wanted to share some with you from your fellow High 5-ers:

Fredrick C.- Gilbert, Arizona.
I live close by a large desert area in Arizona. I love getting up just before sunrise, to be in the desert at daybreak. The quiet, and serenity is beautiful, and we have some of the most beautiful sunrises you could ever imagine, rising over the Superstition Mountains. The wildlife is very active before the heat of the day sets in, and I have been able to capture on camera, some of nature’s incredible beauty, including a herd of wild horses. The desert wildflowers are also all in bloom.

Paul W. – Lancashire, United Kingdom
This year is the year for me to attempt ‘close proximity wingsuit flying’
Done the skydiving, base jumping, canopy stacking and general free flying thing, now it is time to get up close and personal with the ground and by ground I mean free-flying, (with the aid of a wingsuit) close to the mountains of France, Switzerland and anywhere else that allows wingsuit flying!

Giovanna R. – Caserta, Italy
Walling through the gardens and paths in the ancient city of Cuma, an old Greek colony which has lasted for hundreds of years.  Several ancient buildings still stand, even to this day.  In particular, the Grotto of Cybil and the temples located throughout Cuma.  The original walkway is still visible, which are carved of old cobblestones which have survived all these years.

Tilemachos A. – Thessaloniki, Greece
I love bike riding with my children. Sometimes we hit the trails all four of us. My favorite bike rides with them though are the one on one bike rides. Just me and one child. I pick a destination, first the ice cream parlor, Subway for lunch, or sometimes just a simple loop trail. I slow down to their speed and we chat along the way

Barb. B – Ontario, Canada
Fishing and camping! Put me in a boat with a fishing pole and I will be happy for hours. I love the outdoors and love being able to breathe in the fresh air.

Make sure to check if you are one of the 100 lucky winners today in the list below! All winners have received 200k Free High 5 Casino coins, which can be redeemed in their casino lobby! Congratulations to you all!

Glenda A. – Pensacola, FL
Peggy A. – Huntington, IN
Kahi A. – Northland, New Zealand
Cathy A. – Timber Lake, SD
Tilemachos A. – Thessaloniki, Greece
Brenda A. – Bakersfield, CA
Kassie A. – Amherst, NY
Cheryl A. – FT. Lauderdale, FL
Fatimah b. – Chicago, IL
Daniela B. – Hessen, Germany
Michael B. – Cherry Hill, NJ
Lyndon B. – Tasmania, Australia
Barb B. – Ontario, Canada
Jenny B. – Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico
Debbie B. – Des Moines, IO
Ann B. – Plainfield, IL
Mary-Ellen C. – Valparaiso, IN
Loris C. – Venezia, Italy
Kay C. – Manitowoc11, WI
Cheryl C. – North Port, FL
Jeff C. – Parkersburg, WV
Jo C. – Takanini, New Zealand
Timothy C. – Kennewick, WA
Frederick C. – Gilbert, AZ
Carlos C. – Braga, Portugal
Lynne D. – Victoria, Australia
Hubert D. – Liege, Belgium
Alba D. – Drogenbos , Belgium
Efigenia D. – Valrico, FL
Johnna D. – Yuma, AZ
Carol E. – British Colombia, Canada
Patti E. – Dallas, GA
Susana F. – Sines, Portugal
Peter F. – Dansville, NY
Carlos F. – Lisboa, Portugal
Harley F. – Austin, TX
Mary F. – Poteau, OK
Ana Maria F. – Buenos Aires, Argentina
Mary G. – Cerro, Uruguay
Ghoris G. – Paris, France
Francisco G. – São Paulo, Brazil
Shirley G. – Ontario, Canada
Rita H. – Raytown, MO
Sheila H. – Byrnes Mill, MI
Annemarie H. – Weymouth, MA
ruth h. – Buffalo, NY
Garynarline H. – Spring Hill, FL
Helen H. – Arnold, MI
Mariette H. – Kempton Park, South Africa
Robert H. – West Covina , CA
Cindy H. – Granite City, IL
Donna J. – Ontario, Canada
Rich J. – Havre de Grace, MD
Bea K. – Ashville, OH
Denise K. – Lawrence, NY
Terrie K. – Nashville, IL
Georgette L. – Nord, France
Cathy L. – Carbondale, PA
Gina M. – Quebec, Canada
Ignacio M. – Madrid, Spain
Melinda M. – Port Arthur, TX
María M. – Managua, Nicaragua
Joan M. – Rotterdam Junction, NY
Francisco M. – Antofagasta, Chile
Malvina M. – Baruta, Venezuela
Sherry M. – Rockwall, TX
Karen M. – Bossier City, LA
Bridget N. – Lauderdale Lakes, FL
Nikoul N. – Ontario, Canada
Esther O. – Temple City, CA
John P. – Cape Canaveral, FL
Susana P. – Madrid, Spain
Joseph P. – Jacksonville, FL
Marisol P. – Bogota, D.C, Colombia
Miguel Elias R. – Santa De, Argentina
Suzanne R. – Chittenango, NY
Marilyn R. – Lehigh Acres, FL
Chris R. – Nottingham , United Kingdom
Wilson R. – Minas Gerais, Brazil
Alfa R. – Mehedinti, Romania
Giovanna R. – Caserta, Italy
Bill R. – Grand Prairie, TX
Joe S. – Ontario, Canada
Ihsan S. – Istanbul, Turkey
Stacey S. – West Jordan, UT
Maria Teresa S. – Coahuila, Mexico
Cecelia T. – Queensbury, NY
Jay T. – Buena Vista, CO
Francisco T. – Chihuahua, Mexico
Sylvie T. – Quebec, Canada
Susan T. – Worcester, MA
Janice T. – Attica, KS
Bill V. – Lancaster, PA
Mary Margaret V. – Mt. Laurel, NJ
Bonita V. – West Cape, South Africa
Paul W. – Lancashire, United Kingdom
Lynne W. – Basehor, KS
Liza W. – Staffordshire, United Kingdom
Dincer Y. – Istanbul, Turkey
Martha Z. – Hydro, OK

What kind of contest would you like to see at High 5 Casino? Comment in the conversation bubble located on the top right of the blog post to let us know! Have a beautiful day, High 5-ers!

Congratulations to H5C’s Be a Millionaire Day Winners!

On Sunday, May 20th, High 5 Casino celebrated “Be A Millionaire Day”! High 5-ers were encouraged to spin any H5C game as often as they would like. For every one-millionth spin on the reels of any H5C slot game, the one-millionth spinner would be selected to win a million coins or more! Once someone won, the counter would reset, giving more players the chance to win!

Make sure to check if you are one of the  45 lucky winners today in the list below! All winners have received a million or more FREE High 5 Casino Coins, which can be redeemed in their casino lobby! Congratulations to all the winners!

Failippe B. – France
Jorge P. – Argentina
Eileen K. – FL, United States
Illenia P. – Italy
Krista W. – Washington, United States
Mobile Guest User
Lucia D. – Netherlands
Delores T. – OK, United States
Sandra F. – Australia
Paul S. – RI, United States
Kat M. – United Kingdom
Colette B. – Canada
Anna M. – Canada
Dene C. – CA, United States
Karlene W. – NY, United States
Lorie S. – MN, United States
Jeanette F. – IO, United States
Gayle R. – NY, United States
Carmelo L. – United Kingdom
Miguel B. – Argentina
Terese A. – France
Mary K. – AL, United States
Michael G. – MA, United States
Rick P. – WA, United States
Mobile Guest User
Giusi F. – Italy
Alan V. – TX, United States
Rafael R. – Venezuela
Jada L.
Arlyx H. – Mexico
Hayat B. – Germany
Lorena G. – CA, United States
Nancy S. – Canada
Chris C. – Canada
Kristina M. – OR, United States
Cheryl M. – VA, United States
Kim J. – IO, United States
Payton D.
Nilda C. – Argentina
Linda L. – MI, United States
Carolina Z. – Mexico
Luis J. – Mexico
Diego C.
Diana L. – Spain
Enrique O. – Panama



Game Preview: Fluffy Fortunes

You are bound to have a purr-fect time in High 5 Casino’s 252nd game! Fluffy Fortunes is coming soon!

Join the adorable and playful litter of kittens in Fluffy Fortunes! Grab some of their favorite toys and play along as Princess, Mister Cuddles, and Ollie bring you joy and meow-nificent wins! Once they get their paws on balls of yarn, you are in for cat-tastic jackpots in the Free Games with Collection Awards Bonus.

You are in for paw-sperous wins in Fluffy Fortunes! Check out the new game coming tomorrow in the YouTube video below:

Are you ready to get your paw on cat-tastic jackpots in the Free Games with Collection Awards Bonus? Comment in the conversation bubble located on the top right corner of your screen and let us know what you think!

High 5 Moment: High 5 Casino’s April 2018 Statistics

They say that April showers bring May Flowers but, at High 5 Casino, April brought a shower of WINS to you High 5-ers!

In April, High 5 Casino added FOUR new games to the casino lobby, including our 250th game! Now, High 5-ers are able to choose from 250 different slots! We also continued our weekly themed XP events, introduced new and improved Player Challenges, and added some new tournament games!

With our 250th game Way Out Wilds, we launched the 250th Game Celebration! During this promotion, players were able to earn raffle tickets by playing in any H5C slot game available in their casino lobby. Players earned one raffle ticket for every 250 spins and for every 250,000 coins won in a game. With these tickets, players had a chance to win the daily prizes and the Grand Prize! From April 27th through May 2nd, there were a total of 6 winners, each receiving a $250 USD coin package awarded as the daily prize On May 3rd, we announced our GRAND PRIZE winner who was awarded a $2,500 USD coin package!

A nice big HIGH 5 shoutout to our 250th Game Celebration Daily winners:
1. Friday, April 27th – Joseph C. from Pennsylvania!
2. Saturday, April 28th – Wayne W. from Oregon!
3. Sunday, April 29th- Marta R. from Spain
4. Monday, April 30th – Joan S. from Minnesota!
5. Tuesday, May 1st- Gloria B. from Texas!
6. Wednesday, May 2nd – Luca G. from Italy!

And a bigger congratulations to our Grand Prize Winner, John B. from North Carolina!

With all these spin-tastic events April rained in, High 5-ers spent over 3 million hours spinning the H5C reels over 1 BILLION times!

Check out some other High 5 Moment worthy April stats below:
Total spins for the month of April 2018: 1,841,598,604
Number of spins per day: 63,503,400
Total money won: 99,365,124,716,019
Cumulative hours spent playing: 3,033,992

Which game gave you your High 5 Moment in April? What did you enjoy most about High 5 Casino last month? Comment in the conversation bubble located on the top right corner of your screen and let us know!

H5C’s Year of the Dog Contest Winners!

This year, to celebrate the Chinese New Year, animal lovers around the world were encouraged to enter H5C’s Year of the Dog Contest!

On February 12th, we invited players to share a picture or a story about their pet! Players submitted photos and stories about their dogs, cats, birds, and even reptiles! Animals sure do hold a special place in your hearts and we are touched you shared such special memories with us!

We enjoyed sorting through each and every entry learning about your pets! The photos we got to see, make us feel like we were a part of your family! Although we can’t share each entry with you, you can see what some of your fellow High 5-ers had to say below:

Deborah J. – New Milford, PA

This heart- shaped pose says everything about our feelings as Lana joins us in her new forever home! she came to us through our local shelter when her first family could no longer keep her and stole our hearts immediately!

Jeff C. – Parkersburg, WV
Frank is my 5 year old PUG, ,born Jan 23 2013.. Frank is our ” Door Greeter”, always with a bone in his mouth ,waiting for you to ask if you can have it. With a mumbled growl, he just walks off as if to say” Yeah right” . Frank is well known in H5 chat. The new Pug game that was recently released, fast became known as ” The Frank Game”. He is very entertaining, full of energy and well behaved. Its difficult to choose just 1 photo for this contest, as I have 100’s

Jenny S. – Forest Lake, MN

Oliver was a 4 week old rescue kitten that we took in and had a broken femur in 3 spots. He’s now over a year and doing very well 🙂

Katie H. – Pelican Rapids, MN

I have a cat named Minnie, She’s a gray Tabby. She’s so adorable, I adopted Her from the Humane Society, Shes to play, loves to get on the table and Counter. I always have to get her down, She likes to be a bad kitty. LOL! I love Her so much! she’s my baby.

Make sure to check if you are one of the 100 lucky winners today in the list below! All winners have received 200k Free High 5 Casino Coins, that can be redeemed in their casino lobby! Congratulations to you all!

Adrian C. – Uruguay, Montevideo, Uruguay
Andrew N. – Narromine, New South Wales, Australia
Annie O. – Sarasota, FL
Becky T. – Cambridge, OH
Ben M. – San Jose, CA
Beth J. – Terre Haute, IN
Brigitte M. – Repentigny, Quebec, Canada
Byron G. – Houston, TX
Cherie M. – Citrus Heights, CA
Chris D. – Brookings, OR
Christina L. – Lansing, MI
Clare H. – Bensalem, PA
Cyndy P. – Baldwinsville , NY
Deborah J. – New Milford, PA
Denika B. – Marysville, WA
Denise D. – Walnut Creek, CA
Diana D. – Lethbridge , Alberta , Canada
Diana Monica A. – Burzaco, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Diane B. – Ontario , CA
Diane W. – San Diego, CA
Donna P. – Monrovia, CA
Doris E. – Manville, NJ
Ed N. – Denver, CO
Elizabeth G. – El Cajon, CA
Erminia J. – Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Faith P. – Woonsocket , RI
Francine L. – Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Gail S. – Troutdale, OR
Gene D. – Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Gigi M. – North MiamI, FL
Gwen D. – kitchener, Ontario, Canada
Harley F. – Austin, TX
Helen R. – Bell Park, Victoria, Australia
Helen D. – Princeton, LA
Hughes D. – Gatineau, Quebec, Canada
India T. – Japer, Alberta , Canada
Iris V. – Martensville , Saskatchewan , Canada
Janet L G. – Neosho, WI
Jay T. – Buena Vista, CO
Jay L. – Saint Louis, MO
Jeannette L. – Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada
Jeff C. – Parkersburg, WV
Jeff L. – Santa Fe, NM
Jenny S. – Forest Lake, MN
Jim H. – Dunkirk, NY
Joan L. – Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Jody G. – Lake Stevens, WA
Joyce M. – Chateauguay, Quebec, Canada
Karen M. – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan , Canada
Kathleen C. – Parkville, MD
Katie H. – Pelican Rapids, MN
Kevin V. – Fort Morgan, CO
Kim A. – North Tonawanda, NY
Lawrence H. – Temecula, CA
Leona B. – Peoria, AZ
Libba M. – North Richland Hills, TX
Lisa J. – Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
Lisa S. – Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Lois T. – Owego, NY
Lynda K. – Chatham, Ontario, Canada
Lynne D. – Viewbank, Victoria, Australia
Mare V. – Gilbert, AZ
Margaret D. – Devonport, Tasmania , Australia
Marie G. – Antonio, CO
Mary K. – Nazareth, PA
Mary P. – Grants Pass, OR
Maureen K. – Cranston, RI
Meg C. – Branson , MO
Melinda M. – Richton Park, IL
Melissa L. – Coatesville, PA
Michael M. – North Bend, WA
Michele D. – Kalamazoo, MI
Nancy H. – Albany, OR
Neptali S. – Caracas, Capital District, Venezuela
Norberto F. – Roma, Italia, Italy
Patricia R. – Merritt, British Colombia, Canada
Peggy Y. – Pottstown, PA
Penny L. – Lees Summit, MO
Peter W. – Wiesbaden, Hesse, Germany
Renette K. – Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, South Africa
Rhea D. – Wilmington, NC
Riki M. – Vereeniging, Gauteng, South Africa
Robin A. – Oroville, CA
Roger C. – Orlando, FL
Sandra M. – Ford, WA
Sandra S. – Tonopah, AZ
Sandra W. – Brandon , MI
Sandy R. – Harrington, DE
Sandy D. – Sacramento , CA
Sebastiano M. – Meda, Monzabrianza, Italy
Sherlyn R. – Jamul, CA
Shirley M. – Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil
Sylvia D. – Lincoln , New Brunswick , Canada
Terry L. – West Deptford, NJ
Thea H. – Sintjohannesga, Friesland, Netherlands
Theresa K. – Newark, IL
Thomas F. – Powder Springs, GA
Tina L. – Darlington, PA
Tom T. – Apache Junction, AZ
Travis M. – Jolley, IA

What kind of contest would you like to see at High 5 Casino? Comment in the conversation bubble located on the top right of the blog post to let us know! Have a Happy Thanksgiving, High 5-ers!

High 5 Casino: December 2017 Stats!

Hello and Happy New Year, High 5-ers! January is here and new year resolutions are all the buzz! Before heading to the gym or prepping your healthy meal, let’s look back over the most wonderful time of the year: December!

While A Visit from St. Nick returned from the North Pole spreading holiday cheer, High 5 Casino released four new games, along with weekly themed XP Events and, a High 5 favorite, hosted more Raffles!

The new games released were Chilli Gold, a Lightning Box original now celebrating its one month-iversary on H5C include, The Magic Toy Soldier, Triple Topaz, and Dollar Llama! From our Red Hot Chili Coins XP to the Animal Kingdom XP, players were able to level up their Game Level 2X faster in select slots celebrating the new releases!

December is all about holidays and shopping for that right gift for your loved ones’ wish lists, but we wanted to know what the perfect gift off your wish list was! We invited High 5-ers to enter our H5C’s Holiday Wish List Contest for a chance to win 200k Coins! With over 2,000 entries, 100 lucky players were selected and awarded FREE COINS!

There was an extra jolly surprise on December 24th and 25th in A Visit From St. Nick, were High 5-ers were able to play with 5XP! That’s right! If you played A Visit from St. Nick on Christmas, your Game Level increased 5X faster!

With all the slot-tastic events that December brought, High 5-ers spun the reels over 2 Billion times, winning over 400 TRILLION coins collectively! Could you imagine winning over 400 trillion coins in real dollars? What would you do with all that cash?

We want to give a special shoutout to the High 5-ers who achieved the TOP 5 wins in December! These players had major High 5 Moments and after adding all their winning spins, they walked away with over a billion coins each!  Congratulations to:
1. Laura C.- 234 Billion coins, The Green Machine Deluxe
2. Andres S.– 225 Billion coins, A Visit from St Nick.
3. Regent D.- 200 Billion coins, The Magic Toy Soldier
4. John B.– 200 Billion coins, Golden Sheep
5. Nicola D. – 193.2 Billion coins, Golden Gladiator

Check out some other High 5 Moment worthy December stats below:
Total spins for the month of December: 2,086,971,859
Number of spins per day: 69,565,728
Total money won: 474,198,098,052,121
Cumulative hours spent playing: 3,334,119
Most-played tournament: The Three Graces Prize Party Tournament!
Top 5 most played games for December: Eagles’ Flight, Chilli Gold, A Visit from St. Nick, Triple Topaz and Platinum Goddess!

Which game gave you your High 5 Moment in December? Did you enter H5C’s Holiday Wish List Contest? Comment in the conversation bubble located on the top right corner of your screen and let us know!

Slot Game Battle: A Visit from St Nick vs. The Magic Toy Soldier


As the host of a lavish Holiday Ball, you’re tasked with keeping the spirit of Christmas alive. Known around town for always having the biggest and best party, you must top the previous year’s gathering! Searching high and low for new, fun ways to add to the night’s festivities, you can’t seem to find anything or anyone who can help in spreading holiday cheer. Well, you’re in luck. High 5 Casino has just the right people to add to your guest list!

Extend a warm Holiday welcome to The Magic Toy Soldier. Spreading joy among the children of the town, he will be the life of the party. As one of Santa’s original helpers, he is known for guarding all holiday cheer and bringing a smile to everyone’s face while enjoying a warm glass of eggnog. With all of the singing and dancing, he’ll take your guests on a magical journey they won’t soon forget. Very few can create an atmosphere as delightful and magical as he can.

With the idea of cheer in mind, what’s a holiday party without A Visit from St. Nick? Delivering presents all around the world, there’s no one to better entice the spirit of the Holidays than Kris Kringle himself. He’ll surely bring a holly jolly vibe all the way from his Winter Wonderland to yours. With his gift for giving, everyone in attendance will be filled with laughter and joy!

Which holiday character would you choose to attend your party? Do you prefer magical soldiers or a warm visit from the President of the North Pole? Comment in the conversation bubble located on the top right corner of your screen and let us know!

H5C’s Holiday Wish List Contest: WINNERS ANNOUNCEMENT!

The holidays are officially upon us, High 5-ers! As the week will soon be coming to a close and you are all looking forward to celebrating and spreading the holiday cheer, there is still that one thing you know will make your holiday complete!

On December 11th, we invited players to tell us what is on their holiday wish list. Anything from material items, to just a personal wish you dreamt to come true for this holiday season, we wanted to hear the details about what is on your wish list.

We enjoyed sorting through the thousands of entries and reading all about what each of you had on your holiday wish list! Although we can’t share each entry with you, you can see what some of your fellow High 5-ers had to say below:

Heather S. – Alberta, Canada
Peace and to end poverty is on my holiday wish list. We are all the same. Love is unconditional. So what a person looks like is totally irrelevant. To be truthful, hardworking and a strong sense of value. To end poverty…. I volunteer with the Breakfast Club twice a week and it so sad to see school aged kids go hungry. Having a full belly is necessary for learning.

Patricia J- Queensland, Australia
A family vacation is on my holiday wish list. We are so busy with our lives that we hardly have time to sit down and relax and share time together. I want all my family together in one place just relaxing and having fun and spending quality time together

Kieu B. – Fairfield, California
On my holiday wish list, I would like to have my mom and brother in California for Christmas. No amount of presents can take the place of family time that you spend with your love ones. My dear mother and brother haven’t been back to California to visit us (all of our relatives lived here) in such a long time, so if there is a miracle where my mother and my brother were able to be here on X-mas (even for just 1-2 days), it will be the best X-mas present ever. Oh did I mentioned that my mother and my brother lived in Maryland?

Angela and Michael C. – Freeville, NY
A 24″ ceramic tree with lights is on our holiday wish list. We had a house fire in 1980. The house was completely burned to the ground and I lost one of my prized possession a 24 inch ceramic Christmas tree. I had made this tree in a ceramic class and I have been wanting to replace it but any that I find online are much too expensive.

Make sure to check if you are one of the 100 lucky winners today in the list below! All winners have received 200k Free High 5 Casino Coins, that can be redeemed in their casino lobby! Congratulations to you all!

Aimee B. – Meridianville, AL

Alberto G. – Puebla, Puebla, Mexico

Alicia Beatriz R. – Neuquén, Neuquén, Argentina

Alvin M. – Biloxi, MS

Amanda B. – Battle creek, MI

Angel and Michael C. – Freeville, NY

Angelika S. – Haugesund, Rogaland, Norway

Ann L. – Marblehead, OH

Anthony H. – Desoto, TX

Antonio P. – Formica, Lazio, Italy

Barb B. – Shrewsbury, Ontario, Canada

Barbara S. – The Villages, FL

Beverly M. – Smyrna, DE

Brenda Beatriz V. – Temuco, Caution, Chile

Charlotte K. – Petersburg, IL

Cheyanne M. – Dora, Ontario, Canada

Chris B. – Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Cindy P. – Uintah, UT

Colleen M. – Kearney, MO

Connie K. – Hebron, OH

Corey P. – Elk Mound, WI

Cricket C. – Valparaiso, IN

Curtis D. – Otis, CO

Deborah M. – Laveen Village, AZ

DeEtte V. – Portland, OR

Denise D. – Walnut Creek, CA

Deric M. – Phoenix, AZ

Dianne H. – Howard, Queensland, Australia

Donna P. – Monrovia, CA

Doris E. – Manville, NJ

Doug B. – Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

Ernie B. – Sachse, TX

Ethel W. – Southside, AL

Evelyn K. – Burlington, Ontario, Canada

Farmer A. – Zeeman, Tasmania, Australia

Frances B. – Park Rapids, MN

Franciszek F. – Zielona gora, Polska, Poland

Gigi M. – North Miami, FL

Gigi P. – La Quinta, Ca

Harley F. – Austin, TX

Heather S. – Vegreville, Alberta, Canada

India T. – Jasper, AL

Irene T. – Perth, Ontario, Canada

Ivana G. – Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Jacquelyn G. – Troy, NY

Jairo A. – Medellin, Antioquia, Colombia

Jasmine L. – Concepcion, Bio Bio, Chile

Jay T. – Buena Vista, CO

Joanna B. – Arnold, PA

Jorkata Y. – Sofia, Bulgaria, Bulgaria

Josiane R. – Evreux, Normandy, France

Juan O. – Barranuilla, Atlántico, Colombia

Judy L. – Lower Burrell, PA

Judy N. – Albuquerque, NM

Karen P. – Ellensburg, WA

Kennesha B. – Miami, FL

Kieu b. – Fairfield, CA

Lana T. – Barnsdall, OK

Laureen F. – New Windsor, NY

Lawrence L. – Boynton Beach, FL

Liliana L.  -, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Lisa T. – Sr. Joseph, MO

Lorna P. – Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Louise C. – Harahan, LA

Malvina M. – Caracas, Baruta, Venezuela

Marcia V. – Antofagasta, IL Antofagasta Region, Chile

Margaret A. – Wallaceburg, Ontario, Canada

Mari C. – Capital, Mendoza, Argentina

Mary G. – Montevideo, Cerro, Uruguay

Monica j. – Desert Hot Springs, CA

Myriam C. – Pato Branco, Parana, Brazil

Norma Maria T. – San Justo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Patricia J. – Townsville, Queensland, Australia

Retired B. – Verdun, Quebec, Canada

Rita T. – Washington DC, MD

Rose D. – Canajoharie, NY

Ruth S. – Woodway, TX

Scott B. – Liberty Township, OH

Sharlene A. – Grand Bay, AL

Sharon S. – Detroit, MI

Sheila H. – Byrnes Mill, MO

Shelly R K. – Santee, CA

Sherry C. – Loudon, TN

Susan D. – Shepparton, Victoria, Australia

Susan M. – Tacoma, WA

Suzanne C. – Gatineau, Quebec, Canada

Sylvia D. – Lincoln, New Brunswick, Canada

Sylvia H. – Milwaukie, OR

Tammy P. – Clayton, NC

Tanya J. – Little Elm, TX

Teresa J. – Petal, MS

Theman D. – Duque de Caxias, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Tina S. – Independence, KS

Toni R. – Kincaid, WV

Tracey S. – Kallangur, Queensland, Australia

Vado R. – Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Veronica D. – Brooksville, FL

Veronica S. – Plymouth, MI

Vicki F. – West Olive, MI

Wanda N. – Cincinnati, OH

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Player Spotlight- Susie C.

Get to know one of your amazing High 5 Casino friends in today’s Player Spotlight – Meet Susie C., from Sparks, Nevada!

If Susie could teleport to an H5C game, she would choose ‘A Visit from Saint Nick’ because she loves Christmas! Check and see if you and Susie share the same answers!

1. How did you hear about High 5 Casino?
I just came across it on Facebook.

2. What is your favorite High 5 Casino game of all time?
Hoot Loot!

3. If you could pick any High 5 Casino character that happens to be an animal as your pet which character would you choose?
The dogs from DOGS… because I LOVE dogs!

4. You’re in trouble; which High 5 Casino character would you call to your rescue? Why?
The male character from Palace of Magic because he has a magic carpet!

5. If you can go to lunch with a High 5 Casino character, who would it be? Why?
The Three Graces, because it would be a girls lunch!

6. If you could go on vacation in one of our games, which game would you choose Why?
Retropolis because it is in the future!

7. In your opinion, which High 5 Casino game has the best bonus feature?
They all have good bonus features, however, the best one is in Gobblers Gone Wild!

8. If you could be a High 5 Casino character, who would you choose to be? Why?
Anyone in Palace of Magic, because of the beautiful place.

9. What has been your biggest win to date on High 5 Casino?
Over 1 Million coins!

So… do you and Susie share some common answers to these questions? Comment in the conversation bubble located on the top right of the blog post and let us know!