Shake the Sky’s Stellar September Stats

Want to hear something crazy? There were 405,067,685 spins at Shake the Sky Casino in September. That astronomical number translates to 13,502,256 spins per day, or 562,594 spins per hour. I would break it down even further for you guys, but that’s the most math I’ve done in about 10 years and I think my brain is about to explode.

Check out more September stats from Shake the Sky:

Top-five most-played games: Golden Peony, Moonlit Mermaids, Prince Nezha, Dangerous Beauty, and Fortune Cat’s Summer Vacation
Total STS money won: 119,930,706,130,835
Cumulative hours spent playing: 691,346

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Flabbergasting August Stats from Shake the Sky

After having the same five favorite games in June and July, Shake the Sky Casino players made room in their spinning schedules for two new slots in August. Moonlit Mermaids and Fortune Cat’s Summer Vacation joined Golden Peony, Prince Nezha, and Dangerous Beauty as the most popular games at Shake the Sky last month. It’s no surprise that those two games in particular stood out to players; Moonlit Mermaids pairs gorgeous art design in the traditional Asian paper-cut style with Scatter Bucks and Stacked Wilds, and Fortune Cat’s Summer Vacation combines a playful, exciting atmosphere with 1,024 ways to win and free games.

Check out more August stats from Shake the Sky:

Total spins: 430,070,061
Spins per day: 13,873,227
Total STS money won: 142,452,496,752,095

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Unbelievable July Stats from Shake the Sky

The five games you see pictured above really have a grip on players at Shake the Sky Casino, because they’ve been the top-five games in some order or another for two months running! What is it about these games that keep you coming back? Let us know in the comments section below. And check out some of the other 30+ games at STS, because we’re sure you’ll love them! Let’s try to get some fresh games in the top five for August.

Check out more July stats from Shake the Sky:

Total spins for the month: 541,587,712
Spins per day: 17,470,571
Total STS money won: 281,448,686,939,206

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Completely Bonkers June Stats from Shake the Sky Casino

Today’s post comes from High 5 Blog correspondent Ali.

Here’s a cool fact: Prince Nezha has been in the top-five most-played games at Shake the Sky for the last three months! What is about that game that keeps you coming back? Is it the classic mythological tale the game is based on? Maybe it’s the aquatic artwork and underwater animations? Or could it be that you just really love Super Stacks? Let us know why you’re into Prince Nezha in the comments section below!

Also, take a look at all of June’s Shake the Sky Casino stats:

Total spins: 581,800,327
Spins per day: 19,393,344
Total STS money won: 602,934,407,938,542
Top-five most-played games: Prince Nezha, Golden Peony, Cherry Mischief, Dangerous Beauty, and Silk & Steel
Cumulative hours spent playing: 934,036

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The Most Monumental May Statistics from Shake the Sky


Big Dragon Lounge was the most popular Shake the Sky game in May! You guys must really love our new STS releases, because you played for 845,607 hours last month, which is the equivalent of playing for 35,233 days … or 96.5 years! WOW.

Check out May’s Shake the Sky Casino stats:

Total spins for the month: 500,691,423
Number of spins per day: 16,151,336
Top 5 most-played games: Big Dragon Lounge, Islands of Galapagos, Prince Nezha, Enchanted Beauty, and Dragon’s Blessing.
Cumulative hours spent playing: 845,607

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Flabbergasting April Statistics from Shake the Sky Casino

Shake the Sky Casino keeps adding amazing new games, and with new games come new players. Our premier Asian-themed casino app is more popular than ever, and we have the numbers to prove it. Each month our analytics team scrutinizes copious amounts of data to provide us with illuminating statistics on our social apps. Check out some wild stats from April:

– Total spins for the month: 448,242,445
– Number of spins per day: 14,941,415
– Total STS cash won: 200,921,745,586
– Top 5 most-played games: Eternal Throne, Prince Nezha, Bollywood Bride, Golden Knight, and MISS UNIVERSE Crowning Moment
– Cumulative hours spent playing: 798,499

That means an average of 6,697,391,520 in STS cash was won daily at Shake the Sky in April! What was your biggest jackpot last month?

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Game Preview: Prince Nezha

Today’s post comes from High 5 Blog correspondent Ali.

Prince Nezha is coming this week to Shake the Sky Casino! Players who love the more traditional game themes at STS will certainly be drawn to this new social slot, inspired by Chinese mythology and the warrior deity Prince Nezha.

This new game tells the famous tale of Prince Nezha’s feud with the Dragon King of the Eastern Sea. Players are invited to travel with the Prince to battle the Dragon King at his underwater palace. Prince Nezha features beautiful, brightly colored artwork and exciting animations. Deep in the sea, players can surround themselves with all types of aquatic life, and, of course, plenty of auspicious symbols! Swim alongside prosperous crabs, and be surrounded by the fortuitous powers of dragons. While you’re paddling through the water, keep an eye out for the bloom of translucent jellyfish, or a wild, purple-haired mermaid.

Prepare yourself for a fantastic aquatic adventure in Prince Nezha! Super Stacks and a free games bonus will lead to enormous jackpots when this thrilling game debuts later this week at Shake the Sky Casino!

Are you excited for the upcoming release of Prince Nezha? What type of games would you like to see us make in the future?

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