Slot Fundamentals: The Collection Bonus

Today’s post comes from High 5 Blog correspondent Ali.

Slot Fundamentals is a column we run occasionally to help our players better understand how our games work. This edition deals with the Collection Bonus, a popular feature that can be found in many H5G games.

One of High 5 Games’ most versatile features is the Collection Bonus. It has been used in many games, in many ways. You may recall the basic Collection Bonus from Woolly Mammoth, the Clue Collection Bonus from A Night of Mystery, or the C-R-O-W-N Multiplier feature from Cave King and Queen Isabella, which is also a variation of the Collection Bonus.

For the purpose of this educational post, let’s focus on the basic Collection Bonus, as seen in Woolly Mammoth, which is available for play online at High 5 Casino and at select land-based casinos. The Collection Bonus is only found in the free games bonus of Woolly Mammoth; to launch it, land three or more bonus triggers in the base game.

In the Collection Bonus, collect the letters B-O-N-U-S and you’ll be able to select a Mammoth Multiplier, which multiplies the entire total winnings of the free games. Your winnings can be multiplied anywhere from 3x to 10x, depending on what mystery Mammoth Multiplier symbol you choose at the conclusion of the bonus round.

We hope you found this helpful, and that you score some big multipliers and even bigger wins with the Collection Bonus. Any other features got you stumped? Let us know which slot fundamental you’d like us to explain in the future!

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Holidays at High 5 Casino

We’re smack dab in the middle of the holiday season, folks. I hope you’re all further along in your holiday shopping than I am, which is to say I hope you’ve started your holiday shopping. Naturally, I got to thinking about which High 5 Casino characters you would – and would not – want to celebrate the holidays with:

Queen Isabella

I’m sure Queen Isabella has a great personality. She probably has some interesting stories, too. But invite her over your place to celebrate the holidays mainly because she’s an AMAZING gift giver.

Rembrandt Riches

Invite Rembrandt over, and just happen to leave out some painting supplies. See what happens – maybe you’ll end up with a priceless work of art on your hands, for the meager price of some ham and eggnog!

Rocket Man

You can invite Rocket Man over even if he lives far away; the dude has a jetpack, so transportation is not an issue. Once he’s over, subtly suggest that maybe he should give everyone a ride home – after all, with great power comes great responsibility, right?


There’s no way you should let the old man from Pets into your house. He definitely would show up with a pig, or a ferret, or both. Then he’d act like it’s no big deal as he fed his critters from the table, and before leaving he’d probably try to make you adopt something or another.

Pasión y Fuego

The couple from Pasión y Fuego would be nice, for a while. Then a switch would be invisibly flipped, and they’d be at each other’s necks over some perceived slight. Nobody wants that bringing down their holidays.

Bah, Humbug!

This one’s obvious. Stay away from Scrooge, at all costs!

We hope everyone’s enjoying the holiday season! Let us know which High 5 Casino characters you would and would not want to have over in the comments below.