Game Preview: Outback Walkabout


G’day, mate! Are you up for a real Aussie adventure? Then pack your gear and let’s head to the Outback. In this sprawling landscape, there’s no telling what you’ll come across. With majestic animals like kangaroos, koalas and cockatoos at every turn, you’ll soon discover the vast riches of the Australian wilderness in High 5 Casino’s upcoming release – Outback Walkabout – an exciting 3 by 5 reel slot game that features 243 Ways to Win. The combination of Tumbling Reels and Upgrading Split Symbols will surely bring you spectacular wins as you travel through this unique rich land.

Make sure to check the YouTube video below for a sneak peek. Come back soon to High 5 Casino and explore the land down under with riches.

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Shake the Sky July Stats


The data for one of the hottest months of the year is in! In July, Shake the Sky players won a total of 40,857,345,756,180. If the weight of $1 billion dollars in $100 bills is approximately 10 tons, the money our players won would weigh 40, 857 tons. If they’re all in $1 dollar bills, the money would weigh approximately40, 857, 000 tons. Wow, tons of money would be very heavy to carry around!

Check out more cool stats below for Shake the Sky in July:
Total spins for the month of July: 135,778,092
Number of spins per day: 4,525,936
Total money won: 40,857,345,756,180
Cumulative hours spent playing: 254,820
Top 5 most played games for July:
Golden Knight, Lady Peacock, Fortune Cat’s Summer Vacation, Dragon’s Blessing, Eternal Throne.

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Slot Factoids!


Slot Factoid is back! In the previous edition, we included some fascinating facts such as the inventor of the first slot machine and the biggest jackpot in history. Today at High 5 Blog, we’ll continue sharing some interesting and important facts about slot machines with our slot lovers.

Fact #3
If you live in Las Vegas and you’re a slot machine lover, then you’re lucky. Las Vegas is among one of the cities with huge amount of slot machines. The ratio is about an estimated machine for every eight people living in the city. The total number of slot machines in Vegas is about 170,000 while there are only approximately 62,000 hotel rooms.

Fact #4
The first jackpot was only 50 cents back in the 1894. To put this into perspective, 50 cents back then could buy you two tooth soaps or about 3 pounds of coffee. However, a progressive jackpot these days could award you up to millions of dollars.

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Game Preview: Da Vinci Ways


A slot game for the ages – Da Vinci Way – is coming soon to High 5 Casino! If you are an art lover then Da Vinci Ways is absolutely the perfect slot for you. It features the Italian polymath letting you travel back to Renaissance-Era Italy, where you’ll be able to admire some of his most famous works: The Mona Lisa, Lady with Ermine, Virgin of the Rocks, Portrait of a Musician, and a portrait of himself! While there, you’ll win big with 243 ways, Tumbling Reels and Up to 50 Free Games in the Bonus Round!

Are you ready to see the world-class masterpieces tumble with some sparkling diamonds and jewels on your High 5 Casino reels? Then check the YouTube video below for for a sneak peek:

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High 5 Casino June Stats


June approached and summer is now officially in session. June was definitely one of the best times to get into an outdoor mode and enjoy some sunshine, BBQs and beach waves… However, none of the gorgeous summer fun could stop our players from spinning the reels at High 5 Casino! Numbers always tell the truth – a total of 13 trillion dollars was won by our players last month. Triple Hoot featuring Triple Symbols and the Nest Egg Bonus was the most popular game in June! Who doesn’t like triple the fun with these cute birdies?!

Check below for some cool stats:
Total spins for the month of June: 2,613,872,081
Number of spins per day: 87,129,069
Total money won: 13,189,708,410,180
Cumulative hours spent playing: 4,172,305
Top 5 most played games for June:
Triple Hoot, All That Cash, Golden Sheep, Sultan of Mars, and Sweet Memories.

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Shake the Sky May Stats


Shake the Sky slots got hotter and hotter as the temperature increased in May! According to our analytics team, our players won approximately 46 trillion STS coins last month! That was approximately $293,000 coins per spin; and $157,000,000 coins per hour. Wow, isn’t that crazy?

Check out more Shake the Sky stats for the month of May :
Total spins for the month of May: 156,580,555
Number of spins per day: 5,219,351
Total money won: $45,535,140,763,865
Cumulative hours spent playing: 290,719
Top 5 most played games for May:
Lady Peacock, Golden Knight, Eternal Throne, Golden Peony, Dragon’s Blessing

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Mystery Bucks Battle


Mystery Bucks Battle is here at High 5 Blog today! Like the feature name itself, games with Mystery Bucks are usually full of mysterious surprises and wins which make the games even more exciting. Now help us decide the winner of today’s Mystery Bucks Battle among these three popular High 5 Casino games: The Big Chase, Tall, Rich and Handsome, and Perfect Gentleman!

The Big Chase
When a briefcase of jewels goes missing under highly suspicious circumstances, a private detective is called in to solve the case. Will he catch the criminals before it’s too late, or will they slip off into the mysterious night?

Tall, Rich and Handsome
One lucky lady has quite the opportunity in Tall, Rich and Handsome. Selected for a popular dating show, she must choose between a pilot, a doctor, an architect, and a rock star all vying for her attention! Her decision becomes more and more difficult as each man pulls out all the stops to win her heart. Who will she choose?

Perfect Gentleman
In order to find her prince, she first had to kiss a bunch of frogs. She went on bad date after bad date, and just as she was about to lose hope, she met someone she liked. Then she met three more someones she liked in quick succession. Her love life has gone from impoverished to embarrassingly rich, but now she must choose.

Mystery bucks are usually being featured in the Tumbling Reels games. When Mystery Bucks are active, each symbol that explodes as part of the Tumbling Reels feature has a chance to reveal an additional credit value, the sum of which is put directly into players’ pockets! This makes for extremely exciting gameplay, because players have two features working in tandem that can lead to multiple hits per spin.

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Player Spotlight: Tiffani W.


The Player Spotlight is back at High 5 Blog! Today, we feature an interview with one of our loyal, longtime High 5 Casino players – Tiffani W. from Enid, Oklahoma. Check below and see if you and Tiffani share the same favorite game!

1. How did you hear about High 5 Casino?
A: I saw it when I was downloading another casino game.

2. What is your favorite High 5 Casino game of all time? Why?
A: Rum City. I like the music, the look of it, and the bonus game. Just all of it!

3. If you could hang out with any character from a High 5 Casino game, which character would you choose? Why?
A: The girl with blonde hair in Rum City. She just looks very glamorous.

4. Which High 5 Casino game brings you the most luck?
A: I don’t have a luckiest game, but it could be any given game on any day. Sometimes more than one game!

5. In your opinion, which High 5 Casino game has the best bonus feature? Why?
A: Rum City. Because you have the chance of getting a good amount of free spins and you don’t have to work very hard to get extra if you do hit it.

6. Which High 5 Casino game has the best music/sound features? Why?
A: I like Rum City. The music reminds me of a ‘fun’ time in history.

7. Name a game feature that you wish High 5 Casino had.
A: I think all the games I play have all the features that I like so I don’t need any extra.

8. If you could pick any High 5 Casino character that happens to be an animal as your pet, which character would you choose? Why?
A: The panther in Dangerous Beauty because it’s sleek, mysterious, and aloof.

9. Fight Night: If you had to choose two High 5 Casino characters to fight each other, which characters would you pick and who do you think would actually win the fight?
A: The two guys in Rum City and it would be a draw because they both are equally matched in my opinion.

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Introducing Classic 3 Reel Slots

h5c_Sensational_Shadow_7s_Wall_nobuttonHere at High 5 Games, we strive to give our players the most authentic and joyful Vegas gaming experience. That’s what inspires us to continue developing various types of premium slot games so the fun continues for everyone. Today, High 5 Casino would like to invite all our players to travel all the way to Vegas with our new Classic 3 Reel slots – Sensational 7s and Shadow Diamond 7s!

Sensational 7s is the classic slot game you’ve been waiting for! Get the old-school Vegas experience you’ve been craving and hit the jackpot with just three Wilds. Sensational graphics, sensational sound, and sensational jackpots – this game is simply sensational! Sensational 7s!

Classic design meets contemporary gameplay in Shadow Diamond 7s! Featuring a traditional 3 reel configuration, plus Super Stacks, this game is full of excitement. Line up three diamonds in a row for a deluxe payout! Shadow Diamond 7s.

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Shake the Sky February Stats


The reels of Shake the Sky were spun approximately 172 million times in February – that’s 5.7 million a day and 237 thousand an hour. Over 47 quadrillion STS coins were won at Shake the Sky in February – that’s 1.6 quadrillion every day and 26 trillion an hour. With these numbers, our players win 100K coins on average on every spin! Isn’t that incredible?

Check out some staggering stats from February:
Total spins for the month of February: 172,757,302
Number of spins per day: 5,758,576
Total money won: 47,504,409,081,140
Cumulative hours spent playing: 316,444
Top 5 most played games for February: Lady Peacock,Golden Knight,Golden Peony , Eternal Throne, Way of The Blade

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