Shake the Sky February Stats


The reels of Shake the Sky were spun approximately 172 million times in February – that’s 5.7 million a day and 237 thousand an hour. Over 47 quadrillion STS coins were won at Shake the Sky in February – that’s 1.6 quadrillion every day and 26 trillion an hour. With these numbers, our players win 100K coins on average on every spin! Isn’t that incredible?

Check out some staggering stats from February:
Total spins for the month of February: 172,757,302
Number of spins per day: 5,758,576
Total money won: 47,504,409,081,140
Cumulative hours spent playing: 316,444
Top 5 most played games for February: Lady Peacock,Golden Knight,Golden Peony , Eternal Throne, Way of The Blade

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Shake the Sky’s October Stats


In October, there was a total of 221,955,576 spins going on at Shake the Sky Casino, which breaks down to roughly 7,159,857 spins per day, 298,327 per hour and 4972 per minute! Wow, now that’s a lot of spins! So… which game do you think received the biggest portion of spins? The hint is in last month’s top 5 most popular games! TA-DA! It’s the colorful, beautiful and glamorous LADY PEACOCK – approximately 50,000 players were spinning the reels in the game! Are you one of those players?

Check out some other cool Shake the Sky Casino stats from October:
Total spins for the month of October: 221,955,576
Number of spins per day: 7,159,857
Total money won: $ 59,382,905,541,330
Top 5 most played games for October:
Lady Peacock, Golden Knight, Dangerous Beauty, Golden Peony, Talon and Dove
Cumulative hours spent playing: 431,845

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Game Spotlight: Bai She


Bai She – Romance For 1000 Years, the latest game in our Romance Series, debuts as the 47th game at Shake the Sky this week!

Bai She is based on a famous myth known throughout China. Once upon a time, Bai She, a white snake, is rescued by Xu Xian, a scholar. He disappears, and a smitten Bai She tracks him to a bridge, where she transforms herself into a beautiful woman and awaits his arrival. The couple is married, but soon after Xu Xian is brainwashed by Fa Hai, a monk, and leaves Bai She. The couple is eventually reunited, but Fa Hai ends up capturing Bai She in a special bowl, where she is trapped in her original snake form while Xu Xian wastes away.

Bai She features Super Stacks and Pays That Start From Any Reel. If you land on winning combinations, you’ll win no matter which reels they are on!

Play Bai She – Romance For 1000 Years now and win big today!