Expanding Wilds Battle


The game feature battle is back at High 5 Blog! Today’s battle features Expanding Wilds – a feature that stretches all the wild symbols over all of the middle reels, generating more wins and bigger payouts. Thanks to Expanding Wilds, you have a bigger chance to load a full screen of wilds on your High 5 Casino reels. Who doesn’t like that?

Games with Expanding Wilds are often paired with Connected Lines – which gives players five lines for every credit played and 16 free paylines for playing the entire board, therefore a mere 90 credits will earn you 466 paylines! Now vote for your favorite game with Expanding Wilds feature: The Charleston, Figaro, or Lucky Horse.

The Charleston – Kick those feet. Bend those knees. It’s time for the Charleston.
They were having so much fun that they had to hide it. In speakeasies and underground dwellings, the party was never fully underway until the Charleston began. Kick off your shoes and start to relax, because the good old times are back again.

Figaro – A magnanimous and moving opus that will strike a chord with even the darkest of souls.
Inspired by the 18th century Pierre Beaumarchais plays and the resulting timeless opera of Mozart and Lorenzo Da Ponte, High 5 Games has taken a classic story and has adapted it for a casino audience. Slot players will love Figaro for its thrilling soundtrack, unique game play, and vivid depictions.

Lucky Horse – A horse worth betting on!
Your horse trots to the gate, resplendent under a bright blue sky. As you look over the competition, you feel confident that the choice you made was the right one. The race begins, and as the horses start to thunder down the track yours pulls gracefully ahead. Maybe today really is your lucky day…

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Game Preview: Da Vinci Ways


A slot game for the ages – Da Vinci Way – is coming soon to High 5 Casino! If you are an art lover then Da Vinci Ways is absolutely the perfect slot for you. It features the Italian polymath letting you travel back to Renaissance-Era Italy, where you’ll be able to admire some of his most famous works: The Mona Lisa, Lady with Ermine, Virgin of the Rocks, Portrait of a Musician, and a portrait of himself! While there, you’ll win big with 243 ways, Tumbling Reels and Up to 50 Free Games in the Bonus Round!

Are you ready to see the world-class masterpieces tumble with some sparkling diamonds and jewels on your High 5 Casino reels? Then check the YouTube video below for for a sneak peek:

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High 5 Casino June Stats


June approached and summer is now officially in session. June was definitely one of the best times to get into an outdoor mode and enjoy some sunshine, BBQs and beach waves… However, none of the gorgeous summer fun could stop our players from spinning the reels at High 5 Casino! Numbers always tell the truth – a total of 13 trillion dollars was won by our players last month. Triple Hoot featuring Triple Symbols and the Nest Egg Bonus was the most popular game in June! Who doesn’t like triple the fun with these cute birdies?!

Check below for some cool stats:
Total spins for the month of June: 2,613,872,081
Number of spins per day: 87,129,069
Total money won: 13,189,708,410,180
Cumulative hours spent playing: 4,172,305
Top 5 most played games for June:
Triple Hoot, All That Cash, Golden Sheep, Sultan of Mars, and Sweet Memories.

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Slot Factoids


Playing slots is a great way to relax and have some fun. That’s why our players are crazy about playing at High 5 Casino and Shake the Sky! Today at High 5 Blog, we would like to share some interesting facts about slots with our players.

Fact #1
Charles Fey from San Francisco was the one who invented the first slot machine. Fey’s slot machine had three free reels with 10 symbols including horseshoes, spades, diamonds, heats, and bells. Do you know which symbol awards the top prize?

Fact #2
How much was one of the biggest wins in history? You never know how lucky your day can get. An anonymous player took home with 39 million dollars while waiting for a basketball game at the Excalibur Casino. That was absolutely one of the biggest Vegas wins of all time!

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Bonus Select Battle


The game-feature battle continues at High 5 Blog. Today’s battle takes place among slots with Bonus Select – a unique feature created by High 5 Games.

When Bonus Select is triggered, players can choose one of 3 – 5 given options for their free games. Each bonus option offers a different number of free spins and different multiplier values. The multipliers are additive, creating great opportunities for a winning combination. This feature gives you the power to choose your bonus round experience by either going for a few free spins with high multipliers, or choosing more spins with lower multipliers!

Check these three games below that have the Bonus Select feature:

I Need A Hero
Show your appreciation and celebrate all everyday heroes- firefighters, police officers, paramedics, and military personnel. These are the brave individuals who save lives every day. In this 4 by 5 reel slot, you can choose your champion and your rewards with the Bonus Select feature!

Kiss of the Rose
When darkness falls, enchantment blooms. The sultry vixen has beauty that can only be rivalled by the roses adorning her kingdom. But beware… this rose has thorns! She’ll lure you in with her beauty, and then steal your heart with just one kiss. Kiss of Rose is a 3 by 5 reels slot with 243 ways to win.

Palace of Magic
With magic at your fingertips, the world is yours! Experience your wins on a flying carpet while riding off on the adventure of a lifetime in this 4 by 5 reel slots featuring 178 paylines! Avoid the enemies and capture the heart of the princess in this high-flying game. Once you land three bonus trigger symbols, you can select a magic lamp of your choice for big wins.

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Game Preview: All That Cash


Win like a rockstar in High 5 Casino’s upcoming release – All That Cash! Like game name says, it’s all about winning cash!

If you are looking for a fast, easy way to make lots of money, now you can win with All That Cash. Just line up a dollar sign with a number on the reels and, just like that, you’re a winner! The more numbers you line up left to right, the greater your potential win. What are you waiting for? It’s time to get your hands on All That Cash!

Check out the YouTube video below and get ready to boost your bankroll with the help of the special feature – Omni-bucks.

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Game Preview: Triple Hoot


When the sun sets, a friendly trio of owls awakens to liven up the nighttime. Perched high in the treetops, they’re on the lookout and can spot good luck coming your way. Follow these cute critters and you’re bound to find some loot!

The newest release coming soon to High 5 Casino features 3-4-5-4-3 reel matrix and 720 ways to win. With the help of Triple Symbols and the Nest Egg Bonus, you will be able to take flight on your jackpot hunt journey!

Check the YouTube video below and be prepared to enter winner mode:

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Stacked Wilds Battle


The game-feature battle is on at High 5 Blog. This time, the battle takes place among Stacked Wilds games: The Amulet and the Charm, Ancient Arcadia, and White Falls.

With Stacked Wilds, your chance of winning increases – when you see a full stack of wild symbols land in your slot reel, all you need to do is enjoy the huge wins with beautiful animations. Who doesn’t love lots of wild symbols?

The Amulet and the Charm – The threat of chaos… The thrill of anticipation… In a world of fantasy, a lucky charm goes a long way. Need a little good fortune in your life? Want to find the luckiest charm of them all? Look no further than The Amulet and the Charm. Be ready to be taken into a world of fantasy, where mysterious characters seek the precious amulet and all the wealth that comes with it. The Amulet and the Charm is celebrated for its great music and dramatic storytelling.

Ancient Arcadia – Hidden in the depths of the wilderness, a flourishing kingdom is yours for the taking. Kingdom. With riches abound and endless beauty wherever the eye may wander, you will be eager to cash in on this hit from High 5 Games.

White Falls – Get wild, let loose, and take the plunge. Let the good times rain down upon you. White Falls depicts a fascinating and serene atmosphere for you looking to escape the commotion of ordinary life for a while.

Which of these Stacked Wilds games is your favorite? Comment in the conversation bubble located on the top right corner of the blog and let us know! Check out other High 5 Casino Stacked Wilds games like Legends of Troy, Lion Heart, Lucky Horse and Golden Knight! Play your favorite one today!

Game Preview: Charming Ace


Prepare to join forces with a man on a mission in High 5 Casino’s upcoming release – Charming Ace!

Who wouldn’t fall for a devilishly handsome, highly decorated fighter pilot? Alas, Captain Billy Meyer has no time for love. There’s work to be done and riches to be won. The war is far from over and this man is on a mission. Are you in?

Win the war for riches with the help of Super Stacks in Charming Ace. Now take a look at the YouTube video below for an exclusive sneak peek:

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High 5 Casino April Stats


The total money won for the month of April was $11, 620, 787, 098, 156 at High 5 Casino and that’s 387,359,569,939 per day; 16,139,982,081 per hour; and 168,999,701 per minute. Yep, the numbers are real! Be ready to hear “Ding Ding Ding” while playing our High 5 Casino slots and be a part of turning May into our most astounding month yet!

Check out the April High 5 Casino Stats:

Total spins for the month of April: 2,491,057,318
Number of spins per day: 83,035,243
Total money won: $11,620,787,098,156
Cumulative hours spent playing: 4,228,915
Top 5 most played games for April: Divine Luck; Valkyrie Queen; Shadow Diamond 7s; Valkyrie Queen 2; When Pigs Fly

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