Lucky Horse, City of Lights, Soaring Wings, and Jazz Debut at H5C Mobile

Four premium H5G slots made their way to High 5 Casino for iOS last week: Lucky Horse, City of Lights, Soaring Wings, and Jazz. Two of these titles – Lucky Horse and City of Lights – are unlocked for all players right off the bat! There are now 44 amazing games to play on the go at High 5 Casino Mobile!

Lucky Horse is a slot worth betting on, especially while we’re in the midst of Triple Crown season. Win big with Stacked Wilds, Connected Lines, and Horizontal Expanding Wilds as you cheer your horse on in the race of a lifetime. City of Lights lets you stroll through Paris, taking in the dazzling sights while snagging serious jackpots with Split Symbols and Scatter Awards. In Soaring Wings, you can spend time with epic birds of prey and score some sky-high payouts with Split Symbols. Finally, Jazz’s combination of smooth graphics, great music, and exciting features like Wild Connections and Connected Lines will have you grooving in no time.

Gypsy was also graduated to a High Limit game in the latest version of High 5 Casino Mobile. This is great news for any player who didn’t have Gypsy unlocked yet, because in addition to not having player level-based maximum bet limits, High Limit games come unlocked for all players. Between Gypsy, Lucky Horse, and City of Lights, there are now three more unlocked games available to play right now at High 5 Casino for iOS!

Make sure to head to the App Store today and download the latest version of our app; while you’re there, please leave us some feedback so we know what you love about High 5 Casino Mobile and what you’d like to see us change in the future.

High 5 Fight Club: Animal Edition

We often ask our players over on the High 5 Casino fan page to comment on different game vs. game matchups. Today we’ll be picking sides on two different animal questions we came up with. Take our polls and let us know what you think!

Thundering Buffalo vs. Striking Tiger

Who would win in a race between Thundering Buffalo and Striking Tiger?

If I’ve learned anything in my life, it’s that you can trust everything that’s written on the internet. I mean, it’s there for a reason, right? The shadowy internet overlord who approves everything that’s posted (don’t worry, he exists – I read it on the internet) surely double checks for veracity before allowing anything to go up. With that said, we’re going to rely on the internet to adjudicate this round. It turns out that buffalos and tigers both clock in at the same top speed of around 35 mph. So I guess it comes down to endurance. I bet Thundering Buffalo would rumble out to an early lead, but Striking Tiger would overtake him in the end. And maybe eat him.

EDGE: Striking Tiger

Twin Win vs. Soaring Wings

Would you rather fly with the eagles in Soaring Wings or swim with the dolphins in Twin Win?

Both of these options sound like a blast. It would be a great time to pal around with the dolphins in Twin Win, spraying water out of my blowhole in between bites of fish and squid. But dolphins are known to be intelligent, social creatures, and I’m neither. I would probably make an inappropriate remark to my fellow dolphins, then be shunned and forced to spend the rest of my life alone. I’d rather take my chances with the eagles in Soaring Wings, who aren’t as smart, and therefore less likely to reject me. I think I’d be alright as long as I occasionally swooped down from our rocky perch and snagged a rabbit, or a squirrel, or a toddler for everyone to snack on. Plus, I imagine flying to be like riding the best roller coaster ever, non-stop, without any lines (or vomiting), so how could I possibly turn that down?

EDGE: Soaring Wings

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