The Big Game at High 5 Casino

Who’s excited for the big game between New England and Seattle this Sunday? I know I can’t wait to see 11 minutes of bone-crunching hits and perfect spirals spread out over 12 hours of TV coverage. I love football, but there’s way too much downtime during the game; occasionally I’ll doze off on second down and wake up before the teams are even lined up for third down. Even if you don’t appreciate football, you can still enjoy yourself by self-medicating with nachos and beer while watching commercials that cost approximately 66 billion dollars per second. Just don’t forget that Super Bowl Monday isn’t a national holiday – YET – so you still have to drag yourself into the office the next day. In the spirit of the upcoming showdown, we got to thinking which High 5 Casino characters would make the best football players:

Thundering Buffalo

I don’t care how good your team’s offensive line is, if they’re matched up against three or four of these bad boys on the defensive line your quarterback is getting sacked all day.

The Mighty Atlas

TMA would just wreck defenders as a running back. If he got a head of steam going the results would look something like this.

These lady monsters travel in packs, so they’d make a great group of gang-tackling linebackers. Plus, they’re undead so even if they lose a limb or something they won’t miss a play.

Rocket Man

Your team would never lose a game if the Rocket Man was under center as quarterback. He’d take the snap, toss a deep ball, then glide down the field and catch it himself!

The Sultan might rule Mars, but we’re on EARTH talking about EARTH-SPORTS. If he deigned to come here, he’d probably be unable to do anything but be a lame field goal kicker.

Which team are you rooting for this weekend? Win big at High 5 Casino before the game kicks off!

Eye-Popping May Statistics from High 5 Casino

Today’s post comes from High 5 Blog correspondent Ali.

The average person takes 23,040 breaths per day. The average number of spins per day at High 5 Casino in May was roughly 7,278 times that amount. That means you’d have to spin more than 7,000 times per breath to reach that number of spins on your own in a day. Any takers? We’re just kidding – please don’t try that, but please do take a look at May’s High 5 Casino stats:

Total spins for the month: 5,198,473,274
Number of spins per day: 167,692,686
Total money won: 5,922,979,950,484
Top 5 most-played games: Sultan of Mars, Daughters of the Regiment, Secrets of the Forest, The Amulet and the Charm, and Wellspring
Cumulative hours spent playing: 8,871,381

Play High 5 Casino today and help June become our most astounding month yet!

Game Spotlight: Sultan of Mars

Sultan of Mars is the latest game to premiere at High 5 Casino! This week’s release comes unlocked for all players, which means you don’t have to wait on Lady Luck to visit you at the lobby slot before you start racking up otherworldly wins! This isn’t especially relevant, but I’d just like to say that the Sultan in this slot has the coolest headwear I think I’ve ever seen in my life. I’d love to wear something like it someday, but I’m not even cool enough to pull off a baseball cap, so it would probably end in embarrassment.

It may seem difficult to believe, but some of the most beautiful characters you’ll ever see in a casino game share a screen with goblins, mutants, and aliens in Sultan of Mars. This slot takes the player to a distant planet where resources are plentiful, but so is danger; it’s up to you to protect your love and escape with the alien treasure. Sultan of Mars includes Stacked Wilds and Scatter Bucks, a feature that gives players another way to win! Special scatter symbols, displaying credit values that are multiples of the player’s total bet, can fall anywhere on the first four reels. When the Scatter Bucks activation symbol lands on the fifth reel, all the credit values on the first four reels are immediately distributed to the player!

What do you think of Sultan of Mars? What type of games would you like to see us make in the future?

Play Sultan of Mars at High 5 Casino.