Game Spotlight: Enchanted Realms

Here, anything is possible. Mermaids, centaurs, dragons, and other fantastic creatures all coexist peacefully while surrounded by beautiful natural vistas. Journey to the Enchanted Realms and you won’t be disappointed with what you’ll see, or what you’ll win: Super Symbols and Split Symbols help you rack up amazing jackpots while in this strange land!

Enchanted Realms is now available to unlock at High 5 Casino! With the release of Enchanted Realms, there are now 99 authentic slot games available to play at H5C, which is the most on Facebook. Be sure to like High 5 Casino’s fan page, because you won’t want to miss out on what’s in store for the premiere of our 100th game…

What do you think of Enchanted Realms? What type of games would you like to see us make in the future?

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Stay Cool at High 5 Casino

Summer Games
As of last weekend, summer is officially here. We hope all of our players at High 5 Casino have a wonderful few months filled with backyard barbeques, trips to the beach, and [insert other clichéd summer activity here]. Sometimes, though, you need to get out of the sun and enjoy a little indoors time. Here are a few High 5 Casino games that can help you beat the heat:

Pearl Bay

What could be more refreshing than a dip into Pearl Bay? This exotic destination isn’t quite like your local creek. Check out exquisite fish and curious mermaids while winning big with Locking Wilds and the Bonus Mega Multiplier!

The hottest night club in town has to have air conditioning, right? Regardless, as you’re drinking and dancing the night away while surrounded by glamorous characters in an opulent setting, you’ll certainly feel cool. Major jackpots with Super Symbols don’t hurt, either.

Spending an afternoon at a beautiful waterfall that also happens to be the Fountain of Youth sounds like pretty much the ideal summer day. You’ll come for the surroundings, but you’ll stay because of incredible wins with Bonus Select!

Majestic Sea

Deep below the surface, an aquatic wonderland filled with underwater friends awaits you. Take a deep breath, and search for sunken treasure, which you’ll likely find thanks to Split Symbols!

Stay cool at High 5 Casino.

Ocean’s Glory and Legends of Troy Make 50 Games at H5C Mobile

There are 50 states in America. Fifty ways to skin a cat (or something like that). I’ve procrastinated 50 times while writing this post. And now, there are 50 premium slots available for on-the-go-gaming at High 5 Casino Mobile!

Ocean’s Glory and Legends of Troy were added to High 5 Casino for iOS late last week. Ocean’s Glory lets you leave land behind and head out on an aquatic adventure that will leave you breathless – both from the beauty of your surroundings and the huge jackpots you’ll snag with Super Symbols! Legends of Troy, which arrives unlocked for all players, sends you back millennia to ancient Greece. There, you’ll see the legendary soldiers whose famous story lives on forever, while winning big with Scatter Bucks and Stacked Wilds!

Make sure to head to the App Store today and download the latest version of our app if you haven’t already; while you’re there, please leave us some feedback so we know what you like about High 5 Casino Mobile and what you’d like to see us change in the future.

Fun Summer Games at High 5 Casino

Here at the NYC HQ of High 5 Games, for better or worse, it finally feels like summer. For me, that’s mostly for the worse. I’m not looking forward to three or four months of sunburns that turn into farmer’s tans, or to constantly feeling sweaty and sticky. A quick glance at my phone – which can tell temperature more reliably than it can send text messages or receive calls – reveals it’s 85 degrees Fahrenheit today, and it’s only going to get hotter. Don’t get me wrong though; there are plenty of things to like about summer. High 5 Casino has lots of games with a summery feel. If you’re looking to beat the heat while still having fun, check out these awesome H5C summer slots:

Island Eyes

Sparkling like emeralds from the shadows, her eyes will captivate you. Set forth on an adventure to find true love, hidden treasures… and unlock the secret of her Island Eyes. Island Eyes features Super Stacks, which lead to spectacular wins. Plus, you can pretend like you’re vacationing on a beautiful, warm island! Wherever you are currently, you’d probably rather be on an island. If you’re currently reading this from an island, I hate you.

Ocean’s Glory

Ocean’s Glory is a magical escape into the deep blue sea. Leave land behind and head out on an aquatic adventure that will leave you breathless after big wins with Super Symbols. Frolicking dolphins, magnificent whales, and other mesmerizing sea creatures will guide you as you explore the untold wonders waiting for you in the depths of the ocean – go find them! And try to avoid those annoying stinging jellyfish.

Golden Odyssey

Summer is definitely the best time to embark on an odyssey; you don’t want to be tripping around the world in bad weather (just ask Odysseus). Golden Odyssey lets you experience an epic tale of loyalty and temptation in the wake of the Trojan War. Greek heroes, the gods of Mount Olympus, and the mythological Cyclops await you. Do you have the strength to complete your journey home, or will you be seduced ashore by the Sirens and their lovely songs? Come aboard the ship and find out. Even if you don’t have what it takes, you can still win big with Tumbling Reels, Split Symbols, and Stacked Wilds.

White Falls

Let the good times rain down upon you. White Falls depicts a fascinating and serene atmosphere for players looking to escape the commotion of ordinary life. With a dazzling heroine, stunning graphics, and rewarding features like Stacked Wilds, Connected Lines, and Horizontal Expanding Wilds, you can definitely let loose and have fun with this slot.

What games are you going to play at High 5 Casino today? Comment on this post and you could win a High 5 Games notebook to write your hopes and dreams of big wins in! Maybe we’ll even throw in an H5G pen or tote bag, too. Be sure to include your name and email in your comment so we can contact you if you win.

Celebrate summer at High 5 Casino.

Game Preview: Islands of Galapagos

Islands of Galapagos_Milestone
The Islands of Galapagos lie down by the Equator, in the Pacific Ocean to the west of South America. Journey to these famous islands to see the amazing variety of life that compelled Charles Darwin to study there. You won’t believe your eyes as you relax with cool animals in a warm climate!

Islands of Galapagos debuts at Shake the Sky Casino later this week! This is a perfect game to play as the weather begins to get warmer and summer approaches. Animal lovers will especially love this slot, as it features turtles, birds, lizards, and marine life. Islands of Galapagos has great gameplay to back up its awesome art design; Super Symbols and Split Symbols let you win big while taking in the wildlife!

What do you think of Islands of Galapagos? What type of games would you like to see us make in the future?

Play Islands of Galapagos at Shake the Sky.

Slot Fundamentals: Super Symbols

Slot Fundamentals is a column we’ll be running occasionally to help our players better understand how our games work. This edition deals with Super Symbols, a feature that can be found in many of our newer games.

The rush a slot player feels when long rows of matching symbols start to line up is one of the main reasons they continue returning to one particular game over another. High 5 Games tried to make that rush even more exciting with Super Symbols, a new feature that leads to bigger and more beautiful wins. How exactly do they work? Jeremy, an H5G software engineer, was kind enough to provide an explanation of Super Symbols:

“Super Symbols is an exciting new feature in several recent High 5 games. In a Super Symbols game, the reel strips have large, oversized versions of some of that game’s highest-paying symbols. If they land, they contribute to your win as if they were made of a grid of normal-sized symbols – there are 2 x 2, 3 x 3, even massive 4 x 4 Super Symbols in some games! That leads to huge wins, and they pay even if they don’t fully land on the screen, just so long as they form part of a winning combination. Look for Super Symbols on some of High 5 Casino and Shake the Sky’s newer games, including Ocean’s Glory, Stella Drive and the Orb of Chance, Zen Panda, Flying Warriors, and The Palladium.”

We hope you found that helpful! Which slot fundamental would you like to see us explain in the future?

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Game Spotlight: The Palladium

I’m a great dancer. Everyone knows that. My skills are so intimidating, in fact, that girls always refuse to partner with me, and entire dance floors clear on my arrival. My secret: I’ve discovered that true rhythm lies not in the hips or the legs but rather in (drumroll, please) the arms and the hands. While most dancers try to move around and feel the music, I stand locked in place, feet firmly on the ground, pinwheeling my arms and contorting my hands to the beat like a man on fire, or someone trying to escape from a swarm of locusts.

One night club that I would’ve loved to check out is New York City’s The Palladium, which was renowned for hosting wild parties and the best Latin musicians from the mid-1940s until it closed in 1966. Although it’s been shuttered for almost 50 years, High 5-ers can now visit this famed hot spot, and drink and dance the night away while surrounded by glamorous characters in H5G’s new game The Palladium! Mario Ruiz, the art director of H5G’s 50 West studio, was kind enough to provide some details about the game’s creation:

“We wanted to incorporate a dance element into one of our slots, and mambo music and New York in the 1960s felt right. We found models who fit the part, but we also made sure that they could really dance. The Palladium was actually one of the first games we shot with live actors, so it felt almost like a test run. After we shot a few more live-action games, we ended up revisiting The Palladium, and added a bunch of different camera angles, costumes, and more dancers so it looked even better. The game has a certain West Side Story vibe to it that we think players will enjoy. It’s very energetic and colorful, and it looks so good in large part due to the efforts of Guillermo [animator], David [digital illustrator], and Scott [production artist].”

The Palladium has more than just a cool theme and top-notch art design going for it, though. It also features Super Symbols, a new gameplay innovation from High 5 Games that debuted in Ocean’s Glory. With Super Symbols, extra-large major and wild symbols can appear on the middle reels of the game. These symbols are sized 2×2, 3×3, and 4×4, and appear in addition to traditionally sized symbols. Super Symbols count as if each space they cover is occupied by that symbol, making it easier for players to achieve large wins on multiple lines at once that will have them feeling like VIPs!

What do you think of The Palladium? Which musical genres would you like us to base games on in the future?

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