Game Preview: Ape’s Dynasty

Don’t underestimate primate power!

Our dynasties bear no comparison to those built with primate power. Observe the extraordinarily intelligent silverback gorilla, as he quietly forges the island’s realm of remarkable rewards with Tripled Wins during Free Games, Doubled Wild Wins, and 25 Free Spins in the Bonus Round.

Through fur and fury, his majesty has emerged and welcomes only you to explore alongside him for wild wins multiplied by 2X! Discover three or more ancient tokens to enter the Free Games Bonus, where wins can be multiplied up to 6X!

Share an unshakable winning bond with this Ape’s Dynasty.

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Game Preview: Guardians of the Deep

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The deeper you dive, the more you’ll find.

The abyss has been shrouded in mystery for as long as it had our interest! It’s said that legendary treasures lie at these depths, and the deeper you dive, the more you will find. Many have tried. None survived.

For it’s also said that powerful beings rule at these depths, guarding the very treasure brave divers have attempted to steal. Might you have what it takes to outwit the Guardians of the Deep?

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Game Preview: The Legacy of Cleopatra’s Palace

Become the heir of the great queen’s treasures! High 5 Casino’s 234th game, The Legacy of Cleopatra’s Palace arrives soon!

Against the backdrop of the most majestic Egyptian city of them all, a royal structure remains a treasured mystery until this day. Sitting empty and abandoned in the center of the city, this regal palace was once renowned throughout the ancient world, leading people to believe it must have been Cleopatra’s fortress! The hieroglyphics still on the wall read that the legacy of this remarkable site still holds ancient riches, but it will only reveal itself if the person is deemed worthy. Will you become the deserving descendant of The Legacy of Cleopatra’s Palace?

Check the YouTube video below and get ready to discover if you are the heir of Cleopatra’s treasures!

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Valkyrie Queen, Witches Riches, Twin Win, and Royal Lion Now Available on H5C Mobile

Four more excellent H5G slots debuted at High 5 Casino for iOS last week: Valkyrie Queen, Witches Riches, Twin Win, and Royal Lion. Two of these titles – Valkyrie Queen and Witches Riches – premiered unlocked for all players! That makes 48 premium slots available for on-the-go gaming at High 5 Casino Mobile!

Valkyrie Queen, a favorite of our Facebook players, features Tumbling Reels with 243 ways to win so you can collect legendary jackpots while interacting with the mythological queen of the battlefield. In Witches Riches you can hang out with modern-day witches, who use both spells and devilish charm to get what they want, while winning big with Doubled Wild Wins, Tripled Wins During Free Games, and 15 Free Spins in the Bonus Round. If you’re looking for something more summery, take a dive into an underwater wonderland in Twin Win, and emerge with an overflowing bankroll due to Split Symbols! Or you can head to the fantastic kingdom of Royal Lion, where Split Symbols and Connected Lines await you.

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