High 5 Casino’s February Statistics!

Hello, High 5-ers! Is it just us or did February fly by? In February we celebrated Valentine’s Day, President’s day and Chinese New Year!

To keep the momentum going for the new year, High 5 Casino released four new games with weekly themed XP events and High 5-ers favorite raffles! New games celebrating their one monthiversary include: Hearts Aflutter, Glory on Ice, Lucky Pug and Platinum Powder. From our Reels in Love XP to First Place Wins XP events, players were able to level up their Game Level 2X faster in select slots celebrating the new releases!

To celebrate Chinese New Year ‘Year of the Dog’ we invited players to enter H5C’s Year of the Dog Contest! Players were encouraged to share a photo or story of their pet for a chance to win 200k coins from H5C! We read through hundreds of entries and select 100 lucky High-5ers to be awarded 200k Coins on February 23rd!

With all spin-tastic events February 2018 brought, High 5-ers spent over 3 million hours spinning the H5C reels over 1.85 BILLION times!

This month, we want to give a special shout-out to the High 5-ers who were February’s big winners! These players had major High 5 Moments in selected slots winning over a Billion coins each!! Congratulations to:
1. Roberto G.– Sailing the 7 Skies, 174.2 Billion
2. Myriam J.– Legends of Troy, 116 Billion
3. Kag S.– Canadian Wild, 112 Billion
4. Tom B.– Midnight Eclipse, 111 Billion
5. George B.– The Green Machine Deluxe, 110 Billion

Check out some other High 5 Moment worthy February stats below:
Total spins for the month of February: 1,853,035,759
Number of spins per day: 68,630,954
Total money won: 115,447,535,903,684
Cumulative hours spent playing: 3,083,011
Most-played tournament: The Legacy of Cleopatra’s Palace Cash Blast!
Top 5 most played games for February: Glory on Ice, Lucky Pug, Triple Double Da Vinci Diamonds, Golden Tower, Platinum Goddess!

Which game gave you your High 5 Moment in February? Did you enter H5C’s Year of the Dog Contest? Are you enjoying our newest games? Comment in the conversation bubble located on the top right corner of your screen and let us know!

Game Preview: Hearts Aflutter

Visit the garden of cherubs! High 5 Casino’s 238th game, Hearts Aflutter arrives soon!

Protectors of an enchanted garden, the playful angelic cherubs are ready to grant love and luck to those who cross their path. Sprawled across the lawn, they move like flashes of light when they see someone nearby. Visit the garden and let the sweet sounds of the harp serenade you as you hit unreal big wins. It will only be a matter of time before you fall deeply in love with Hearts Aflutter!

Check the YouTube video below and get ready for the adorable cherubs to grant you love and luck!

Are you ready to fall in love with Tumble Triggers? Comment in the conversation bubble located on the top right corner of your screen and let us know what you think!

Enter H5C’s I Love My Valentine Contest!

h5c_contest_lovemyvalentine_blogpostFebruary is here and you know what that means… Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! Bring on the candy hearts, red, pink and white decorations and Valentine’s Day Cards! With it almost time to celebrate the season of red roses and heart shaped chocolate boxes, enter High 5 Casino’s I Love my Valentine Contest for a chance to win 200k coins!

Roses are red. Violets are blue. We want to know more about you! Tell us about who you will spend Valentine’s Day with and why you love them so much in at least 2 sentences. Contest ends Monday, February 13th, 2017 at 11:59pm EST. Submit an entry for the chance to win 200K coins. Winners will be announced on Tuesday, February 14th in celebration of the special day.

Enter Now: http://bit.ly/H5CILoveMyValentineContest

Check below to see why High 5 Employees love their Valentine:
Sam- My Valentine this year will be my husband. Some say laughter is the best medicine and my husband always knows how to make me laugh even on the worst of days. We’ve been together going on 5 years and he makes every day the best day of my life.

Jay- My Valentine this year is someone very special to me. She is an important person in my life. She is always down to watch super hero movies with me and that’s only one of the reasons I like her so much!

Kal- My Valentine is someone who makes me smile and laugh every single day. He is my biggest supporter and my best friend.

Enter the contest now and let us know why you love your valentine! Comment in the conversation bubble below and let us know what type of contest you would like to see in the future.

Valentine’s Day at High 5 Casino

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, which means different things for different people. If you’ve got a special someone, the only way they’ll know you love them is through consumer goods purchased on a corporate holiday, so be sure to splurge on the $82 dollar quintuple-tiered box of chocolates, four dozen red roses, and an $11 Hallmark card with live doves that fly out when your partner opens it. If you’re flying solo this V-Day, you should still snag that $82 dollar quintuple-tiered box of chocolates, because it’s good to love yourself. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we got to thinking about which High 5 Casino characters should couple up:

A Night of Mystery and Foxy Dynamite

The detective from A Night of Mystery and Foxy D may be operating in different time periods, but they still have a good deal in common. Most importantly, they’re both excellent detectives, so if they met they’d have a lot to chat about. Plus, both sides would have to be faithful, because you can’t get anything by either one of these people.

Wellspring and Valkyrie Queen

It’s probably hard for the Valkyrie Queen to find someone who sticks around, what with her being an immortal goddess and all. Which is why the explorer from Wellspring is perfect for her – he’d just keep refueling at the Fountain of Youth, and the pair could go out until he got so sick of her he chose to die.

When he’s not slicing into rich women who want smaller noses, Dr. Amante likes the finer things in life. The vacationing woman from Aegean Sunset certainly likes the finer things in life, too. They’d probably get together after she comes in for a totally unnecessary consultation.

Jaguar Princess and Shadow of the Panther

These two weirdos deserve each other. I imagine neither one is much of a talker, but if they could get past the awkwardness of the first few dates they’d make a perfect pair.

Royal Lion and Sapphire Tiger

Actually, these two already coupled up: where do you think Liger Loot came from?

Whether you’re single or taken, be sure to spin at High 5 Casino this weekend!

Announcing the H5C, Be My Valentine Judges’ Choice Winners and Honorable Mentions!

The results are in for the H5C, Be My Valentine promotion! Thank you to all our entrants – it would be our pleasure to have you all as our valentines this year.

We would like to extend a huge congratulations to our first, second and third place winners for their exceptional entries. Patricia Duarte, Yovana Narvaez Villar, and Tina Strausser, you have truly outdone yourselves, and we’re extending virtual high fives to all of you for winning our top Valentine’s Day prizes!

Now it’s time to announce our Judges’ Choice Winners – who are each receiving a $1,000 Player Level bonus – but that’s not all! Due to the incredible number of entries we received, we’re also adding five Honorable Mentions, who will each be awarded a $500 Player Level bonus!

Judge’s Choice Winners

1. Jean de Clerq ‘Be My Valentine Hi 5’
2. Lala Box ‘I LOVE HIGH 5 CASINO’
3. Michael R. Ranson ‘High Five and No Jive***’
4. Mario Manila ‘Don’t Tell Wife’
5. Adrino de Castro ‘Be a help in my small business’

Honorable Mentions

1. Brad Goh ‘I love high 5 slots’
2. Lisa Lamb ‘HIGH 5 CASINO – THE BEST!’
3. Robin Patterson ‘Why I Love High 5 Casino’
4. Sixtus Christ ‘YOU ARE MY VALENTINE’
5. Nancy Migliaccio Taylor ‘Remembering My Mom On This Day Of Love…’

You can check out all the H5C, Be My Valentine entries on the promotion page. If you’re spending Valentine’s Day weekend with us at High 5 Casino or Shake The Sky, don’t forget to check out the ❤ Sale, offering 2-for-1 coin packages through Monday.

From all of us at High 5 Games, we wish you a Valentine’s Day full of love and happiness. And Al Green.

High 5 Casino is Desperately Seeking a Valentine! Could It Be You?

High 5 Casino is excited to announce a new Valentine’s Day contest – H5C, Be My Valentine!

Let’s face it, everyone could use a little love, and High 5 Casino is no exception. Why do you love High 5 Casino? Is it because H5C has beautiful artwork and thrilling animations? Is it because it makes you feel like you’re at your favorite casino? Maybe it’s because the music from the games keeps you dancing in your seat all night long. Whatever your reason is for loving High 5 Casino, grab your cellphone, video camera, or whatever device you choose, and send us a 30 second video letting us know why you want to be our valentine! You can sing a song, recite a poem, or just simply tell us why we should be yours this holiday.

Once you submit your video, you’ll be in the running to win a variety of prizes, including the grand prize of $20,000 in High 5 Casino cash plus a $2,000 player level bonus!

If you need a little inspiration, we’ve written this fancy haiku poem that we would love to see read aloud… (hint, hint)

Be my Valentine
So much fun to play all day
High 5 Casino!

The contest runs from Feb. 3 at 12 pm through Feb. 13 at 11:59 pm EST. Make sure to check out the High 5 Casino fan page for all the contest rules and details, and stop by the page on Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14, when we announce the contest winners!

Play High 5 Casino.