Shake the Sky’s Out-of-Sight October Statistics

Today’s post comes from High 5 Blog correspondent Ali.

In October, there was an average of 10,974,747 spins per day at Shake the Sky Casino, which breaks down to roughly 457,281 spins per hour. Someone might go so far as to say that’s 7,621 spins per minute, and if that same someone really wanted to get into the nitty-gritty of it they might say that’s 127 spins per second… but really, who’s keeping track?

Check out more October stats from Shake the Sky Casino:

Top-five most-played games: Golden Peony, Dangerous Beauty, Fortune Cat’s Summer Vacation, Silk & Steel, and Way of the Blade
Total STS money won: 114,107,345,826,440
Cumulative hours spent playing: 680,822

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Game Preview: Way of the Blade

Take a sneak peek at Way of the Blade, which premieres later this week as the 42st slot at Shake the Sky Casino!

You were unprepared when the bandits came, and you paid dearly for it. Now, with your life in ruins, you plot revenge, but you need help. Who can teach you the skills necessary to defeat those who have wronged you? You search for a mysterious house on the outskirts of town where four martial arts masters are rumored to live, to begin your journey towards learning the Way of the Blade…

Way of the Blade – like all games at Shake the Sky – has some excellent gameplay to back up its cool art design. Tumbling Reels and Mystery Bucks lead to amazing jackpots in the latest wuxia slot from High 5 Games!

What do you think of Way of the Blade? What type of slots would you like to see H5G make in the future?

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Meet a High 5-er: Chatting with H5G Animator Kori

Kori 2

What’s your role as an animator here at H5G?

I take the art from the illustrators and I make it move around in a pretty and pleasing way. That’s the bare bones of it, but it’s different every time. I just finished working on a Hayao Miyazaki-inspired game; he’s a Japanese filmmaker, like the Walt Disney of Japan. It was super fun because it’s cartoony and I really like animating in that style. Lots of H5G’s stuff is photorealistic and gorgeous, but Miyuki and Friends, which is the name of the game, is a totally different style. It’s just nice to do something different. (Editor’s Note: Miyuki and Friends is available at Shake the Sky!)

Do you work on one game at a time, or is there a bunch of stuff on your plate constantly?

I work on a bunch of different games at the same time. I could be mainly animating one game while fixing animations on another, planning what we’re going to shoot in a live action game, coming up with game themes, and working with the starting artists to make sure we get the right elements. I’m all over the place — all games all the time.

Are there any games you’ve worked on that really stand out to you? Any upcoming projects you’re really excited about?
Miyuki has been the best game I’ve worked on so far, I love it! If I look at the animations I did when I first got here, I’m like, “Oh god, that’s awful,” so now I’m finally getting into the groove of things. Maybe that’s why I like Miyuki the most. I really liked working on Silk and Steel, and Lucky Animals too. Tall, Rich and Handsome is the one live action game I’ve done so far. It’s an Asian game, there’s a girl with four different guys trying to date her. It’s really cute. Going forward, I’m really excited to do more Wu Xia games, which are martial-arts style. We’re shooting martial artists and cloth with a high speed camera for Way of the Blade, and it’s going to be super cool. (Editor’s Note: Silk and Steel and Tall, Rich and Handsome are available now at Shake the Sky, and Lucky Animals and Way of the Blade will likely debut there later this year.)

What’s your favorite and least favorite part of being an animator?

My favorite part is the end product — once the game comes through the animation stage it looks amazing and really comes to life. Animation is where a lot of the emotion happens, so I like that I’m in a vital stage. The worst part is that it takes a really long time to get it to look right.

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