High 5 Moment: July Top 5

Hey High 5-ers! WOW, can you believe it’s August already? Here at High 5 Casino summer sure is flying by! July brought four new games to the High 5 Casino library, Grand Ol’ 7s, Thundering Buffalo: Golden Stampede, The Green Machine Deluxe and Jungle Jack! New XP events also made their way to H5C! With our XP Events, players were able to level up 2X to 5X FASTER in select slots, daily! Kicking off the month by celebrating Christmas in July, A Visit from St. Nick came back from the North Pole with a Jackpot! Not only did players have the chance to win a Minor, Major or Grand Jackpot prize, they got to kick off the celebration with a 24 hour 5XP event! Players were able to participate in our Game level XP events, Christmas in July XP, XP Stampede, XP Cash Bash, and XP Jungle Party.

July broke records in our books! With new games and tons of XP fun, High 5-ers walked away with over 47 TRILLION coins! This month we want to give a special shout out to the High 5-ers who had major High 5 Moments with the Top 5 biggest WINS! Congratulations to:
1. Ristea M. – 100 billion coins, The Green Machine Deluxe
2. Rose H. – 29.6 billion coins, Thundering Buffalo
3. Kirsty V. – 23 billion coins, Wellspring
4. Jelena L. -16 billion coins, Wellspring
5. Jacqui W. – 14 billion coins, The Green Machine Deluxe

Check out some other High 5 Moment worthy July stats below:
Total spins for the month of July: 2,367,571,569
Number of spins per day: 78,919,052
Total money won: 47,215,548,034,358
Cumulative hours spent playing: 3,761,576
Most played tournament: The Three Graces Prize Party
Top 5 most played games for July: Grand Ol’ 7s, Photographing Fairies, Jungle Jack, The Green Machine Deluxe and A Visit from St. Nick!

Which game gave you your High 5 Moment in July? Did you enjoy our XP Events? Comment in the conversation bubble located on the top right corner of your screen and let us know!

Congratulations to Spring Into Joy Contest Winners!

H5C_SpringIntoJoy_Wall_Winners - No Button

Spring is the season of joy with the presence of blooming flowers, green plants and warm weather, and it could be even more joyful with with the help of some special moments. That’s why in the Spring Into Joy Contest we invited our players to tell us about a special person, place or event that makes their spring more joyful. We’ve received thousands of great responses from our players. While we can’t share them all with you, please check some great ones below:

Stan P. – Columbia PA:
My 92 year old mother visited me from across the United States. She lives in the Pacific Northwest from Washington State. I live in eastern Pennsylvania near New York State. It was such a joy to see her and wish our time together could have been longer. I am thankful for the time we spent together and think of her often.

Jean L. – Vancouver, BC:
In spring your senses come alive. The breeze isn’t so chilly, it is refreshing. The smell of trees, bushes, freshly cut grass and flowers fills the air. Once the rain has subsided everything looks fresh and clean. The sound of birds chirping and neighbors once more chattering across the fence. Yard cleaning and garden planting are all welcome sounds and sights. Spring is about renewal and new growth, fresh ideas and planning for the future. This year spring brought a new joy for me – a new granddaughter born last week! YES! I LOVE SPRING .

Jolene O. – Tekonsha, MI:
My place that brings me joy is my garden and all the things we grow.  Watching the seedling become something that produces the most tastiest of goodies.  I can these goodies to enjoy all year long.  From canned Tomatoes to drying peppers, onion and garlic.  Growing the best of the best seasonings, Basil, Thyme, Rosemary, awwww to taste them on that Sunday roasted Chicken, or that crock-pot roast.  The chilies and peppers in the chili that keeps us warm in the winter. Yep, it is the garden that brings me so much joy, Planting like our ancestors did and enjoying the spoils with our entire family.

Ronny T. – Carterton, New Zealand:
In New Zealand we have sprung into Autumn with beautiful calm, still, warm weather. We are enjoying the apples, corn, pumpkins, water melon and for me, most of all, racing out to the passion fruit vine, picking the fallen up and slurping the straight away!

Sandra H. – Kenosha, WI:
My daughter is so amazing – she is 51 year old and putting herself thru college after raising 3 girls alone – she started school after they all were grown. what determination she has  I am so proud of her.

Make sure to check if you are one of the 100 lucky winners today in the list below! All winners will receive 200K coins! Congratulations to you all!

Jody R. – Tucson, AZ
Linda Z. – Chicago, IL
Ramona L. – Bronx, NY
Olga P. – Tampa, FL
Debbie C. – Riverside, CA
Deanne M. – Allenstown, NH
Pamela J. – Robinsonville, MS
Tammy G. – Breaux Bridge, LA
Sharon P. – Kittanning, PA
Barbara C. – Winnfield, LA
Imelda M. РPara̱aque, NCR
Mary G. – Anacortes, WA
Jen Y. – Tacoma, WA
Regis M. – Orlando, FL
Cathy S. – Massillon, OH
Dorothy G. – Anchorage, AK
Donald A. – Upper Darby, PA
Jeanne C. – Waterford, WI
Veronica S. – Plymouth, MI
Brian E. – Oakdale, MN
Carol P. – Lakeport , CA
Colleen C. – Bradford, PA
Lynne W. – Overland Park, KS
Pamela S. – Iola, WI
Irene L. – Fresno, CA
Nancy F. – Oromocto, NB
Bobbie M. – Penticton, British Columbia
Lisa B. – Vacaville, CA
Rita S. – Woodbridge, VA
CJ M. – Kinross, MI
Pam J. – Las Vegas, NV
Cheryl L. – williamstown, MA
Ron Y. – Santee, CA
Stan P. – Columbia Cross Roads, PA
Sarah F. – Coos Bay, OR
Peggy W. – Portage, MI
Richard R. – Genoa, NV
Anna D. – Syros , Cyclades
Νίκος Î. – Athens, Attica
Cassidy P. – Farmington, NM
Amanda R. – Swansea, Wales
Becky F. – Springdale, AR
Rita H. – Skiatook, OK
Evangelina G. – Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires
Linda B. – Jackson, MS
Sue M. – Hollister, FL
Philip M. – Westbrook, ME
Taprus L. – South Beloit, IL
Debbie H. – Graham, NC
Mary D. – palatine bridge, NY
Maria N. – Kingsville, TX
Memo C. – Lima, Lima
Ronnie W. – Byron, GA
Delia G. – Tucson, AZ
Geneva C. – reno, NV
Pamela G. – Calgary, Ab
David C. – Lincoln, CA
Jolene O. – Tekonsha, MI
Gail B. – Hamilton, Nawton
Betty C. – Frankfort, KY
Jeanne J. – Bradenton, FL
Jeanie W. – Stoney Creek, Ontario
Patricia A. – White Bear Lake, MN
Alicia F. – Lake Spivey, GA
Jay T. – Buena Vista, CO
Yvonne F. – Santa Maria, CA
Seamond R. – Pineville, LA
Kim B. – Cedar Falls, IA
Crystal V. – sprague, WA
Letha R. – Greenville, NC
Amy B. – Glencoe, OK
Willie S. – Ashford, AL
Lorna P. – Guelph, Ont.
Elaine K. – Rice Lake, WI
Charles H. – Pittsburgh , PA
Billy J. – Wooster, OH
Ruthie M. – Camden, AR
Kim L. – Vernon, British Columbia
Christine G. – Thatcher, AZ
Crystal P. – Lakeland, FL
Diane H. – Danville, Arkansas
Patti P. – Lakeside, CA
Ronny T. – Carterton, carterton
Kimberly L. – Middletown, OH
Marilyn D. – Knoxville, IA
Kathie S. – Cumming, GA
James S. – Whitewright, TX
Sue G. – Merkel, TX
Ella R. – Hesperia, CA
Dolores H. – Robinsonville, MS
Brenda M. – Fort Worth, TX
Steve K. – Weatherford, TX
Michelle B. – Chicago, IL
Sherri K. – Winnipeg, MB
Sue V. – Bargara, QLD
Tanja B. – West Kelowna, BC
Sherri W. – Collinsville, OK
Jean L. – Vancouver, BC
Glenn G. – Laughlin, NV
Sandra H. – Kenosha, WI

What kind contest would you like to see at High 5 Casino? Comment in the conversation bubble located on the top right of the blog post to let us know! May you all have a wonderful spring!

Valentine’s Day at High 5 Casino

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, which means different things for different people. If you’ve got a special someone, the only way they’ll know you love them is through consumer goods purchased on a corporate holiday, so be sure to splurge on the $82 dollar quintuple-tiered box of chocolates, four dozen red roses, and an $11 Hallmark card with live doves that fly out when your partner opens it. If you’re flying solo this V-Day, you should still snag that $82 dollar quintuple-tiered box of chocolates, because it’s good to love yourself. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we got to thinking about which High 5 Casino characters should couple up:

A Night of Mystery and Foxy Dynamite

The detective from A Night of Mystery and Foxy D may be operating in different time periods, but they still have a good deal in common. Most importantly, they’re both excellent detectives, so if they met they’d have a lot to chat about. Plus, both sides would have to be faithful, because you can’t get anything by either one of these people.

Wellspring and Valkyrie Queen

It’s probably hard for the Valkyrie Queen to find someone who sticks around, what with her being an immortal goddess and all. Which is why the explorer from Wellspring is perfect for her – he’d just keep refueling at the Fountain of Youth, and the pair could go out until he got so sick of her he chose to die.

When he’s not slicing into rich women who want smaller noses, Dr. Amante likes the finer things in life. The vacationing woman from Aegean Sunset certainly likes the finer things in life, too. They’d probably get together after she comes in for a totally unnecessary consultation.

Jaguar Princess and Shadow of the Panther

These two weirdos deserve each other. I imagine neither one is much of a talker, but if they could get past the awkwardness of the first few dates they’d make a perfect pair.

Royal Lion and Sapphire Tiger

Actually, these two already coupled up: where do you think Liger Loot came from?

Whether you’re single or taken, be sure to spin at High 5 Casino this weekend!

Thanksgiving at High 5 Casino

Ladies and gentlemen, we are fast approaching the greatest holiday that the United States has to offer: Thanksgiving. Turkey Day appeals to the lazy glutton in everyone. Three days from now we’ll all be eating and drinking too much and maybe remembering to give thanks as football drones on in the background. Hopefully you’re all seated next to the cool cousin this year, not the creepy uncle with painfully bad jokes that you laugh at anyway because you sort of have to. The only day that’s better than Thanksgiving is the day after Thanksgiving – sandwiches piled high with leftover turkey and whatever else makes it through the night somehow taste even better than the meal proper. With Thanksgiving right around the corner, we got to thinking about which High 5 Casino characters you would, and would not, want to celebrate with:

Inviting the futuristic family from Retropolis is a no-brainer. Be sure to extend an invite to the family robot, who’ll take care of all the post-meal cleaning for you. And try to sit next to Mom or Dad during the meal itself; you may be able to pick up some very valuable stock tips.

The explorer who discovered the Fountain of Youth definitely has some great stories. More importantly, he’s got that magical elixir, so when he asks what to bring tell him to share the good stuff. Slip some of that youth juice in Grandma’s wine glass and prepare to be amazed!


Because beautiful background music makes everything better. Imagine how impressed your in-laws will be!

I’d steer clear from inviting this doc over for Thanksgiving. He’d probably complain about how unhealthy everything is, while totally ignoring the fact that everything is also delicious. Plus, he seems like the type of dude who would hit on your wife, or try to convince your mother she needs plastic surgery.

The Lovely Outlaws

Sure, they’re beautiful, but don’t forget that they’re also very dangerous! They’d probably be great company until they had too much to drink, at which point they’d repay your hospitality by robbing you and burning your saloon house to the ground.

We hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving! Let us know which High 5 Casino characters you would and would not want to have over in the comments below.

Around the Baseball Diamond with H5C

The interminably long baseball season is finally heating up. With a little over a month left in the regular season, I am now able to watch one or two innings before falling into a deep sleep where I dream of more interesting things like paint drying or eating oatmeal. During one of my baseball-induced snoozes recently, I dreamt about which High 5 Casino characters would make the best baseball players. Or something like that. Anyway, here’s what I came up with:

Love and Valor takes place a while ago, when people didn’t know any better and still enjoyed baseball, so I bet at least one of the soldiers had dreams of playing ball in front of packed stadiums before the war began. He was probably a second baseman who hit for average and played solid defense, and coaches loved him because he hustled.

The explorer from Wellspring used to be a pitcher back in the day, but then he got old and couldn’t throw anymore, so he had to set off in search of the Fountain of Youth. Once he found it, he became a young man with an old man’s brain, making him the craftiest pitcher ever.

Bear Mountain

What animal could possibly be a better catcher than a bear? Go ahead, try to steal home. Safe or out, you’re dead.

Jaguar Princess

Jaguar Princess seems pretty fleet of foot, so I bet she’d make a good outfielder. She could probably steal some bases, too – once you’ve outrun predators, you can probably outrun a baseball.

Rumor has it that Doc Amante carries a baseball bat in the trunk of his sweet car, which he uses to bash home runs, of course.

What High 5 Casino character do you think would make the best baseball player? Let us know in the comments below!

Play High 5 Casino.

Slot Fundamentals: Bonus Select

Slot Fundamentals is a column we run occasionally to help our players better understand how our games work. This edition deals with Bonus Select, a popular feature that can be found in many of our games.

Slot players love bonus rounds. There are few things better than seeing the symbols line up just so, and getting a bunch of free spins (and hopefully some big wins) as a result. High 5 Games is always trying to come up with fun new experiences for its players, which is why it invented Bonus Select, a twist on the traditional bonus round. But how exactly does Bonus Select work?

When Bonus Select is triggered, players can choose one of five options for their free games. Each bonus option offers a different number of spins and three different multiplier values that can appear on wild symbols. The multipliers are additive, creating great opportunities for a winning combination. The more spins you opt for, the lower your multiplier values, and vice versa. If you’re feeling very lucky, you can go for a few spins with high multipliers, or if you’d like a longer bonus you can choose more spins with lower multipliers; the type of bonus round you experience in a slot game with this feature is totally up to you! Look for Bonus Select in High 5 Casino games like Wellspring and Love and Valor and Shake the Sky games like Dragon Showdown and Big Dragon Lounge.

We hope you found that helpful! Which slot fundamental would you like to see us explain in the future?

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Stay Cool at High 5 Casino

Summer Games
As of last weekend, summer is officially here. We hope all of our players at High 5 Casino have a wonderful few months filled with backyard barbeques, trips to the beach, and [insert other clichéd summer activity here]. Sometimes, though, you need to get out of the sun and enjoy a little indoors time. Here are a few High 5 Casino games that can help you beat the heat:

Pearl Bay

What could be more refreshing than a dip into Pearl Bay? This exotic destination isn’t quite like your local creek. Check out exquisite fish and curious mermaids while winning big with Locking Wilds and the Bonus Mega Multiplier!

The hottest night club in town has to have air conditioning, right? Regardless, as you’re drinking and dancing the night away while surrounded by glamorous characters in an opulent setting, you’ll certainly feel cool. Major jackpots with Super Symbols don’t hurt, either.

Spending an afternoon at a beautiful waterfall that also happens to be the Fountain of Youth sounds like pretty much the ideal summer day. You’ll come for the surroundings, but you’ll stay because of incredible wins with Bonus Select!

Majestic Sea

Deep below the surface, an aquatic wonderland filled with underwater friends awaits you. Take a deep breath, and search for sunken treasure, which you’ll likely find thanks to Split Symbols!

Stay cool at High 5 Casino.

Eye-Popping May Statistics from High 5 Casino

Today’s post comes from High 5 Blog correspondent Ali.

The average person takes 23,040 breaths per day. The average number of spins per day at High 5 Casino in May was roughly 7,278 times that amount. That means you’d have to spin more than 7,000 times per breath to reach that number of spins on your own in a day. Any takers? We’re just kidding – please don’t try that, but please do take a look at May’s High 5 Casino stats:

Total spins for the month: 5,198,473,274
Number of spins per day: 167,692,686
Total money won: 5,922,979,950,484
Top 5 most-played games: Sultan of Mars, Daughters of the Regiment, Secrets of the Forest, The Amulet and the Charm, and Wellspring
Cumulative hours spent playing: 8,871,381

Play High 5 Casino today and help June become our most astounding month yet!

High 5 Fight Club

We often ask our players over on the High 5 Casino fan page to comment on different game vs. game matchups. Today I’ll be offering my thoughts on two fascinating showdowns between four different High 5 Casino slots; take the polls below and let us know what you think!

Empress of Time vs. Wellspring

Would you rather be able to control time like the Empress of Time or discover the Fountain of Youth like in Wellspring?

Both of these powers sound tempting, but I think I’d rather have the same abilities as the Empress of Time instead of finding the Fountain of Youth like in Wellspring. There are a lot of philosophical questions to ponder regarding whether or not immortality would be enjoyable: Would I be happy without my friends and family? Would my life still have meaning if I lived forever? Thinking about this stuff just makes my head hurt. On the other hand, I know for a fact I’d like to control time. For one, I’d never be late to work again! If I was going to miss my train I could just pause time for a few minutes and stroll to the station, instead of my normal routine of sprinting to the station only to have the train doors close in my face. I’d also never have to wait in line again, or listen to a particularly boring relative regale me with the same story I’ve heard for years. Basically, I could avoid all petty annoyances if I had the ability to control time, which I just can’t pass up.

EDGE: Empress of Time

Golden Odyssey vs. Crystal Kingdom

Would you rather embark on a Golden Odyssey or visit the Crystal Kingdom?

Just for weather reasons alone, I have to say I’d rather embark on a Golden Odyssey than visit the Crystal Kingdom. Sure, the Crystal Kingdom might be a blast, but it looks really cold. Even the young queen who rules over the land doesn’t take her hands out of her weird, impractical single glove. Plus, bears and wolves protect the realm, and I’m not trying to deal with that, especially if I’m freezing. On the other hand, check out what they’re wearing in Golden Odyssey. They all look warm, which allows them to appreciate their epic journey in the wake of the Trojan War. In addition, I’m a sucker for ancient Greek culture, so I’d love having the chance to interact with Greek heroes, gods, and monsters like the Cyclops and the Sirens.

EDGE: Golden Odyssey

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Game Spotlight: Wellspring

The search has consumed your life. You’ve been ridiculed and called mad, yet you’ve never given up. After all, if you discover what you’re looking for, it will all be worth it. Just when all seems lost, a new lead appears that seems promising. After a long journey through uncharted territories, you come across a beautiful waterfall where two lovely women wait. Have you finally discovered the Fountain of Youth?

Wellspring debuts as the latest amazing game at High 5 Casino today! With 90+ slots available to play at this point, it won’t be long before we’re the only casino app on Facebook with over 100 premium games! Wellspring has 243 ways to win and Bonus Select to ensure that you’ll land some reinvigorating jackpots while visiting this mythical locale. I don’t even know if I’d want to drink from the Fountain of Youth, though. Not because of a philosophical concern about death bringing meaning to life, or because I wouldn’t want to live without my family and friends around. But rather because I know I would get to the Fountain of Youth right after some really gross person misread the instructions and bathed in it instead of drinking from it. I’d rather accept my own mortality than drink some random dude’s bath water.

What do you think of Wellspring? What type of games would you like to see us make in the future?

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