Valkyrie Queen, Witches Riches, Twin Win, and Royal Lion Now Available on H5C Mobile

Four more excellent H5G slots debuted at High 5 Casino for iOS last week: Valkyrie Queen, Witches Riches, Twin Win, and Royal Lion. Two of these titles – Valkyrie Queen and Witches Riches – premiered unlocked for all players! That makes 48 premium slots available for on-the-go gaming at High 5 Casino Mobile!

Valkyrie Queen, a favorite of our Facebook players, features Tumbling Reels with 243 ways to win so you can collect legendary jackpots while interacting with the mythological queen of the battlefield. In Witches Riches you can hang out with modern-day witches, who use both spells and devilish charm to get what they want, while winning big with Doubled Wild Wins, Tripled Wins During Free Games, and 15 Free Spins in the Bonus Round. If you’re looking for something more summery, take a dive into an underwater wonderland in Twin Win, and emerge with an overflowing bankroll due to Split Symbols! Or you can head to the fantastic kingdom of Royal Lion, where Split Symbols and Connected Lines await you.

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Make sure to head to the App Store today and download the latest version of our app if you haven’t already; while you’re there, please leave us some feedback so we know what you like about High 5 Casino Mobile and what you’d like to see us change in the future.

High 5 Fight Club

We often ask our players over on the High 5 Casino fan page to comment on different game vs. game matchups. Today I’ll be taking a look at two different questions we’ve posed before, and offering my two cents on the matchups. Take our polls and let us know what you think!

Gypsy vs. Witches Riches

Would you rather have the fortune-telling abilities of Gypsy or the potion-making skills of the ladies from Witches Riches?

Both of these abilities sound amazing, but I’m a very lazy person, so I think I’m going to have to say that I’d rather have the fortune-telling abilities of Gypsy. It would be very cool to be a master potion-maker, but think of all the work that would entail. You’d have to find obscure ingredients, mix them properly, and probably do a bunch of other time-consuming stuff I haven’t even thought of. Plus, where do you even find a mortar and pestle these days? Or a cauldron, for that matter? I’d much rather just peer into a crystal ball and instantly be given foreknowledge of the future. That would be the coolest party trick ever!

EDGE: Gypsy

Cat Prince vs. Dogs

Do you think cats or dogs make better pets?

Really, cats and dogs are both great, so there’s no wrong answer here. And either a cat or a dog is a way better choice than any other possible pet. Especially ferrets. If you own a ferret, you clearly cannot be trusted to make life decisions. But I must deliver a verdict one way or the other, so I’m going to side with dogs, by a whisker. Cats are awesome, but they tend to be aloof, and they shed a lot. I’d rather have a happy-go-lucky dog that doesn’t shed as much, and is always excited to see me.

EDGE: Dogs

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